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Readers Respond: Romantic Text Messages

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From the article: Romantic SMS Text Messages
Want to woo your date or partner with a romantic text message? Share what's worked for you, ideas and inspiration, as well as what you think a romantic text message entails - here. Share Your Best

my love

Si j'etai un juge et toi l'accuser je te condanerai a m'aimer pour l'eterniter

From My Husband

You are my all. I love you for all that you are, all that you are not, everything you will be, I love you for you. You brought me no money, yet you have made me rich. You brought no plane yet you make me soar high above the ground. You brought no charms yet my dreams seem attainable. You brought only your love, yet you have given me everything. I thank you for everything you are. I love you.
—Guest Lovely Wife

Lv u

I love u i love u i love u i loove u i love u i loooove u...uum guess my love have no limit fo ya
—Guest Jefftony

A person u love

A person u love is an extension of ur self with out it u are not complete so better take care of ur self becos i dont want to loose any part of u

love is venomious

love is a master keys to opens the gates of happiness
—Guest Menzi

Star of my world

The beauty of the world is us the love is what we ve nd share that's why every day when we fight I think of how long the sun nd the sky ve been there I know myself not until the day you come to my life thousand can be explain to but I can say perfect like my heart


blank page... blank thought... blank heart... not.. hi. - bio/neuro chemistry/dr.helen fisher
—Guest blank

I love you

You the most amazing girl I'ver seen, do you want to the girl who makes my heart beat a hundred times per minute? Read the first word. Whenever you're I breathe differently, it's like everything changes ever since I met you. You have absolutely no idea, how long I've been waiting on a girl like you. minute?
—Guest Your type, that's seldom

you are my everything

you are my everything... the sun can rise and set, the storm come and go, the season come and go, but my love will be always in the deepest point of my heart...it will never diminish or fade away because you are my everything.
—Guest sipho

Love only

Love only comes once love is only a word unless u feel as I do bout u so baby apple of my eye do u love u
—Guest bob the builder

Ascept me

I love someone but i can't telling her untill so i submit this page.
—Guest Ashok shrestha


If i could wish for one thing,the only thing i'd wish to is to be in form of soap bubbles so i'd flow all over your body


Te Amo Amor Hoy Manana y Siempre.Am Always going to be by your side no matter what.And I expect the same from you.
—Guest Luis Costas

school girls heart

i give you my heart ,my true love and my lifes time and all i ask is for you too truely love me
—Guest thelovsickgirl


i love u head to toe. don't you wish u were taller.
—Guest 365

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Romantic Text Messages

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