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Readers Respond: What's Ok To Text Message Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, And What Isn't?

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Ever wonder if something you text messaged to your partner went to far? Or if you text your boyfriend too much? Is it ok to talk to your girlfriend almost exclusively by text messages? Share your thoughts on what's right and what isn't when it comes to relationship text messaging, here.


I was interested to read previous poster's response on this guy. Also had a similar experience with him. The guy is a weirdo - DO NOT give him your number and avoid him like the plague!
—Guest Anon

ok- here is what you do

so we are both 14... ok so ive been with my gf for 2 weeks and we talk all the time. weve hugged like 10 times and we really like each other but sometimes we run out of stuff to say because we talk so much. i suggest only talking to her for like an hour or 2 max. cuz we talk at school (idk if you do) but because we talk so much, if we text for too long we run out of stuff to say and en up asking " so how wuz yur day " 5 times. so dont text for too long if you see each other near every day. but with summer coming up we are going to get together so thats what i suggest you do. hope that helps. though it mightve been off topic, so...
—Guest tiepilotv210


Me and my bf have been dating for almost a year and I have a feeling thats he's cheating but I dont really know. all these girls put stuff on his facebook wall and when he's over to see me if he's checking his phone he will hide it to where I cant see it isk what to do
—Guest Purple dino

I don't know what to do?

Okay, so today was great i was with my friends & boyfriend the whole lunch and stuff my boyfriend & I were great we huged & kiss and he welled my waist ! & before I went to my next class he kissed me & hugged me. & I loved it .. but after school I was with my guy friend, & I kinda was flirt I honestly didnt mean to but I think I was just being overly friendly but anyways . You know the feeling when you dont wanna be a loner so you try to talk to someone so your not it was like that, because trust me .... I Dont like my guy friend ... at all but anyways i was kinda flirting & my boyfriends bus was right in front of where my friend & I were .. & i know he saw us because he wanted me to talk to him or something because he was banging on the window . but i didnt look & now I'm mad at myself because I didnt look & he is not on facebook at all tonight ! im afird he will dump me tomorrow ... I'm like freaking out because I really like this guy !! what should I do ?!?!
—Guest Guest Pick .


Okay everyone just think about it this way your boyfriend / girlfriend wuldnt have asked u out if they didnt like u.. He/she just wants some space don't be attached.. My boyfriend asked me out like 2 hours ago we have been friends for a while.. Don't worry about when they text u.. Just be patient
—Guest Amanda


I think texting ur mate 24/7 puts strains on ur relationship because there is no time to miss one another .plus u run out of things to talk about. And I say just pick up the phone to leave Im thinking about u message on there v.m it will mean so much more
—Guest chaka

should i call him first

Ok so me and my bf havr been going to out and the only thing we do is txt I want to try and call him but I'm scared tht that will make me to clingy should I let him call me first or shiuld I call him first please hellp!!!
—Guest guest

idk wat dis means !!!

me & my boyfriend been goin out fr a month and just b4 last week & b4 he asked me out we talked & texted all da time . but now he barely texts & if he does he just says hey wat u doin then stops then does da same exact thing 5 hrs later !!! should i ask him wats going on ?
—Guest kittykatZ

i dont know wat to stalk to my boyfriend

hey i really dont know what should i say to my boyfriend..its 1 month and he is bored with me...please tell me on what topic should i talk...and when ever he talks im not able to give him the response he wants he expects from me....as im very simple.. and my boyfriend is totally different from me...i just want to be like him so please help me please please...what to talk to him...and when ever he is with me i m very nervous..and he gets sad..that i dont talk to him...please help me....when he is in front of me what should i say to him...how should i be with him....so that he is happy...
—Guest neha

Text breeds gutless men

I think texting sucks. Completely. We're breeding a generation of gutless men who can't risk the loss of face a freaking phone call may entail. I think I am one of the last telephone women around, but I tell them straight. I don't do text. Lots of gutless ones out there, let me tell you. Too bad. NEXT.
—Guest Bubbles12

RE why do guz share info

Set a line. If your boyfriend is being sexual with someone else, drop him. That's it. If you're not respected, get out.
—Guest RE why do guz share info

F*ck this.

This occurred almost a year ago, and I asked out my crush, and she said that she has a bf, but she said she's going to break up soon. She even told me that she loved me. But then, the next day, she said that I told this to everyone. I didn't do anything! I can't get over this, and I really need help! I don't know what to do! Please reply ASAP!
—Guest Tsuyoshi Wu

My bf

Me and my bf just split up. He never texted back and out of nowhere he texted me: "I'm breaking up with u sorry bye." I don't get it. There was no reason what so ever and the problem was that we were in a good relationship for three months. My ex, told me that my bf didn't like me. My ex and I became best friends. I didnt listen because I thought he was jealous but, I think I should have listened. Everyone told me that my most recent ex didn't love me anymore one month into our relationship. I'm confused because he gave me two 100 dollar necklaces. But he never could go on a date because he is "busy"..... I loved him and I guess he played me. Any reasons why he broke up with me? He didn't give me one. Thanks :)
—Guest Guest lalala


I never really know how to talk to my boyfriend. I'm not supposed to be dating but we're really into eachother. But when I text him, he's always really anxious to text me but he doesn't say much. I always try to get him to bring up a topic but all he says is "idk". I REALLY like him, every night he tells me he loves me, a lot. And I mean idk what to do! I love him too but I'm running out of things to talk about! We text like 24/7 and I know we shouldn't but we both feel lonely unless we do! We're both athletes and we see eachother at practice and we can talk there, but it's hard. Texting just isn't the same. I prefer face to face but neither of us can do that a lot. We can't tell our parents cause we used to be friends and they still think that's all we are! I mean we've even kissed! It's hard but I want to be with him. And when I text him I don't want to sound needy. When he brings up a topic it's always me, and I'm no good about talking about me. So what do I say?
—Guest Bobby

am i too annoying

My boyfriend will answer my calls but not my texts
—Guest 0:)

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