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Reader Stories: How I Got Over A Break Up


People can be miserable after a break up, in need of support and help to feel better again. So why not share how you coped with a bad break up, so that others can learn from your experience?

Annibeth Shares Her Breakup Story

I was surprised at how hurt and upset I was over him ending it, although I'd had doubts over our relationship. I still cared about him and we'd been close and made tentative future plans, then just l…More

How John Coped With His Break Up

Not well. She said that she had only kissed him (he worked in her office, was from the same country, bigger in build and good looking and seemed like a good guy, I'd met him three times) but my gut s…More

Lulu Shares How She's Coping With the End of Her Relationship

Cried that night, the next morning when i woke up it felt like my heart was being ripped off my chest, i had fallen for him. So i cried the next day, and the day after. i talked to my friends, they c…More

a2pnails Shares How She's Coping With Her Breakup

he started showing his true colours not long after the proposal. in fits of anger he would break things and cause havoc in the house, everything expensive or important would get the brunt of his ange…More

Clean Shares Her Breakup Story

I have so far not really been able to cope.. I myself am five years clean and sober, so I have been trying to attend more meetings, talk with my sisters, his family who has real love for me and my ch…More

Marie Shares Her Breakup Story

Horrible. It's been 3 weeks and I am still in shock. I'm seeing a counselor and I have family and friends as support but I just don't feel like I'm letting go like I should be. I keep running the sam…More

Maria's Methods for Coping With a Breakup

To whoever is going through this, I can recommend only a few things:1) Take care of yourself - After crying for hours on day 2, I got up and looked at myself in the mirror and felt incredibly sorry f…More

Jet Shares His Break Up Story

I was devastated since she broke up just because of an office phone call. I know that she likes her job very much, but 1 office call will not jeopardize her job or anything I am sure. It has been 2 m…More

Angie Shares Her Short Term Relationship Breakup Story

Even though it was only 1 month and I wasn't even really in love with him, we spent so much time together. And he really surprised me because I didn't see it coming, and I didn't expect it to end so …More

Flo Shares How She Coped With a Breakup

It's hard to say how long its been since we broke up. I could say officially 2 weeks, but things have been completely downhill, gradually leading to it for the past 5 weeks. Initially, he was severel…More

How One Woman Coped With Her Breakup

*I was hesitant to share the news with anyone at first, including my family. I think I kept it a "secret" for a few days and pretended like nothing happened because I was in shock and I was in denial…More

How Age Factored Into Anonymous' Breakup

Got the internet and started playing games online, going to church and making sure I didn't lock myself up. I did get on some anxiety medicine because I felt like a shockwave hit my system and I crie…More

How Kyara Coped With Her Breakup

Well this last time I broke up with him, two weeks passed and he didn't look for me at all, and when I went to his apt, he had another girl in his room. I left crying, I was mad, confused, hurt. To m…More

How James Is Coping After A Breakup

Not well. Still pining, miss her terribly, but she only moved out 5-weeks ago and the PSA has been signed for 3-weeks. First time alone since 1984. Deleted her cell # to prevent me from texting. I st…More

How Doris Coped With Infidelity

I am on month four and doing so much better. I have been through some serious challenges in my lifetime, so I think I am stronger than the "average" woman. I was very hurt, angry, crying all the time…More

Becky Shares How She Coped After A Breakup

I was a huge mess the first week. I had found out that he had slept with a hand-full of girls when we split and it was devastating to me. I felt sick everyday and slept a lot of the time because I co…More

How Thabiso Coped With A Breakup

I have not been feeling very well... I guess its because its still a new thing. I can't stop crying, and I'm afraid to tell my friends because they might laugh at me behind my back. The thing its he …More

How A Reader Is Coping After Her Breakup

I cried of course, not to him on the phone, but when I got off. I cried for the next 3 days. My friends came over to comfort me. I went out a lot over the next few weeks, joined a salsa class etc. Ke…More

Jen Shares How She Coped After A Breakup

He attempted to reach out to me a few times but I brushed him off. Then four months after we broke up, he sent me an email to inform me he recently became engaged....yes ENGAGED. Although I had cut h…More

How I Coped After A Break Up? I'm Still Coping

I tried to tell her I didn't mean it like that.She, crying, asked me to stay friends with her.We've talked some since then, but she always cries and stops talking if I bring that afternoon up.I... am…More

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