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Readers Respond: Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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How did you know that your boyfriend or girlfriend was cheating? What signs of cheating were obvious, and which ones were a bit more subtle? Did you confront your partner, break up, or do something else? Share your experiences with a cheating partner here. Share Your Experiences


My boyfrend of a year and half slept with a gal he said ws his friend. I had a feelin sumthin like that wld happen as they spent the whole day together at his place all alone. One day after suspecting for so long i checked his fon n saw a txt message where the girl was suggestin that next time they use protection. I was devastated, i cried. We are still together but i dnt thnk i will ever trust him again.
—Guest Ellen

Caught him cheating but he got mad at me

This guy chased me since 2009 via a dating site but I took 3 years to even respond to him. When I finally did, he launched a full on offensive to win me over, treated me like his Queen, spent a lot of money on me, called & texted every day all day, acted protective & devoted, showered me with love & affection, wanted to learn all about me, told me I was the first woman he ever felt like this with, that he saw being married to me & shared his deepest secrets. Well, not all of them apparently, because he chased after other women online & kept in touch with his exes, sent them his fotos, including his naked fotos with erect.... you know what.... whenever we were together his fone would go crazy with texts & missed calls & he looked guilty but denied cheating, saying they were just his 'fans'. I was pregnant twice in 18 months we were together, miscarried once, second time he forced me to have an abortion or he'd leave. He went hot & cold. when I finally confronted him he got angry left


Found out my my girlfriend had been sleeping with my mate and since found out she has been back to him four times amd says cause i cant satisfy her
—Guest paul


I think He cheting on I just don't no how to break up with him
—Guest tayler


Hi, I am with my partner for over 8 years. We met on dating site. For past 3 years we were busy me with my studies him with his work. I moved to another town and was back home for weekends. He was traveling a lot for his work. He gradually became very hostile towards me, sometimes aggressive and very annoyed by anything. He made me cry a lot coz I did not understood why he is like that. He spent a lot of time on his HTC and laptop. He changed his passwords. He was very protective of his mobile and laptop. Once he fell asleep. I looked at his mobile and I saw he open new email account which contained 100 Russian females addresses and lots of posts dating 2 years. From emails I found out that he dated at least 1 of these girls. I confronted him. At first he denied it but I pushed him and he admitted it. I am heart broken. Learning how to trust him again. It's so fresh. It keeps coming back to me every single day. I might not to have power to keep the relationship going. Time will tell. Kate
—Guest kate


I found nude pictures of a female on his phone. He says its a friend. They both call each other. She's 20 years younger than him and lives in the neighborhood. He says she is a b and still talks to her. But want me to think he is not cheating.
—Guest dajajaom04

he is cheating!!!!

you have said everything he does now and has been doing for almost 3 yrs now what am i suppose to do i have nothing he keeps it all.............im trapped
—Guest trish

cheating is not a good thing.

l had a boyfriend that loves me, but what i dont understand about him every time when am with him when he answers his calls outside the room but not all of them, especially when his friends and his calls mom he doesnt. maybe i am paranoid.
—Guest jloo

He cheated alot

my ex cheated on me with like 6 or 7 girls whenever i wasnt around when i found out i dumped him and then he kept texting me and trying to get back with me but i got with another guy so it stopped now hes doin it to his fioncee
—Guest 093642

he lied

..He cheated, we had been together for three yrs. and his prom was comin up.. him and I picked out colors and I bought my dress. a few weeks go by and then he asked me if he can take somebody else (a girl who had liked him for a very long time). i said that if he wanted to take her we had to break up. we argued about it but a few weeks later they had sex and there went three years down the drain...... PS: i forgot,to mention that I found out he cheated with her three other,times before that...
—Guest Lil me

should i keep him

i went out with him in 7th and part of 8th grade,he got sent to texas for a year and i was excited for him to come home,we started dating,3mnths later he wrote me a love letter and the same night i went on his myspace and he was messaging his ex girlfriend,that it was friends with and the messages were saying they missed eachother and calling each other baby and they liked eacother and i cried and confronted him and we ended up stayin with eachother though im very disturbed still and have no trust for him
—Guest lia


I was going out with a lad for 2 years. He was always really secretive with his phone/facebook page. I would never be one to look at my bf phone. but he made me so paranoid so i did. TG I did..he was txting a handful of girls including his exs.. im raging i didnt look sooner..2 years wasted..hate him now!!
—Guest tiger

he cheated

I found out my boyfriend was cheating when I caught him kissing another girl behind a dumpster. I had known that our relationship was going through a tough time as I was about to change schools but I never thought that he would cheat. After finding them, I told him it was over right then and there and that he was a bad person for doing this. He begged me not to go but I didn't listen. In the end, he got what he deserved, a nice slap across the face.
—Guest Tara

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Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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