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What Dating Services Does The Company Offer?

Kikini is a social matchmaking site that makes it easy and fun to meet new people online. Kikini blends social networking and dating, so flirting is an effortless, ongoing conversation. Kikini is 100% free, and is open only to U.S. college students.

What Makes The Dating Service Unique?

Kikini approaches dating as a social network. The focus is less on creating a detailed profile and more on having lots of fun and casual interactions with people.

There are two ways to interact with people on Kikini: flirts and direct messages. Flirts are fun and simple interactions. For example, one user might predict another user’s future, suggest a vacation destination, or simply decide whether they’re more of a pirate or a ninja. Users receive notification of these flirts in their individual news stream, and they can respond to the most interesting ones. Once two users are comfortable flirting with each other, they can invite each other to chat directly, and make plans to meet up. Kikini users can’t send direct messages to each other unless a messaging invite has been sent and accepted.

The site also makes personalized match recommendations for each user. Kikini determines what types of people each user is interested in meeting based on a constant analysis its overall flirt history data (“People who like X like Y. You like X, so you would probably like Y”).

Tips and Tricks

  • Kikini has a minimum profile photo size requirement of 800×600.
  • You can include both likes and dislikes in your tags. To add a dislike to your tags, just begin with a “–” when you’re entering in a new tag word.
  • Kikini generated polls are automatically changed after one week. If you create your own, just replace it with a new poll to get the final results.
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