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Reader Stories: Date Disaster Stories


Ever had a bad date that went so poorly you were shaking your head at the end of the night thinking, "What did I get myself into?" These readers did too, and some of their date disasters were more horrific than others. Read on to see how they fared, and if they were able to turn around their bad date night.

Joe's Date From Hell

All good so far you're thinking, yeah that's what I thought, you wait for this next part.So we agreed to meet up, she seemed nice and interested and well me being a bloke was hoping and thinking this…More

First Date Sex Bad Date Story

He came to visit me at my house. One thing led to another, and because I was desperate we had sex. I didn't feel like it was a positive experience at all, and I wish I'd taken more time to get to kno…More

Stella Shares Her Bad Date Story

i kissed him when i do not believe he was ready. he is divorced and i am widow and i thought after 2 dates a kiss was ok but i think i messed up. it was not anything more then a friendship kiss but a…More

Why a Good Online Dating Picture Matters

Well I think posting your picture to an online dating site should be mandatory – the reasons are obvious to most members. However, some feel they have fulfilled this requirement by posting, say…More

Lezza's Bad Date Story

I, however, failed to comment on his newly acquired fragrance. So on the third date, when I got into the car, I had to fight the overwhelming reaction to roll down my car window and hang my head out …More

My Sister's Dating Disaster Story

They played email tag and then they began sending intimate pictures with the intent of hooking up, but each time he blew my sister off. She had purchased items for Christmas for him and I ran his inf…More

Karen's Date Disaster Story

We had some rather pleasant dates together. Our dates were rather typical. We went to restaurants, movies, etc.. But our last date wasn't very pleasant. He started yelling at me, and I didn't know wh…More

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