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By freshSingle


freshSingle.com 100% Free Online Dating Service

Membership Fees and Levels of Service

All Services are Free of Charge

Dating Service Membership Terms & URL

Terms and conditions for freshSingle.com can be found here.

Founded In


What Dating Services Does The Company Offer?


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250,000 from around the world, most from United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom.

What Makes The Dating Service Unique?

With freshSingle.com we offer single people a completely free online dating service. All services including chat & messaging are totally free of charge.

We want to help singles to find the love of their life, no matter what kind of race or ethnic background. Jewish and Christian Singles, Hispanic or Black Singles, and even Senior Singles are using our free online dating website to find their date. Our membership pool consists of individuals of all ages.

freshSingle is trying to match the members with compatible persons with whom they can share common interests. We believe that true love comes with a long-term relationship. Because of that, we are committed to present only adequate people from thousands of single prospects to our members.

Tips and Tricks

  • Browse members
  • Registration
  • To view people in your country before signing up, scroll down on the index page to click on the country name.
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