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Erotic-Adults Review by nicenessie

Reader Reviews: Adult Dating Site Reviews by Readers Like You

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By nicenessie

Adult Dating Site

Name of Adult Dating Site or Service: 


Physical Location and/or Website Address: 


In what year(s) and month(s) did you use the site?: 

January 2010

My Review 

I joined this dating site, because a friend of mine used them. She had nothing but praise for them. As I wanted only a casual relationship, I thought I would give it a try. I was very surprised. I joined them, paid them a fee. Within a couple of hours I received emails from 6 potential males.

I contacted all of them out of politeness, and there was one special one I liked the look of and his conversation, he also did not live that far from me, after sending quite a few emails, then deciding to chat on the phone, we arranged to meet, and I was very surprised he was a real gentleman, which is hard to find these days. We both only wanted a casual relationship, but we did click straight away. Now we are still seeing each other, and I hasten to add the relationship is getting serious.

I would certainly recommend Erotic-Adults to anyone looking for a casual relationship, or maybe even a serious relationship.

How Long Were You A User of the Adult Dating Site? 

Less Than 30 Days

What does the adult dating site offer its members? 

Politeness. Fees are a lot cheaper than most of the dating sites. Lots of profiles.

How much did you pay? 

£14.99, credit card, one installment

What was the adult dating site's Customer Service like? 

Excellent customer service

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


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