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Readers Respond: Date For Free With These Free Dating Ideas

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From the article: Totally Free Dating Ideas
Ever been on the perfect date that didn't cost a dime? Share your free dating ideas here with other readers, so that no one is ever stumped again.

free date ideas

Go together and collect cash refund cans or bottles. After recycling use the cash to have a cheap meal or drink together.
—Guest Bink

Free & Nearly Free Nature Dates

I recently went on a second date with a man(was in essence the real first date since we just met for conversation at his house for the first one) Money was tight for both of us and one of us had stamps to get food and one of us had cash for entry so we planned a picnic to a local Springs.We live near and he lives in the Ocala National Forest and there are many Springs and parks nearby. A lot of the smaller parks , some on lakes are free to enter and the National ones are only $5.50 per person.We had a lovely picnic in the day visiting area ( most State Parks alcohol is prohibited in the day area and swimming areas but allowed in the camping areas) Then after we had some lunch and dessert and fed the squirrels a bit,took a few pictures,we made teh short trek back to the parking lot and stashed our picnic basket lathered up with bug spray and headed out on one of the nature trails.I managed to do fine regardless of my physical problems.It was an absolutely lovely & relaxing day!

Free dates? Are there any other kinds?

Just joking. But "back in my day" (early 70's), we really didn't "date", as such (Hence the Christian lady's trouble finding someone who wants marriage before sex!) Group activities were/are often the best: hiking, swimming, X-C skiing (minimal investment) and free movies or concerts. We're lucky to live in W.Mass., with many colleges and lots of culture. Another fun thing (if you have gas for the car) is to ride around looking for your fave stuff, like my husband's perfect soft-serve ice cream, or my perfect swimming spot. Public parks are great too. Get a copy of a romantic book (Maupassant's stories, Shakespeare's sonnets), lie on a blanket and read to one another. Find some gardens and take a stroll; take pics of them if you have a camera.
—Guest OldHippie

free healthy date idea

How about going jogging or running together. Good for the heart in more than one way.
—Guest Charlie

Couples fun

It can be a great deal of fun to get together with other couples to play cards. If everyone brings something you can provide tea or coffee or soda etc. Very thrifty on the budget.
—Guest Ideagal

Great Outdoor Date...

One of the things my husband and I did before we got married - actually we just started dating. In the summer months (here in Mass) we would love to stroll hand in hand as we walked along one of the many beaches to choose from. It's not only romantic but we would often times, find an array of unique shells and rocks. We would also sometimes, get our feet a bit wet, or as a joke we'd get each other wet by splashing each other with the ocean water. We would do this either during the day or at dusk which is probably the romantic time to stroll along the edge of the water. Again, this is a summer idea b/c, up in Mass, it gets quite cold in the winter time. I think during the winter months, what we'd like to do was/is watch various dvds, that we collected over the years. The more romantic the movie the better! I think there's a lot of things to do for free when you are on a date. You just have to be, a bit creative about it.

Dating Advice for Seniors

I am 70 yrs young-female, divorced since 1984 - dated quite a lot when I first divorced but most of them just wanted to get you into bed, so I gave up dating. Is there any single senior men who still believe sex should be when you are married. I am a Christian woman who still believes in old fashioned morals. Please give me any advice on this. Thanks!!

Your car, soft music, and the ocean

"Watching the submarine races" is the euphemism for making out with some soft music playing while sitting in your car. During the summer of love (1969) we would drive to the ocean parking lot, toss a blanket over the hood of the car. Rest up again the windshield, and enjoy the ocean and music. I wish I had a dime for each time a cop came up to ask for our I.D. He would say to be funny…what are you doing here at one in the morning, as if he doesn't know. We had more fun in groups, and we still talk about those dates today.
—Guest Loretta Belle


You could always go to the library too. Pick titles randomly off the shelves and read to each other it might be kind of romantic
—Guest DarkStranger

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