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Donna Shares Her Dating Scam Story About Daniel H

Share Your Story: Is This a Scam? Dating Scams Revealed

By Donna

What dating service or website did you meet at?


In what month and year did the dating scam take place?

January thru March 6 2011

How much money (if any) were you scammed out of?

I declined to send

Where did you report this dating scam, other than here?

Yahoo.com and Match.com

What details did the internet dating scammer share?

Daniel H age 52 with birth date of 3/12/1958 male London and uses 9 yr old daughter with name Lilian Doctorate degree, international contractor 6 ft 2 in widower

He sent pictures, did yahoo messenger live audio chat phone texts and even called on his phone. for 2 months

The child also wrote me and sent IM chat messages and pictures

What did the internet dating scammer do?

Emailed me on match.com lived in london widower with 9 yo daughter 1 month into talking he had to go to Nigeria for a contract to build a govt bldg. 2 weeks into trip, daughter was injured on job site with traumatic head injury and taken to a hospital. Said he spent all his money and did not have access to his funds and they were withholding treatment. I declined to send money and being a nurse asked for the hospital she was in. I looked up hospital and emailed them. The medical director wrote that this was a scam. He started at 4500 dollars, then next day 2000 then next anything I could send. Started then to send guilt emails that she was dying and I was the only person left to help. That I need to show that I cared for him and his daughter. After 2 months, this seemed very real. Exchanges of pictures, phone calls etc. still hard to believe this was a scammer, it was that real


  • Match.com said to communicate for at least a week +, because security watches and eliminates profiles of suspected
  • Do not give your personal information like email
  • Check out anything they tell you. I contacted the hospital, the hotel he said he was staying at, the company he said he was working for etc.
  • DO NOT send money to anyone you have not met face to face
  • Request live video like SKYPE. I did he said he did not have webcam
  • I had pictures, cell numbers, his resume, address, hotel address, live chat, heard his voice on phone and he still was a fake
  • If it sounds too good to be true it usually is
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