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Reader Reviews : Ashley Madison Reviews by Readers Like You

User Rating 2 Star Rating (35 Reviews)


Ashley Madison is the biggest married dating site on the internet today. Learn more about what other readers experiences were with the site, and whether or not they felt it was worth the time and money to sign up.

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Ashley Madison Review by K

Site sucks, lot of fake profiles. But the worst part is that they charge $20 for cancellation fee......................Thats is so messed up!Most of the "females" are simply for hire. They have profi…More

Ashley Madison Review by jedforreal

Super weak... what a joke. 10,000 ladies to each man. no responses and even bogus emails from some hot 21 year old blonde girl from LA just to get you to buy credits from them to read her response. T…More

Ashley Madison Review by broken222

A complete Waste of Money. For $ 68 you type 20 words and half the people are Fake or Prostitutes, or who are looking for expensive gifts. If you buy the $49 dollar package you get to type about 20 w…More

Ashley Madison Review by samwise123

Deceptive and confusing. Most women are non existent . Avoid. Better sites out there. First they want you to pay to list your profile a bit further up. Then they hit you with ridiculous fees in the f…More

Ashley Madison Review by Gypped Again

If you sign up for this site expecting contact with women wanting to have an affair, you're going to be sorely disappointed, and you'll probably be out of some bucks as well. First of all, like most …More

Ashley Madison Review by babyframe80

So at first when I joined the site I was a little sceptical and very nervous to say the least. But I was pleasantly surprised with every encounter I have had because of the site. Obviously being fema…More

AshleyMadison Review by Pinkus

Do not waste your time or money . The ratio of men to women on this site is very lopsided which means that women are inundated with 100's of messages a day and the chance of your profile/message bein…More

Ashley Madison Review by maxcool24

Anybody who gave site more than one star is blowing something out their a*** other than smoke !!Maybe if you are a world traveler, cross country air jockey between big cities.Or you're an wanna be ac…More

Ashley Madison Review by Woman Who Loves AM

I have not seen a review from a woman about Ashley Madison, so here is mine:I have had two longer term affairs and I met both guys on AM. I can tell you that the vast majority of men on AM don't know…More

Ashley Madison Review by Joe

There is nothing going on here. After a month I had no responses to my emails I sent out. None. Oh, sorry... got some cyber bully telling me off for no reason. Oh right.... the reason was that I did…More

Ashley Madison Review by Billyj

No traffic. Few matches. Way too expensive "per use". Collect mails are a rip off. Auto renewal is sneaky and will get you. Basic gripe is no traffic. AFF gives better bang for the buck. Much better.…More

Ashley Madison Review by justshopping123

Ashleymadison is mostly a scam with a few real people on it. There are actual people on it but they are few and far between. Important things to keep in mind to prevent getting suckered out of your c…More

Ashley Madison Review by Lixiconn

For $49 I gave it a try and sure enough the so-called women send you a collect message which cost YOU to respond to. The message ends up being 2-3 words (Hi Cutie was the first and last I responded t…More

Ashley Madison Review by imaginative..

I have had little success with Ashley Madison. Sure the site is easy to move around, but I had little success.The worst part was, I decided it was not working, and I think my account was hacked. I wa…More

Ashley Madison Review by Bobinma

Be very careful! There are legitimate women on AM, but many of them are either psychos, singles with nothing to lose, swingers with a voyeur husband, they're looking for a way out of a bad marriage, …More

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