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British Sex Contacts Review by davey

Reader Reviews: Adult Dating Site Reviews by Readers Like You

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By davey

Adult Dating Site

Name of Adult Dating Site or Service: 

British Sex Contacts

Physical Location and/or Website Address: 


In what year(s) and month(s) did you use the site?: 

September 2011

My Review 

Well, i found this site on a roll through and it seemed good. Lots of profiles of some smart girls. The credit system seemed ok at first but quickly eats in to your reserve. Noticed that none of these "Girls" were wanting to meet and constantly moved away from any exchange of mobile numbers. I had a problem in getting payment to register after it was taken. 3 emails and no response. Thankfully not a large amount lost. Seems a very clever scam for gullible people like me! I cant understand how this is legal, avoid at all costs.

How Long Were You A User of the Adult Dating Site? 

Less Than 30 Days

What does the adult dating site offer its members? 

Not one of these Girls listed will exchange mobiles or text, they will talk and talk and that's it. Seems designed as a simple money making scam.

How much did you pay? 

About £40 pounds as I liked the look of 2 of the "Girls" profiles

What was the adult dating site's Customer Service like? 

Very poor, 3 emails and still no sign of my credit upload or better still a refund.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


Bonny Albo, About.com Dating, says:

This is one of the most graphic dating sites I've ever encountered, and thus would treat it with trepidation. Most adult dating sites that specialize in sexual relationships still have checks in place to ensure folks under the age of majority don't see inappropriate images, and this one definitely doesn't employ those tactics. Please use at your own risk.
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