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Readers Respond: What's Ok To Text Message Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, And What Isn't?

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I'm kinda confused

I have been dating a boy for about two or three weeks now. He told me he loved me two nights ago and I said it back. He flirts with me and makes me feel cared for and loved. But sometimes I wonder if I text him too much or if I bother him. I text him in the morning, mid-day, and at night. Sometimes our conversations are long, others are short. Also guys, how do you know when you are flirting to much with a guy?

is she faithful with me?

My situation is that me and my gf live in different states but weve actually met in person but i had to go somewhere else for personal family problems. She texts me constantly at times but when i ask her to call me or i call her she doesnt answer my calls and she takes forever to reply my text messages. She says that shes busy and the fact that she usually call me before she goes to work and late at night which is 12 am. So is it my insecurities or is she really cheating on me?
—Guest Steve

texting him and he doesn't reply!

My bf and I have been dating for 7 months and he loves me a lot... he's really caring and all but we used to be so close and now we're slowly drifting apart. He loves calling me but we never say anything and he takes at least 2 hours to reply to my texts and sometimes he only texts a smiley face :\ does he not like me anymore?
—Guest Sophia

What should i do?

When my boyfriend is wuth is best friends he wont text me. But when im with my bestfriend i will actually make an effort to text him. What should i do?
—Guest Sam


My boyfriend and I text, all the time, I mean all the time! I love it but sometimes we have nothing to talk about and sometimes our texting gets boring. Please help
—Guest 4

The convos get boring

Once in a while we will be having a good conversation the he will say "yeah". Then I don't know what to talk about next sense it's summer what should I do?
—Guest Morgan

Am I desperate ?

No your not desperate ..I was in the same situation as you .you like him so much that u don't want to lose communication . Don't text him if he doesn't text back just wait if he doesn't end up texting back don't sweat it he's a guy an guys are complicated
—Guest Sandra

Relationship Texting Dos and Don'ts

Boyfriends: Do text a nice greeting to start the day or saying to end the night like "Goodnight" or "Good Morning". We women can be insecure about our relationships (with good reason) so reassure your lady often. Boyfriends and Girlfriends: Do text mid-day just to let your significant other know you're thinking of them. This can be done many ways. One example is a text that reads "Thinking of you". Do try not to let a whole day go by without texting if you both have been texting regularly. Do let the person know what came up if you've been having a rapid-response texting conversation and you have to stop for some reason. DON'T use texting to break up with someone even if you think it's not serious. Breaking up with someone should always be a serious, carefully considered decision. DON'T discuss important relationship issues in texting. Discussing the status and/or future of the relationship should be reserved for in person meetings.
—Guest Warm

Please help me Idk what to do?!?

Okay so me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 3 weeks now and so r first date was 5/18/13 and we had such a great time and we were texting everyday and I called him even when he was at school but recently his aunt died and idk if this is the reason but he hasn't talked to me for 3 hole days and we haven't seen eachother since r first Date btw I wanted to see him last weekend but he said he just didnt wanna see anyone because things are hard with the hole aunt passing and so on.....but he has barley been texting me for the last three days and he is hurting me I just want him to talk to me is that to much to ask for?!? So I finally stood my ground last night and told him that I know times r tough ever since his aunt and I told him that he can talk to me I mean I am his girl and I'm 100% there for him and I also told him that he has been hurtin me lately and that I feel like he is pushing me away and I asked him if he wanted this and he does but I want him to show it what do Id
—Guest Emily Emilia

Any ideas

That is actually a great thing my biyfriend does that too that mean he misses you and wants to hear your voice
—Guest Offline

Male advise

Well I stumbled across this somehow and became intrieged by everything said on this. Allow my to explain myself first so you understand I started datin this girl when we were 16 and it went on I i was 21. We were always fighting cus of my lack of communication. I was essentially a horrible boyfriend. Near the end of the months I tried to rectify what I had done after 5 years but it was too late. If a guy doesn't respond until late it means he's more content with his friend then he is with you. If he can't say goodnight then he doesn't care about your feelings, if he says hell work on it what he actually means is you'll get over it. If he hasn't texted you for days after an argument then he's too stubborn to admit he's wrong. I've finally found someone that makes me happy and I do everything in my power not to be the person I was. So do yourself a favor ladies, if your man is a piece of s**t, he'll always be one.
—Guest mike

Its all good ppl :)

This is some good advice.. so listen up! If a guy or girl that you like dosnt txt you back right away its ok! He or she may just be busy or not want to look desperate. Also guys and girls can sometimes txt differently. Girls usally send long and deep messages while boys are fine with sending short replies. Allways judge whether a person likes you by what they say in person and remember there so many people in the world. There is DEFINATLY someone out there for you so don't settle for a loser!
—Guest bla bla bla


Im so confused do you think something is wrong with my boyfriend? everytime we text we talk for and hour or two the he all the sudden has to go and I don't hear from him till the next day and most of the time I have to text him first or he doesn't talk to me that day yet the best day he texts me as soon as he get up help!
—Guest ohmyitschey


My Bf And Me Have Alot If Issues, I Cheated On Him, Not Sexually But Talking To Another Guy, But Just To Find Out He's Been Watching A Movie With This Girl And They've Been Talking About It After. And He Keeps Texting Me Back With Mean Responses, But I Just Want Him Back. Should I Reply, Or Should I Just Let Him Go.
—Guest KAT

My boyfriend

Well my boyfriend says good night to me an all that stuff. But then I go and text him the next morning and he doesn't answer for the whole day! Is this a sign that he wants to break up with me? Help me please!
—Guest Lily

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What's Ok To Text Message Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, And What Isn't?

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