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Readers Respond: Your Thoughts About Getting Back Together With an Ex

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Have you ever wanted to get back together with an ex, or have you tried and succeeded? Or, perhaps you did get back together but it didn't work out. Many readers ask about getting back together, and whether or not it's possible long term. Share your stories, thoughts, questions and ideas here, and let others know if you think getting back together is probable, possible, or recommended. Share Your Stories

My ex asking me out after 5yrs.

My ex is asking me out again after we quit for 5yrs now. He kept a secret that would have caused my life from me,now he wants me back,am afraid he will do worst if i acept him back,am confused and don't know what to do.
—Guest Comfort

love is complicated

I had fall in love once to a girl and she is my first love and it is true love, I can't ever forget her but she left me after 3 months. What should i do to get back her..
—Guest Mriganayan Boruah

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Your Thoughts About Getting Back Together With an Ex

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