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Readers Respond: What's Ok To Text Message Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, And What Isn't?

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Let him chase after you.

My advice to you ladies let him chase you, I have been dating my boyfriend for five months the first two months was great , after the two months for some reason he stop calling and texting and he told my friends them i felt like we were moving too fast , so after chasing him for a whole two months i decided not to call him or text him now he is chasing after me he is the one making all the efford to call or text me if he doesn't call or text we don't talk , men don't like too easy so therefore if he really wants you he'll call or text you do not be a needy after guys they don't like that, they always want what they can't get regardless how much you miss him let him do the work if he wants you .
—Guest Jane

Texting help!!

He's shy in person. It's summer and it's like now I have to be the first to text him or we won't talk at all for days. He used to text me first. And used to know what to talk about. Now I'm the one to text first and trying so hard to come up with a conversation. He sends little texts like: "ok" most of the time. I feel like he doesn't even wanna talk to me and he's bored with me! I'm planning on just not textin him until we start school again in a month from now. Maybe he'll start texting me first if I stop? Plus I never know anything interesting to talk about!!! I don't wanna talk him to death, bore him, or push him away from me with silence. What do I do????
—Guest Marie

Is he not interested anymore

My boyfriend of 4 months always has his phone out whether we are with his friends or driving the only time he doesn't have it out is if we are Intimite or he is sleeping an lately when I text him he takes 45mins to hours literally I reply could he be interested in someone else
—Guest Lurin


i friend with this guy bcoz he's my bro fren. we always hangout together secretly from our family but we r nt couple. one day we are just playing to act like a couple such as holding hands (he start first!) and it almost a year until i finally fall in love to him. he seems like me too but he say he still want find a better woman. so..what r the meaning all of this?b4 this we texting almost everyday and now he never text me after i confess my feeling to him...i miss him and i don care if we r nt official couple...i miss the way we r b4...what should i do?
—Guest Guest J

ask who he is doing

ask how is if you haven't heard from him at all today

late texting

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for a while now but he only texts me at the night time even when he isn't busy during the day, my friends say its weird but I'm not really bothered about it but should I be worried or not?
—Guest nic

I'm confused

So me and this guy have been dating and he cheated.. welli decited to givehim another chance because weare 14-15.and we have been together for 2 years and I think he might change. But he Is all about his friends and he puts them before me what do I do?
—Guest that kid

Some simple tips

My view is men like life to go on as usual so to the ladies my only advice is make them chase you. This creates a fighting spirit in us thus making us work harder and remember that ur views aren't necessarily the same as theirs. Every relationship needs three things Respect, regular Communication and Love. A very common mistake is woman begin to fantasize and make him out as something he is not and then are overly willing to give him anything. Sorry to tell you but that screams one nightstand!
—Guest A_Guy_Who_Cares

Help please!

So last night I was texting my boyfriend around 11 and he said he had to get up at 5 in the morning and that he was going to bed so we said I love you and goodnight and all that. Then the next day around 3 I asked him why he had to get up at 5 and he said he went to Montgomery. The I said cool I've never been there(: and he didn't answer so at 6:40 I texted him "hey" and I waited about 20 min later he read it and didn't answer. I kept checking my phone all after noon and nothing. It's 12:20am right now and i dont know if I should text him goodnight or if I even should text him at all. It's 11:20 for him but I don't wanna bother him. Help!!
—Guest Haley

my bf isnt txting me back!

Okay so i have txted him all day long and as soon as say hey one last time hes sayes im going to church and sayed bye idk what to do be worried or just leave him alone but im sad i miss him sooooooo mich
—Guest diane

I'm kinda confused

I have been dating a boy for about two or three weeks now. He told me he loved me two nights ago and I said it back. He flirts with me and makes me feel cared for and loved. But sometimes I wonder if I text him too much or if I bother him. I text him in the morning, mid-day, and at night. Sometimes our conversations are long, others are short. Also guys, how do you know when you are flirting to much with a guy?

is she faithful with me?

My situation is that me and my gf live in different states but weve actually met in person but i had to go somewhere else for personal family problems. She texts me constantly at times but when i ask her to call me or i call her she doesnt answer my calls and she takes forever to reply my text messages. She says that shes busy and the fact that she usually call me before she goes to work and late at night which is 12 am. So is it my insecurities or is she really cheating on me?
—Guest Steve

texting him and he doesn't reply!

My bf and I have been dating for 7 months and he loves me a lot... he's really caring and all but we used to be so close and now we're slowly drifting apart. He loves calling me but we never say anything and he takes at least 2 hours to reply to my texts and sometimes he only texts a smiley face :\ does he not like me anymore?
—Guest Sophia

What should i do?

When my boyfriend is wuth is best friends he wont text me. But when im with my bestfriend i will actually make an effort to text him. What should i do?
—Guest Sam


My boyfriend and I text, all the time, I mean all the time! I love it but sometimes we have nothing to talk about and sometimes our texting gets boring. Please help
—Guest 4

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What's Ok To Text Message Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, And What Isn't?

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