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Readers Respond: Romantic Text Messages

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i love you and miss you very much... hope u'll call me tonight cos i cant reach you now....


idk if i can see maxwell without u, but if i do, know that u r someone my heart sings to... "whenever wherever whatever"
—Guest coolbreeze

true love

my love 4u will never die no matter what happens u re the best
—Guest treasure


don't talk to me. don't speak to me. stay with me.
—Guest introvert in love

cheek to cheek on tour de love

when i met your heart, i met the most beautiful woman in the world. baby, you write all of my 5 senses.
—Guest the notebook

Your smile

A smile from you means more to me than many things you see, and when it's gone, how much i long, to see you smile for me.
—Guest The G'z

My wish

I made a wish upon a star and thought it wouldn't be, but who could doubt my wish came true because i wished for you.
—Guest The G'z

showing love

love is to show rather than just say, so love i'll give to you each day.
—Guest Murgenvie Estaphane

first kiss

take your extraordinary time, however don't dismiss easily anyone who makes your soul smile.
—Guest harmony

Lost heart

What so ever you feel about someone its better to let them know.
—Guest abdul

apple of my eye

because i love you and miss you very much. i simply do.
—Guest hugsnkisses

Love tale

The greatest of all gifts is the gift from the heart, although tokens achieve a lot. Love you.

Love 4 Love

I love the way you love me...don't ever stop. I Love you!

Night sky

When I'm away and you feel alone want you to look at the stars, you may not find my name written there but I need you to remember we're under the same sky. I'm missing you too love.
—Guest Kharlene

1, 2, 3, 3,

There's only 1 way 2 say those 3 words 4 you... I love you.
—Guest kelly

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Romantic Text Messages

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