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Dating Scammer on eHarmony Story

Share Your Story: Is This a Scam? Dating Scams Revealed

By Anon

What dating service or website did you meet at?


In what month and year did the dating scam take place?

December 2010

How much money (if any) were you scammed out of?

None, because I Googled his email address online & found the story here.

What details did the internet dating scammer share?

He pretended to be local, had fake pictures, pinged me online. His weird English prompted me to Google his email address -- r.warner49@yahoo.com . It's the same one you guys have online here.

What did the internet dating scammer do?

He wrote me on eHarmony. He ended communication early, saying his subscription would expire, and gave me the email address mentioned above. Apparently he's not a rocket scientist, as that's the same email address others have reported as a scam.


  • I'd say worse English than usual is a really good sign -- "geeks" instead of "sheesh", weird usage. And I'd advise on using Google to search for all parameters -- a name, an email address, whatever. See what comes up.
  • And, if you have a 20-something guy with decent picture pinging you when you're 20 years his senior, that's a tip off. As the saying goes, "what's too good to be true usually isn't". Give yourself a reality check and investigate. You'll be glad you didn't waste time, emotional energy, etc.
  • Don't give anyone a red cent. Anyone worth their while won't be asking you for it. Loser!
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