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Readers Respond: Reader Suggested Songs About Being Single and Happy

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There's a certain joy to being single, a lightness of being even. Different from angry breakup songs or the conquering, "I don't need you" -type fare, being single and happy songs are more focused on our own selves rather than someone else. Have a song that makes you feel great about being single? Then share yours here with other readers, or take a peek at what others have to say.

Trust Me (Jingle Jangle)

"Jingle Jangle" by Kay Kyser. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DD_NCM_RJs I listened to this song on the day I was getting married and it reminded me how much fun I had when I was single. I was suddenly sad about getting married.
—Guest Ellington

my personal favorites

i really like "the more boys i meet" by carrie underwood! i also like the song "red high heels". :)
—Guest rachel

Perfectly Lonely

"Perfectly Lonely" by John Mayer is an awesome song about loving the single life.
—Guest nick

Single ladies

How does Beyonce's song celebrate being single? She sings "put a ring on it"
—Guest Really?

Lifts a broken spirit

Beautiful people- Nina Sky (produced by: Stereotypes) love it live it!!! :)
—Guest Sass1

Mostly women

Men like to be single too! Bonny has to be a biased female. The classic is Singl Life by Cameo!
—Guest deebo

Single Songs

Maybe I'm going in a different direction here, but I like "It's Only Me" and "Goodnight" by Melissa Etheridge. Both from the Skin album.

Song my Mother used to sign

My mother used to sing "I Wish I Was Single Again". She was born in 1909 but she sang the song in the 40s as I recall.
—Guest Della

Happy song

Here I go again on my own....Always makes me feel good after a breakup
—Guest Jamie

Mostly women

I've noticed that it's mostly female artists you have here who sing about being single. Think you can find some more songs about men celebrating singleness? What does that tell you about society? I would suggest "Don't Shed A Tear" by Paul Carrack, but perhaps that's more of a breakup song. Does Shiny Happy People really qualify? Or I've Got No Strings?
—Guest Guest Name
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