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Readers Respond: What's Ok To Text Message Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, And What Isn't?

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My boyfriend always texts me first but I text him heaps after that. He sends me texts like "I have to get more credit" and stuff and I feel like I'm annoying him and wasting his credit :\ SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!
—Guest Savanah

So confused Help?

Okay so in the beginning of our relationship my girlfriend was texting her ex well he texted her and she told me about it and I got really pissed and told her so she said since it bothered me so much, but last week we were at her friends house when an number came up on her phone and all of the people that she texts were all in the house with us so I was very curious. Later on that night I went to my girlfriends house where we were in her bedroom an I confronted her about the number an she said it was her ex and they were just talking about like college an stuff and how he's still a really good friend. I told her she went behind my back and texted her ex even when she knew I didnt like it but when I asked her why she didn't tell me she said she didn't think it would be that big of a deal but she was wrong cause it hurt me a lot an now I feel like I can't trust her. She says she doesnt respond to a lot of his texts and it means nothing and that she loves me and I mean the world to her. what to do?
—Guest Coolguy

old texts

I had the issue arise last week. My current boyfriend used my password (which I gave him) and read a text message from a previous BF. although the last message I sent had nothing at all to do with personal things the messages sent months before were displayed because he never deleted any message but kept testing me from the same text. Be cautious of that. Delete messages from time to time so it doesnt bite ya in the butt!
—Guest Texting

I need help.

So my boyfriend has once drunk texted his ex and told her he loved her, and she was amazing. well, we argued about that and almost broke up, but i let it go because he was drunk and said he didnt remember anything. anyways, we were all good after that and everything but it seems like he's changed. he will text me one day, then for the next three days he'll ignore me. everytime he texts me though he says he loves me and tells me how beautiful/amazing i am. he's been acting different. i dont want to say anything though. But, I feel like he's still talking to his ex. We've got into multiple arguments because of his ex, and I've confronted her about leaving him alone but nothing seems to work. I really need some advice.

What iText

My Bf & i Text each other on our way to college or once we wake up saying, 'morning wife/husband' & he says everynight, 'goodnight beautiful' But iMust admit, iDo Text ,'hmph' when iWant His Attention
—Guest KlummyKinsz

Another idea

My boyfriend and I recently had a misunderstanding via texting that turned into a mess, which neither of us intended. So, we made a new rule today: NO texting! We can pick up the phone, or even email, but no texting. I think this'll keep our interactions more clear, special, and not so open to misunderstanding. Call me old-fashioned...
—Guest TdA

New guy- AGHHH!!!

I just started dating this guy- SUPPOSEDLY a gentleman, texts me something like "hey baby, how's it goin? When ya goin come over and sex me up? I'm waitin!" I texted back "Never!" then he was like "what do ya mean never?!?!?" I didn't reply for like a couple hours and told him what a jerk he'd been and that it was over. But I didn't text it, I had the guts to call him and tell him it was over. Jerk!!!
—Guest Kimberly


me and my boyfriend text alot to eachother and i feel i am texting to much he rarely replyies to me now.
—Guest sarah

What should i do?

I hav a crush on a guy but he is from a totally different social groups and he and i have nothing in common . I have seen him looking my way but im not sure he was looking at me what should do?
—Guest Shellybelly


I text my girlfriend about 8 times everyday but she's not good at replying texts, is it good?
—Guest vick

Why does he say "text me(:" then...

doesnt reply? weve been talking on and off for a few months now and he told me to text him(: then he didnt text me back, so like a day later i texted him, still no reply. yet he answers to my guy friend. why is he like this?


i have a boyfriend named william and i rarely see him i let him always text me and call me so he wont think i'm stern or nothing
—Guest maria

RE: Hellp

To Guest Lola no its not a bad thing it just shows you like him. And if you don't then there's the problem because then he probably thinks you like him.
—Guest Kutie

Response to Hellp

You should probably let him text you first a couple of times. If you know that you have shown him you're into him, and he doesn't step up and show you back, then he's not into you. Maybe you should start a conversation with him about the two of you. I'm really shy, but I really liked *my current boyfriend* but we were just friends. He hardly ever texted me first BECAUSE I NEVER GAVE HIM THE CHANCE. But one day, I was curious, so I started out with a little flirting and then started asking questions. He asked me to Prom IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL, and we were dating by the end of Prom night! Best of Luck!
—Guest amw1234

Bad Texting = Break-up

I wish I had read the texting do's and don'ts before I started texting my new girlfriend! We're back together now, but this morning she broke up with me she was so furious...she did it via text! I told her that was a texting no no. Anyways the whole thing got started over something simple taken outta context, so the meaning got all misunderstood...another texting don't on her part...so even though she's been texting longer than I have, she's making the same mistakes I've made. So now I'm sharing with her what I've learned, and we both should do better on that front! That one about guessing what they're talking about is a biggy...cuz that's what really got me in trouble! I thought she was talking about something totally different, and my response was not what she wanted to hear...so...anyways thanks for the heads up on the texting, those are some words of wisdom that can nip it in the bud as they say!


I always text the guy I like first,is that a bad thing?
—Guest Lola

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