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Readers Respond: Reader Suggested Date Movies

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Read through the top fourty best date movies and still think one (or a couple) are missing? Then add your thoughts here, including why you think its the perfect date movie, or why one already on the list shouldn't be there.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Action, adventure, romance, beautifully shot, with breathtaking special effects. A runner-up would be The Year of Living Dangerously, before Mel Gibson lost it. Exotic setting, lots of intrigue, and a love affair between Gibson and Sigourney Weaver.
—Guest emma_peel


Now we live in different cities and on my last birthday she come to date with me.We watch this film that day.
—Guest Ye

What Dreams May Come

The good - She'll be crying in your arms for sure. The bad - You'll be crying too!!
—Guest Paul

The House of Flying Daggers

Good action and amazing love story makes this a hard movie to top.

The Notebook

If you haven't seen this movie then you have to watch it! And if you have, I'm sure you'll know what makes it such a great date movie.
—Guest Brittany

Donnie Darko

Im sorry but this movie is way to deep and you have to concentrate and think the whole movie. Date movies should be senseless comedies that well you don need to totally pay attention to but have a deep meaning
—Guest Moviewatcher22

Date Moview I Like

1) Serendipity - plays to the question of is there someone out there you are destined to be with. Another Cusack film with the beautiful Kate Beckinsdale 2) Notting Hill - Beautiful scenery, interesting support characters, happy ending and "Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant" 3) Doc Hollywood - a classic Michael J. Fox with a story about the conflict between the seduction of the big city vs. the quality of small time life.
—Guest BE ave

Marley and me?

Maybe its not the ideal first date movie, but "Marley and me" brings out the reality in a relationship - the ups and downs plus the commitment needed - maybe a good date movie if you are trying to nurture/mature your relationship.
—Guest Anya

Out of Africa

Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. Great book made into a visually stunning movie. Love, adventure, angst and death. Questions of attachment and letting go. Tough Woman, tough Man, tough Country. A movie that is timeless for all couples in love, or in lust or in development.
—Guest ekessme

action boy

We went and saw one of the Batman movies... my friends thought it was odd for a date but we weren't dating yet so I didn't think anything of it ha ha
—Guest cowboygal7

something has to give

I just love this movie, its about Love & relationships. Funny =enjoyable
—Guest capeverdian

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