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Reader Reviews : Dating Apps


With more than a billion downloads, iPhone and iPad apps are all the rage. However, there are lots of other apps that singles, couples and dates can use to better their chances at finding love or keeping it, using sites like Facebook or Bebo or with other smart phone setups. Check out other reader experiences with a variety of dating apps, or share your own experiences.

OkCupid Android Phone App Review by bigsteve39x

Hi I have a HTC desire z great phone, opened an account with okcupid online no problems got to the part upload a photo and nothing, just goes back to the home page after selecting a photo, so at the …More

SpeedDate App Review by Cabrona

I really like the way speed date offers 5mins to get to know a candidate if my viewing their profile and or by asking the person about them in person. Great way to connect in person via web cam or wi…More

SpeedDate App Review by Jorden

This is the best i have ever used. It is quick and easy to register and use. I have recommended this to all my friends. I have found four people that match my personality. Speed date is the best site…More

The Questions iPhone Dating App Review by Elsbeth

This is a set of 76 progressive questions to ask of your relationship as you move from dating to intimacy. The questions are serious and require some reflection. Each card question can be flipped to …More

Social Connect Facebook App Review

Really fun app that is always improving. Cool features, like charms, secret questions, and favescape (which I really love) for local hot spots, and recently virtual dating which is so much fun. Reall…More

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