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Readers Respond: What Does Friends With Benefits Mean To You

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Very risky, u'll get hurt.

U can only be friends with benefits with someone that u have no desire to really be with, like seriously.. Otherwise u'll get hurt for sure.
—Guest Lanfear

Friends with benefits.

I was friends with a guy that I was really attracted to. After a few months, I realized the attraction was 100% physical. And so I made a move so that we would be friends with benefits. I definetly do not regret it. We have had no strings attached sex which satisfy both our needs. However! I believe if you have slight feelings for someone it is best not to risk getting hurt.
—Guest bella

Virginity taken by a boy that has a gf

I gave my virginity to a boy that has a gf. i dont know what to do. i came from around there not to long ago, and he was having a problem with her texting him stuff and he was sad and he told his cousin to cover for him. does that mean he still wants her and what does cover for him mean?
—Guest De


Its not right. i fell in love with my friend while he had the right to flirt with others
—Guest Tre

be careful someone will always get hurt

look this is an unusual friends with benefits relationships. we are both gay guys... i posted an ad to the internet, very naive ad but this gay man half my age answered it. he lives across town and for some reason I was interested in the very simple way he described himself. we agreed to meet a few days later and the same day we met we got carried away and did crazy things, nothing new for a gay relationship mind you... i don't think we're going to see each other again but we started calling, emailing and talking to each other every day for the next few days. he lives far from my house and doesn't drive but that was not a problem. i'll drive 45 minutes just to see him and being with him things got a bit personal because it wasn't only sex, but some emotions and feelings without saying any love statements or romantic things. until i broke rule #1 of a fling relationship, I started falling in some sort of emotional state. he was very honest from the beginning that he wasn't looking for a relationship, yet I was in love with him.
—Guest Antony

friends with out a commitment

i think that friends with benefits is a joke. this gives a man or a woman the chance to take something that doesn't belong to them in the first place and like someone else said sooner or later one or both get feelings and wants more. mostly the woman because we are not built to just have meaningless sex without getting our damn emotions caught.
—Guest tammy

Friends with Benefits

The term, "friends with benefits" shows how much the media manipulates peoples' thinking and ultimately, their actions. A true friend cares about you, wants the best for you, and will not use you, abuse you, or take advantage of you in other receive "benefits", either sexual or material. Many people are deluded into thinking that God's ways that are cited in the Bible of marrying if you cannot control your sexual desires, is outdated and spoils your "fun". God, however, is the Creator of humanity, and the creator of our sexuality. He knows just how human beings function best. It is no surprise that most women do not fare well with a "friends with benefits" relationship, because in actuality, it is no relationship at all. Its just a new term for an old game of a man using a woman's body without love or commitment, and a woman giving her body to a man without love or commitment, usually in hopes of gaining his love and commitment with frequent, almost assured disappointment.
—Guest Ayana

is cool

friends with benifit is really cool and nice but sometimes the friend become like really in love so they end up together i am 27 and me and my wife used to be friends with benifits since 8 grade so enjoy and try to be together for ever
—Guest steven

A useful association

A 'Friend' is someone in whom you have complete trust, and with whom you can share anything, without it being a legal commitment like marriage. Sex is also shared, and this can serve a purpose of release with a trusted friend. Men particularly (but not at all exclusively) need a release from the instinctive need to pass on their genes as and when possible. It is never turned off, and can be an awful burden to (especially) older men. It almost approximates polyamory, but is usually thought of as being very private between the friends. That's my understanding of the term. I do not have such a friend, unfortunately.
—Guest Mundrek


My definition is two people with no commitment to one another who hook up from time to time and may even hang out and or talk on the phone. In my opinion in the short term there ok but in the long term one or both people with catch feelings and most of the time someone gets hurt.
—Guest Ametheyst

friend with benifits

It means a buddy and them having sex also and that is for insecure people without giving a commitment to one another.
—Guest tricia
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