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Cafe Adult Review by Thomas

Reader Reviews: Adult Dating Site Reviews by Readers Like You

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Thomas

Adult Dating Site

Name of Adult Dating Site or Service: 


Physical Location and/or Website Address: 


In what year(s) and month(s) did you use the site?: 

June, 2010

My Review 

I was always afraid to sign up an adult dating site because of being scammed or spammed but cafeadult was different. The site has a clean navigation and a clear lay out so you can find your way very easy. On the other hand most of the adult dating sites are filled with all kind of adds and it is really confusing but cafeadult wasn't like that. The home page of the site gave me the trust that I need, even they were telling that their member amount and I could easily read their terms and conditions. They've also had a help and feedback page which is quite important to me.

Signing up process was really easy and they were not asking any private info to me like my phone number or my home address. They were also recommend to me not to share any of my private info with any one. After registration I had to activate my account and I was done. As a free member I could search members, create my profile and upload my audio, video and photo files, which was great. The member profile page was also really easy to navigate. Everything was just one click a way and there was already members online to have contact with. Site had really great features like advanced search, who is online, latest members, send messages, private chat, block member, profile preference and more.

I knew the site was a pay site so I clicked on the upgrade profile page and I landed on a secure page. CafeAdult using the known and my trusted internet payment companies which is really important to me and the most of the other people I guess. My payment process was also handled really fast and my account approved by the administrator of the CafeAdult.

I start to search members close by me and there was already contacts onlie to have contact with them.

Since June, 2010 I'm using the CafeAdult and so far I can't say anything bad about them. You don't get any annoying newsletters (it is an option on your profile page so you can turn it on or of) This site is just what I wanted, no pop ups, no adds, no disturbance but just a adult dating. Well done guys. I hardly recommend the site for everyone who searches for an adult dating website and no worries the site is packed with members and there is no scammers who asking your mail ID to you.

How Long Were You A User of the Adult Dating Site? 

One to Three Months

What does the adult dating site offer its members? 

They offer instant chat messaging, audio - video and photo uploads (you can edit them any time you like), private messaging, quick and advanced search, who is online, mail box, block list and more.

How much did you pay? 

I paid 49.95$ for 3 months but they have other packages as well and now I just got a life time membership.

What was the adult dating site's Customer Service like? 

I didn't need any help so far because site functions very well but one of my buddy said they are responding really fast and they are 24/7 available. Customer support is with feedback form.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 

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