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Adult Cafe in the UK Review by Gathel

Reader Reviews: Adult Dating Site Reviews by Readers Like You

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By Gathel

Adult Dating Site

Name of Adult Dating Site or Service: 

Adult Cafe

Physical Location and/or Website Address: 

http://theadultcafe.com/ in the UK

In what year(s) and month(s) did you use the site?: 

May 2013

My Review 

Do not use this website dating company as it is a con. You get a 7 day cooling off period, but the moment you open up an email message from one of 'their hot females', you are deemed to have used the site and cannot get your £39.99 back.

Keep your money and go to the pub!

How Long Were You A User of the Adult Dating Site? 

Less Than 30 Days

What does the adult dating site offer its members? 

Not a lot

How much did you pay? 

£39.99 for three months

What was the adult dating site's Customer Service like? 

Poor with very little customer service skills. We have your money and you are not getting it back.....

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


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