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Ashley Madison Review by babyframe80

Reader Reviews: Ashley Madison Reviews by Readers Like You

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By babyframe80

Ashley Madison Dating Site

In what year(s) and month(s) did you use the site?: 

January 2012

My Review 

So at first when I joined the site I was a little sceptical and very nervous to say the least. But I was pleasantly surprised with every encounter I have had because of the site. Obviously being female I was nervous about the people on the site and what content I should and shouldn’t put on there (like every sane female on a dating site). Not only that but this site is for discreet affairs for people to cheat on their spouse’s right? So anyway I put a little bit about me so that I wouldn’t be too telling and figured I would go from there. Well I had a lot of luck so many men in very similar situations to myself were messaging me and we were really connecting. They were also great about the fact I needed to talk online for a bit before I met them in person. Another great thing about the site is their Customer Service Reps! I spoke to them on a couple occasions just to get their point of view. They were great each time I talked to them they were more and more helpful than the last time! They get it! They were able to help my fantasy of a discreet encounter become a reality! The other great thing is they gave me tips! I learned how much having a picture on the site would help my luck! I also learned that I could put it in a private gallery so only those that I wanted to see it could! And really in my position being a married woman on a dating site, who doesn’t like that ability to pick and choose! After a couple one night stands if you will with some of the married men I met on the site I was able to set up an arrangement with a good man who I met on the site. He is in a similar situation to me and we have a great time together. I would and have recommended the site to friends who want to have a discreet affair; or even just some hot and heavy sex with amazing men. I have met men who are just like the guys in my fantasy; you know Wall Street business types? Not the loaf teenager that sits on other dating sites! And to be honest I don’t know that it “helped” my marriage but it has definitely helped me, and has given me that satisfaction I needed outside my marriage to stay in it!

How Long Were You A User of the Adult Dating Site? 

Three to Six Months

What does Ashley Madison offer its members? 

The site offers so much to its users most, importantly it gives you the ability to meet people who are in the same position as you are, without having to weed out all the single people of a normal dating site.

How much did you pay? 

Females are free on the website.

What was the Ashley Madison's Customer Service like? 

They were great, super helpful and always willing to help. I never had a bad experience with them on the phone or by email. I called them a couple times and dealt with them by email and always had a good experience.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 

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