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Readers Respond: What's Ok To Text Message Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, And What Isn't?

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Ever wonder if something you text messaged to your partner went to far? Or if you text your boyfriend too much? Is it ok to talk to your girlfriend almost exclusively by text messages? Share your thoughts on what's right and what isn't when it comes to relationship text messaging, here. Share Your Thoughts


Well im in a relationship and and is long distance its great and all but is it ok to send a dirty text or a really racey text too your boyfriend too keep your relationship spicey?
—Guest shanice

Please help :'(

My boyfriend and I have been dating 2and a half years... We love Eachother to death. But it seems like he's getting bored. And it's upsetting me. And couple days again he said he lost the butterfly feeling and for about 4months now whenever we get off the phone I always say " text me baby" and he says "ill TRY baby" it really upsets me.. Because he NEVER texts me after he says that. Even though I know he's just watching television... What should I do.. Someone please help..?
—Guest Mistress dragon


Why doesn't your boyfriend send you text messages fisrt and if you don't text him back and wait for him he only texts back in like 2 weeks /:
—Guest Guest 1234567

He hasn't replied!!

Me and my bf met at the beginning of this year, but we don't live so close. We text/facebook most days of the week and he always replies to my messages and vice versa within a day or so. But last week he messaged me and I replied but since then, he hasn't replied all week. Like we haven't spoken all week like we usually do and I'm worried something is wrong. Am I just being desperate or is there something wrong?
—Guest Ellie

guys point of view to the girls out ther

If the guy doesnt ever get back to you or say his busy or something like that , he is not worth your effort, esp if he does this more than once. if it is just for a few days, he wanted to see how much u care for him.. Secondly - i like a girl alot alot alot, which is why i was reading this, and i know when i speak to her,, i never want to stop, and when i not speaking to her, i cant wait to speak to her.. so if u dont get a similar response maybe u just an accessory , a past time... something to think about
—Guest aadil

Texting Help!

So, me and my boyfriend of two months always text each other when we are not together in person. Today, I was texting him when he said he would 'brb' to finish some homework. It's been two hours since he said that and I texted him once again, telling him to text me when he gets back. I noticed he read the messages, and lately my friend Karsyn said he'd been flirting with her; saying if he was single he'd date her. Should I be worried or not??
—Guest Madison

Texted So Wrong

I texted so badly today I want to go and cry under a rock. I am in my 40's and my absolute dream guy from when I was in my 20's texted me something surprising. I tried to send a funny response but failed with a heinous typo, stumbled got annoyed then threw balls-to-the-wall. Got no response, then I got annoyed sent a stupid text, then a ridiculous one. I'm pretty sure I killed it in less than 6 hours. Why is society in love with texting?! One phone call and it would still be cool. :( I am banning any emotional texting for myself from this day forward. F&%k you modern technology, I am too old for this s%$t.
—Guest Banana Boat

The less responsive text messages

I have been in a relationship with my guy for 9 months already. He used to text me everyday in the morning till night. When I chose to call him often, the sign of both of us falling apart. After a near-breakups and arguements, he has stopped textimg me since then...with his reasons: financially constraints and tied down parents. Even we managed to be together again, things have changed since then. He has stopped texting me like before and it was as if I hve to text him. I felt so in pain and didn't know what to do. Please tell what to do next.
—Guest ly1312


I feel texting when dating is too impersonal - nothing replaces a phone call or in person. Women like to feel special even in 2013
—Guest cindy

thank u for your help

Girls most of things written here are same as mine, but I'm still wif ma BF n I love him so much, but all I want to say is....all your advices are taken by me. Thanks again.
—Guest Busie

Im scared

Hi, im Samantha, i`ve been dating my bf for 6 months monday, he leaves for college in the fall and we decided that for september we`d see how well it worked and in october we`d decide to stay together or not. lately though we havent been talking much, and i always have to start it and keep it going. he used to text first, send those midnight texts to wake up to and respond quickly, now he doesnt. should i end it now or keep trying?
—Guest Scared_Sami

Idk what to do?

My boyfriend texts me only once every like 4 days and it bothers me because if i text him he reads it and doesnt reply
—Guest Kayla wilker

Txtn other people

My boyfriend txt my cousins (his best friends) girl friend & I DO NOT like that. Am I doing too much or is it ok
—Guest Ks

He's always changing his mind!

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 weeks now! I have hung out with him a couple times and we have already kissed. He used to text me all the time! Everyday in the morning and would always keep the conversation going. If he said "lol" and I read it and didnt answer he would say something else after that to keep it going. For the past week now he doesn't text me every morning. When I text him sometimes he says "I can't talk right now" so I go a day without talking to him. But then some days he's all sweet and sending hearts and telling me I'm beautiful! I don't know what to think! He ignores me in the day and in the night time he's all sweet! I don't know what to think...
—Guest Rebecca

Need help (asap)

Me and my bf been on and off alot and sometime he text me and sometime he dont.like doing the summer he stop texting me for along time then he text me days later and i asked him why he stop talking to me and he said he cant find he's phone our whatever.then he ask if we still together he always asks that when we stop talking but i try not to think about it as much.i know we just 15 teen i just dont know what to do???? Ps he take's forever to text me back.!??!
—Guest cece

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What's Ok To Text Message Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, And What Isn't?

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