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Married to the Enemy Book Review by Justin

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By Justin H

Married to the Enemy Book Review by Justin

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Name of Dating Book: 

Married to the Enemy: A Guide to Overcoming the Obstacles to Intimacy

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My Review 

Relationships ain't easy, and my friends telling me that women are all money grubbing liars only makes things harder.

This book deals with how society's ideas about what men and women are 'supposed' to be gets in the way of two people having a fulfilling relationship. It is both a memoir of the author's personal experiences and how-to guide to identify how these problems that emerge in relationships, and how to root them out.

I feel like this is a real and wide-spread problem in our society, but one we don't see dealt with often enough. After all, if, as a guy, I'm not supposed to 'get emotional', how I can hope to have real intimacy with my girlfriend? But this book is in no way 'man hating.' It recognizes that the stereotyping and bigotry runs both ways.

Who wrote the book? 

Mark James and Dawn Kozarian, a relationship counselor based out of Indianapolis.

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