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Readers Respond: What Does Friends With Benefits Mean To You

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Am I just the bread before the stake?

I'm 15 and I like a guy in the year below he's nice and funny and I really want a relationship but he told me he just wants friends with benefits He told me he's never had a friend with benefits and asked me if only for a week could I be his friend with benefits, because of my feelings I went along. But when I started to think about it it hit me, there are many hot, slim and better looking girls in his year so why me. Then I came up with a hypothesis, maybe I'm the bread before the stake. I'm the fat bread rolls you eat before your stake arrives and when it comes even though you're full you still eat it anyway because it looks more delicious that the bread rolls. I'm just worried that after the week is up he's going to move along to the next girl. I was thinking about telling him that if the friends with benefits ends T the end of the week but he felt closer to me would you consider telling people and being my boyfriend and girlfriend,not just the booty call. HELP MEEEEEE!!!!!!!
—Guest Pice of bread


Been married for years but he didn't treat me good so no longer love him. trying to stay friends as best we can for the sake of the family, but definitely no bedroom antics anymore! have met this (divorced) guy i really fancy and i know he fancies me - BUT - i don't want to get involved in a full blown affair and he doesn't want to be "the other man" so we were at a stalemate! only see each other rarely when our social paths happen to cross or for coffee once in a blue moon n keep in contact by txt message n e-mail. then i suggested fwb, so he would be free to carry on looking for a "proper" gf, but we could occassionally "benefit" from each other when circumstances allowed and until he found someone. and guess what - he's agreed!! havent managed to arrange anything yet but am really looking forward to the occassional "encounter"! i have a good feeling about this - its just what we both need!! we are both mature and not getting any younger so cant afford to waste our opportunities!!

friend with benift with a marry man

we have been fwb for about a month now we use to go out but he has dicided to try on his marridge but he no it is not going to work he said to me he knows i will wait for him should i wait for him or not
—Guest leta


I am 14 years old and just got a fwb and so far its great even though me and my fwb are single we make out etc. its pretty cool
—Guest Josh escobedo

FWB My story

well i started textug this guy and he would tell me oh your so beautiful etc. He said I love you and everything. I started to like him , but I found out he had a girlfriend . I confronted him on it and he said your just my friend with benefits. I hate him now
—Guest Love is hard


Ok so I just realized tht I have some feelings for my bsf and also me and my boyf are going through some things or whatever and I told my bsf tht I kinda like him an he liks me to every sense last year he juat didn't tell me bc he didn't wanna come between me and my bf but we both think its a little to fast to start a relationship so we're friends with benefits but I'm kinds worried bc my ex boyf blah blah blah need help
—Guest Aaliyah


Okay, so I have been fwb with a guy, Rudy, for about 8 months already. After the first 3 dates, I realized I started getting feelings for him.. So I talked to him about it and he said we would never work out like that. I got over my feelings because the sex was great and i didn't wanna lose him as a friend. Now its been 8 months, and plenty of dates, and he recently asked me to be his gf.. What should I do? I had feelings for him, then got over them to continue being friends, now he wants to be in a realtionship.. Uhh i hate this feeling :/
—Guest yessyy42


I'm 14..a virgin that scared me and this Guy named Alex he is 15..hr has a girlfriend but he said that I am beautiful sexy and cute....he told me about. FWB...IM SCARED im growing feelings for him we didn't have sex but want to. I think if I have sex with him it be like love ....... should I stop it or what ....what to.....I'm scared to tell my mom.... Not had sex with him i think if we did it would be FWB..
—Guest jazmyn

friends with benefits

I am getting over a 15 year marriage. I went out to meetup for dinner with alot of people. It isn't a dating service but just for adults to get out and mingle. I am a very high spirited girl that will try anything and do anything with reason. I have a friend who is with benefits with me and I am having a blast. I don't think about what's wrong with it. I think of how we're friends. We're now having some issues but hopefully it will come around.
—Guest andrea

Same Problem

Im 13 and I'm also having something of the same Oder. Except no sex or anything. He says he likes me but doesn't want to committe to a relationship. Truly I get this gut feeling that it's not going to work.
—Guest Hershie

My Story

I needed a good reliable sex source, and met this guy Drew, very sexy (he's a personal trainer so he's in great shape!). We started texting, and had like an arrangement to be just and nothing else than FWB. So everytime we were getting together it was a very casual, just to hook up. I ended up starting to like Drew and realized that he is a great guy, very sweet and a gentleman. The problem started when instead of talking to him about my feelings, because I was scared of losing him at all, I decided to play the bad girl roll, to hide my feelings and slept with one of Drew's friends, Jack. I was the one who told him about it before he heard it from someone else. He stopped talking to me, but said he's not mad at me. If he liked me, he would have asked me on a real date, so I dont feel so bad. Yet everytime he sees me out, he sends me drunk texts. I feel like a horrible person. I found out he liked me too the whole time.I dont know what to do now, I hope I can get my friend back. Help
—Guest Adriana


I am stuck in a FWB problem... A guy who I "thought" liked me and we were sorta friends at the time.. Wrote me a note asking me out I was soo exited I told EVERYONE! Then a few weeks later he ignored me so I wrote him a note saying " Our we going out are not.. I'm confused? He replayed by saying I thing FWB would be good for now.. So I again wrote him but I said "Isn't that just having sex?" He said "Not always" So the bottom line I'm confused is it or isn't it?
—Guest Confused_and_used

i have one

Im having it now. . Day by day its become complicated for me. Started to liked that person. .now..im trying very hard to forget those feeling. Its killing me. Women are so fragile. Easy to break and I regret for having it.
—Guest mizC

A Case of FWB?

I don't know how everyone will see me after this, but, I've been married for 7 years and have 3 beautiful boys. 1 year ago, I reconnected with one of my childhood friends that I hadn't heard from in 15 years. We dated briefly he was 19 and I was 13, but, we always liked eachother. When we connected in Facebook, we started chating and he kept telling me he still liked me. At that time, he was married (now seperated, not because of me though), and we've seen eachother and spent the weekend together twice. I know he's a player and that he has other FWB's but, everytime we see eachother he makes me feel complete and I enjoy being with him. I care about my husband, but, I'm not "in love" with him, he's a great husband and father but, that's it! I don't know if this falls into the FWB's category or not. You see before our first meeting we talked and chated frequently, then it ceased a lot! And few weeks before our 2nd meeting he started talking to me again and now I haven't heard from him.
—Guest Jen

A dangerous game

I have a "friends with benefits" at first I didn't know what was happening between us I caught feelings before we had the title and he acknowledged those feelings for me as well but his actions never fell through with his words. In my case I guess I didn't want him completely out of my life so we now are friends with benefits its a risky thing to do, I have to turn off a switch so I don't catch feelings we agreed to only be physical with one another but who knows if he's keeping his word. You really have to shut off your emotions and feelings especially being a Young women. Who knows where it'll lead after that. Such a dangerous game only to fulfill a need.
—Guest LiZZi

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