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From the article: Flirty Text Messages
Ever sent a flirty text message to someone you wanted to date or were dating and got a fabulous response? Or, have you ever received one that wowed you? Share your best flirty text messages here, and don't forget to add your romantic text messages later, too.

help me!!! :'(

I rele like this guy but i don't no how to start the convo...he also makes me mad cuz me him & my cuz all have lockers next 2 each other & just him & my cuz always flirt it hugest me!!!!!! Its like I'm invisable . 2 him how do i make him notice me more!!!! some
—Guest PolarBear21


Well, i'm starting to fall for my friend since pre-k. We talk, hang out and all that kinda stuff. But, he doesn't really know that i have a crush on him. I need help on how to tell him that i like him and i wanna be more than just friends. Please gimme ideas!
—Guest ...ChuuKnoowMe

HELP 101

So, I have a crush on this guy, and well, im one of friends right now but he likes another girl thats not me of course. but i think hes starting to like me a little but not much. I need help on how to get him to like me.......
—Guest ocean blue

Cute, Flirty Text

So I sent my crush; "I'm so cold and nothing can warm me up!" And he said: "I could" And I said: "How?" And then he explained how and I told him I'd have to repay him and told him how I'd repay him.
—Guest Marley

I dont know what to do

So im dating this guy were both in year six and were both twelve, anyway we have been like bestfriends since prep and ive liked him all seven years but he used to like my bestest friend. one day last year he got me to ask her out for him and she regected him (which was pretty awkward for me) and he got realy moody and all and would always snap at people for doing somthing realy little any way two days ago (friday the 11th 2012) his friends that are also my realy good friends told me that he liked me so the got us to go out and i was realy happy. any way we all have this realy big group chat and i send him hearts but im not sure that he actuly likes me. ;( what do i do?
—Guest rainbow

Grrrrrrrr :(

Ok so i had this boyfriend ( were broken up now ) and he was realy REALY good friends with this girl i hated, and all my other friends hated her too. One day i was txting me and he was talking about her and i told him that i didnt like her and that i didnt want to be with him if he kept flirting with her and hanging out with her. He told me i was the best girlfriend that he had ever had and that he would never even think of going out with her. i got realy annoyyed and broke up with him ( over txt , bad mistake ) and he started swearing at me. the next day at school she told me that he had txted her last night about me and then she laughed and said it was funny but that he said he still liked me witch he still does. i realy regret breaking up with him though. and every time i see her my friends act all nice to her and a say i dont like her hanging around with us but they dont listen. what can i do i still love him :(
—Guest awesomeperson

This actually worked :)

Basically, i told a girl she was special. she replied with "you too". i went with "not half as much as you ;)" and it totally changed the mood for the rest of the convo (for the better).
—Guest Confused

No Clue

K. So this guy and I are dating and I try to flirt with him especialy when texting. But he never flirts back. :( So i think he doesnt like me but then he says this: "I just want u to b happy" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So frustrating. But I realllllly like him and he is sending confusing signals. The crappiest thing is I think he is my first love. Im 16 so yeah. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
—Guest Save me!

Hellllpppp !!!

Well I like this guy and he likes me we have talked alot and he asked me out on valentines day my heart was racing and I didnt no if I was ready but I said yes but a few months later we broke up because we only saw each other for a few days but other people said e went out with other girls but now he tells me he likes me and flirts with me and I like him back anyways he kissed me a few days ago and does this mean he just likes me or he wants to go out and do other stuff like that?
—Guest Person


OK well here's what happened I have been friends with this guy for a few years now and I love him.last weekend I was talking to him I asked do you believe that rumor he said what rumor and about who I said the rumor that I like you he said well sorta and I told him it was true and he kept pressuring me to tell the truth and well he reacted like he didn't care I asked if we were still friends he said definatly I have taken some quizzes online and most say he loves me too my friends say he loves me too but I just don't know I am trying to follow my heart but I can't tell where it's taking me.i really like him and he listens to my problems and he always cheers me up and my life would be crap without him
—Guest Sami

Could it be mutual?

So I'm in 7th grade and I've liked this guy (I've known him since 5th) for a long time now. He sits next to me and my bff sits behind him. She tells me that he always stares at me in class and his friend smiles at me all the time when I'm around him. He teases me all the time and basically calls me his wife (haha long story). Whenever we move around he always stands near me and his ears turn a little red each time. Could this be mutual?
—Guest Regina

When, for what

Flirt with only potential g/bfs. Flirt for only interest, practice, conversation, and desperation.
—Guest Maker1

Omg q

Ok so i don't know if this guy likes me he tells me everything and acts like were best friends and even flirts with me i just don't know he has liked me before cuz he told me i just don't no what to do!!
—Guest Crazyhailey

ahhh help

ok so i like my best friend (S) but he likes my other best friend (K) but (K) doesnt like (S) but i tryed to help him with (K) cuz im one of the only people he would tell bout (K) and now i cant bring myself to tell (S) no matter how hard i try mostly cuz i want him to tell me if he likes me first and i flirt with him but he cant take a hint what can i do
—Guest av

why he loves me

him:hey beautiful me:hey:) him: whats up me: nm just sitting thinking him: what are you thinkin about me:why out of all those people who say they hate you bc you love me why you still do???? him: bc your the most beautiful girl i ever saw when i first saw you and i couldnt take my eyes off of you i wanted to meet you so bad now that you know it and i met you i dont want to lose you or let people mess that up bc no matter what i will still love you no less then what those other guys that love their girls:) omg......im starting to really like him:))
—Guest strawberry:)
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