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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Dating Questions?

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Whether you're trying to get to know someone, are on a first date, want to see how your boyfriend or girlfriend feels about a subject or just want to play a 20 questions game, you've got some dating questions. Which ones worked for you? What dating questions you ask on your next date? Share A Dating Question

Dating/Hookup Confusion

So I've been friends with this guy for months now, just friends. And we've been to dinner and movie, even hung out with each others friends. We finally went to a party together and both had some drinks. He confessed how much he liked me and how he has for some time now. That night we hooked up. The next night we hooked up, sober. Now all he wants to do is hang out at night. I'm so confused, because I would like to have a committed relationship, and I don't know what he wants after telling me how much he has a thing for me, but then only wants to hook up? Help!
—Guest Caroline

Leading Questions

Use the what, when, where & how to prevent a yes or no answer and spark up conversation!
—Guest Ben


we met in 1st grade but i have just began to have feelings im in 5th grade now and he used to like one of my BFFs he comes to me with his problem on txting but @ skool he ust hangs ot with his friends! Is this to good to be true? Am i too young to lke him? Should we stay friends
—Guest nobody


to meet someone who cares about you and loves you, to understand about what the relationship means.
—Guest jloo

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What Are Your Favorite Dating Questions?

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