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How to Kiss Like in

Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Dating Questions?

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Whether you're trying to get to know someone, are on a first date, want to see how your boyfriend or girlfriend feels about a subject or just want to play a 20 questions game, you've got some dating questions. Which ones worked for you? What dating questions you ask on your next date?

Leading Questions

Use the what, when, where & how to prevent a yes or no answer and spark up conversation!
—Guest Ben


we met in 1st grade but i have just began to have feelings im in 5th grade now and he used to like one of my BFFs he comes to me with his problem on txting but @ skool he ust hangs ot with his friends! Is this to good to be true? Am i too young to lke him? Should we stay friends
—Guest nobody


to meet someone who cares about you and loves you, to understand about what the relationship means.
—Guest jloo

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