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Reader Stories: How I Met The One Love Stories


Readers share their romantic love stories, where they first crossed paths, and how they knew they'd met The One.

How Riley Met Issac and Found Love

When we saw each other for the first time, we both knew there was something. We didn't know then that it was love, but when he said he loved me I knew for sure that I felt the same way and still do. …More

How Jenny Met The One Online

Talking to someone on the phone for over 8 years can help you to really know them at such a deep level. Our Friendship has been so wonderful all of this time. He has always been with me through a lot…More

How JayBird Found Her Mr. Right

As fate would have it, that same friend married a friend of his and they introduced us 3 years after the first time I laid eyes on him. We phoned, texted, and hung out for about two months, just as f…More

Leah Marie Shares How She Met The One

One day we were talking about 'love at first sight' and whether we believed it or not. i knew i liked him but i kept it to myself, scared of losing him. he asked me if i believed in it and i said yes…More

Suzi Shares Her Love Story

We never really dated, we just talked and hung out as friends during school, then when he became an exchange student we wrote letters back and forth for months. We really got to know one another very…More

JC Anna and Aleks' Love Story

After being introduced, we started talking right away about our love of movies. We jumped right into talking and got so carried away, that we didn't realize how engaged we were until we looked up to …More

Eric's Love Story

Although we became friendly after that first meeting, we didn't really talk until a few months later, when I went to Chicago to visit friends for two weeks. I was telecommuting at the time, so I had …More

Antonio and Francesca's Love Story

When we met for the first time, at dinner with Fausto and his girlfriend, my now husband asked me when we would become a couple. It was about half way through the meal. When I seriously injured my kn…More

Tiffini and Jimmer's Love Story

The next day I get an email from someone I didn't recognize and when I open it, it's him! He kept referring to himself in the third person as "The Jimmer" and I was a little put off by it, but figure…More

Sara and Ron's Love Story

My neighbors date was a man by the name of Ron, and I fell for him the minute we met. Later in the evening his date and I went to the restroom as girls do, and I quizzed her as to how long she and Ro…More

Todd and Susanna's Love Story

The first Christmas after that, I was feeling sort of blue, so I went to the mall to get some shopping done. While riding up the escalator, Todd caught my eye riding down! We both smiled brightly and…More

Lorie and Kyle's Love Story

During all the hours that we spent and worked together, we became very good friends, which eventually led to more. We fell hard and fast for one another from there. We are now in college (2 hours awa…More

The Stritofs' Love Story

When we met that first time, Bob was slightly drunk. I didn't think he remembered asking me out. But he did. Our first date was in a Las Vegas Casino Lounge with music so loud we could hardly hear on…More

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