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By aejungclaus

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Alpha Male: Who They Are, How They Think, What They Want,

How to Attract, Meet, Marry, & Train One

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0615175090, Perennial Press (December 10, 2007), 222 pp

What makes this relationship book unique?

One of the vitally important messages in this book is how to win an argument with a male without driving him away--extremely important in relationships and marriage. If you want to really understand men, read this book.

Two authors: Male--30 years career army officer and leader of young men as chief of detectives of a large high-crime city. Female--proposed to many times. Extremely happy marriage between these two people.

What is the dating book about?

The book shows how to identify one terrific guy for a real relationship and how to rule out the losers. It shows how to convince him you are the only woman he'll ever need. The book also teaches women that they can have a deeply happy marriage--day-to-day marriage should be (and can be) the most fun you'll ever have. Lot's of women have no real idea how to do it at all.

The target audience is women of any age who are tired to hooking up, dead-end dating, and meaningless relationships of all types. This book offers tips to women of all ages on how to find and train the perfect Alpha Male and on how to take charge of most other relationships.

This book is similar to The Rules (but The Rules is much less substantive with nothing about marriage) and Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus (a bit confusingly written). Our book is crystal clear, tells you exactly what to do to bring about a well-defined result, and it works!

Tips and Tricks

  • 21 of the best place to meet an Alpha Male (and it’s not in bars)
  • How to make someone you’re interested in notice you and disregard all other women
  • The key to making a guy who is interested in you actually fall in love with you. It's actually a learned skill (and will probably make a many men fall in love with you).
  • What to do if you’re in a relationship but he just won’t propose?
  • He yells at you about money or criticizes you unfairly. What are the four steps to take that will change his approach forever?
  • The first rule for meeting an Alpha Male, that makes it virtually certain he’ll contact you again.
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