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Submit an Entry: Tell Us About Your Relationship or Dating Blog

By Michael Patrick

What's the name of your dating blog?


What's the homepage of your dating blog?


Is your blog associated with a larger site? What is it?

Not at this time

Why Did You Start Your Dating or Relationships Blog?

Why? Customer demand. Too many coming to me for advice. Needed to provide a forum to help with profound insights

It is time for a new approach in understanding the Dating and Relationship Game. It’s time for an intelligent approach to navigating through the adult world of dating.

I bring together a unique blend of social anthropology; psychology, sociology, and neuroscience to connect the dots for those who seek a deeper understanding of what is really going on out in the real world of adult dating.


What do you cover in your dating blog?

After cruising countless sites on self-help, dating and relationships advice, I discovered the absence of a place for people to go for insightful information backed up in facts and studies.

The Web is fraught with opinion and experience backed, “Pros” lacking the analytical prospective, education or experience that comes with age and tribulations. These sites left me wanting for facts and not opinions, Where were the sites to prepare me for my new adventures in dating.

Post weekly.


  • Happiness in a relationship is not as easily achieved as one would expect and finding your partner for life is truly an undaunting task.
  • I see that you two have figured it out. You have now been together for more than a minute. You have been able to work through the first few months of your relationship and you are looking forward to seeing where your love can take you.
  • My advice is to focus on the Seven C’s.
  • 1.Compromise
  • 2.Communications
  • 3.Commitment
  • 4.Compassion
  • 5.Completeness
  • 6.Common interests
  • 7.Cash
  • http://www.redtaillight.com/secrets-to-a-successful-relationship
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