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Readers Respond: Flirty Text Messages

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From the article: Flirty Text Messages
Ever sent a flirty text message to someone you wanted to date or were dating and got a fabulous response? Or, have you ever received one that wowed you? Share your best flirty text messages here, and don't forget to add your romantic text messages later, too. Share Your Best


I just flirted my darling with my eyes continously she fell into my love thats it
—Guest Goupratzz

This Girl

There's this girl who is the prettyest and most perfect girl I've ever met and I think she likes me but she has a boyfried that she doesn't really like and is only dating him to boost his self confidence can a girl out there give me some advice
—Guest Zack

love is lovely

I he thought about you and gave you a teddy bear saying my heart belongs to you It means he loves you . Just accept and love him back because you don't want to regret it . if you him love ask him do you like me or love me. And if he love hes all yours♥♥♥
—Guest guest : alesanna

guest : gurly girl

I think he likes you. Big clue if a guy asks for your # he's has crush on you .
—Guest love is lovely

Random but cute :*

Me and my bf were texting and I felt really down so he said "Last night, I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars."
—Guest Ihavthebestboyfriendever

Helpp me!!

I had a crush on this guy n he is i always tlk on fb..saw him at school also..my friend said that guy tells him that he loves me!! I think i had a crush on him a bit also...what should i do?
—Guest Guest

Over enthusiastic crush

Okay, so I like this guy and he likes me and my friends tease me an stuff, and then one night while we r texting he tells me that he loves me but I don't think I love him because I'm only 13!! Am I a bad person? :(
—Guest Badperson


I got a text from my crush (i was hoping he would for the longest time since i gave it to him) and he said, "I was wondering when you'd give me your number ;)" When I gave it to him in the first place it's cause he said, "Lost my number can I have yours?"
—Guest Girlygurl

Drama Crush

In my drama class there is this guy I like and we had to hold hands for the play. He kept smiling at me and I was so happy!!! I have had the biggest crush on him forever!!! My bff gave me his # and I texted him but he didn't text back!!! He was hinting for me to ask his # but I didn't get the hint!!!! What do I do??? Does he like me as much as I like him?
—Guest I'm_a _Guest


ok here is the thing i have this guy whom i love soo much hz so sweet and he loves me to bt he alwaez asks me out and i say no and he understands ryt.. i explained to him that i dnt reli wana have a boyfrend at the moment but my problem is we text each other a lot and we decided to be more open to each other and all and we even started getting dirty and all and we tell each other lyk evrithing and at some point i think its kinda wrong what we do when we lyk get all naughty and dirty when we text but we hav tried to stop but we cant and its like bothering me but at the same time i like it (pliz dnt jugde me),,but we dont do much physical contact when we together i reli love this guy and we used to date and we faught all the time but being his best frend is much better coz we closer now but we cant stop having our fatasies bout each other or getting naughty when we text...help me!!

idk what to do

me and my bf never talk cause of stupid ppl talkin to me sayin "hes a cheater" "ur way to out of his leage" "u deserve better" but i do love him and ik he loves me... but we never say it. he passed me a note with all these awesome doodles. Him:hey Me:hey Him:i hate math Me:me to(we started drawing on the paper and he said "i love u babe" i kept the note and didnt know what to write back. i wish i could tell him i love him to but... im just dat shy girl. thats what ppl at school call me.
—Guest dat shy grl

Is that bad

I was on Facebook and my crush was on too, so i created a chat with him but i chatted him first, is that bad!?!
—Guest Omg


I cant find a good opening sentence so i start from a sweet n simple...h!....


My friend and I where hanging out and this guy wanted a picture of me... And she sent him one and he said I was really pretty and he wanted my number.. And she gave it to him, and we've been texting alot since... And I kinda like him, but I'm not sure if he likes me back, what do I do to find out? Like how do I tell?
—Guest Haha idk:P


I like a guy a lot. for about half a year, but he is in eghth grad eso we arent very close. iI want to get is number but im to shy. he also kind of flirts with me sometimes, but today i saw him hug a high school friend. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!
—Guest Miss.S

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Flirty Text Messages

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