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Readers Respond: What's Ok To Text Message Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, And What Isn't?

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Ever wonder if something you text messaged to your partner went to far? Or if you text your boyfriend too much? Is it ok to talk to your girlfriend almost exclusively by text messages? Share your thoughts on what's right and what isn't when it comes to relationship text messaging, here. Share Your Thoughts

I don't know what to do..

ok so my bf every time we text he says ok like if I say ya you looked good today he says ok then I say ok then he says it Again! help don't what's going on should I be worried he's getting bored we have been dating for 4months now
—Guest idk


Boyfriend texts at work but never me. What's that mean?
—Guest Kitty

Texting Obsession

I can tell if I'm being clingy or not. It's been 2 months that we've been together and we used to talk like every second. Recently, my boyfriend texts me less. Sure we see each other almost everyday at school, but it kind of bothers me that he's not texting back when I KNOW he's on his phone -- because not only is he on it a lot, but I see him look at messages on group chats on facebook with that mobile icon up and ready. This isn't the first time though...it's happening more and more DX Am I just clingy here? I don't want to be a girlfriend freak...I mean if this is only two months, does this mean he's getting bored or? Should I just not text him at all and see when he texts me?
—Guest Annie

who cares

Who cares if guys don't reply to texts just move on and do something useful with your life they are generally narrow-minded ***holes who use girls and the ones who aren't like that are rare to find...but in general stop worrying about guys not replying to texts I used to do that then stopped just have a good laugh at how retarded you are being and do something useful like take out the garbage or clean your kitchen. or maybe actually get a life would be something else :P
—Guest lalaland

what do i do?!?!?

I met my boyfriend online a few months ago and he is the sweetest guy ever! We have everything in common and he is literally my other half. We have been dating now for almost three months but the last few weeks he hasn't been talking to me as often. We used to text all day everyday during school and all. But we both started getting bad grades. He tells me he will text at certain times and then he doesn't. I know hes really busy with school and sports and his parents aren't 100% aware of us dating so i know he is busy. But is it so hard to send a quick text throughout the day to update me? I told him i need better communication and he said hes trying but every time he calls me he lets me carry the conversation and then says hes tired so i have to let him go. We live in separate states so we need that communication to keep us up. When i get upset and tell him that if he doesnt want us then please just let me know but he says he loves me and i love him. I just dont see the effort...
—Guest Kaylah

Hes not texting back

So me and my bf have been dating for a while.. I got my phone taken for like 2 Weeks then I get it and message him.. He acts like he missed me soo much ! Ik he did though.. Then it was around 10:00 and he never text back so I wait for a whole day.. Neaxt day same thing nothing. So I still sit and wait still nothing. So idk if I did something, said something.. Idk then i.see him out of no where.. And hes so happy. We hug kiss all that.. And I dodnt say anything about him not txting me and.. I.go hom thinking hes gonna txt me. But no.i was wrong. So idk...,I just really miss him idk what to do I need help.please
—Guest jayah


Ok so I have a ex In my class and I loved him so much like a lot we dated 7months strong I was gonna tell my parents about him too but we broke up bc we kept fighting and it got to the point that I was tired of crying and tired of trying to work it out so I broke up with him and (like 2-3 week later I started dating someone else) now I got out with this other guy and I feel like I rushed in to the relationship and we say I love you and it's been a month but idk if I mean it but when we broke up I was crying a lot but idk I really liked him but when we got back together I just keep thinking about my ex and my corrent boyfriend and I are so passionate about each other idk I'm lost. And I kinda don't trust him but I want to bc I heard a lot of stuff that my boyfriend did in the past like cheat idek should I trust him or Nahh ? I just don't wanna get hurt agaian! what should I do ? Should break up with my corrent boyfriend and take a Break to think ?
—Guest Nana

text once

girls can do a text once but let it look like a statement, not needing an answer. Boys at times need to be corrected. so if u really love him, burry this love 4 a while nd tell him his 4 truths
—Guest annian

How Long Before I text Back

I texted someone back and then once again He then went on a four day trip I heard from him 16 days later. This is an old boyfriend who is separated and getting a divorce living In separate housee from his wife He texted me multiple times a day, kept calling me, told me he has never forgotten me, still crazy about me, wants to visit me (we live in different states) wants to be a part of my life, wants to be the one who is there if I am ever ill etc. etc. Should I wait a few weeks to text back? He also says he was ill and lost 11 pounds on recent vacation. He says nit seems we lost contact with one another,..he could have texted me even if he didn't feel well

Random text

Text messaging and facebook are great to have I just think it's limitations of how u text and communicate. As for me I trust my girl even tho she text a lot, but u have to Compromise how often you text while in person you gotta have respect
—Guest Relationship guy


Well im in a relationship and and is long distance its great and all but is it ok to send a dirty text or a really racey text too your boyfriend too keep your relationship spicey?
—Guest shanice

Please help :'(

My boyfriend and I have been dating 2and a half years... We love Eachother to death. But it seems like he's getting bored. And it's upsetting me. And couple days again he said he lost the butterfly feeling and for about 4months now whenever we get off the phone I always say " text me baby" and he says "ill TRY baby" it really upsets me.. Because he NEVER texts me after he says that. Even though I know he's just watching television... What should I do.. Someone please help..?
—Guest Mistress dragon


Why doesn't your boyfriend send you text messages fisrt and if you don't text him back and wait for him he only texts back in like 2 weeks /:
—Guest Guest 1234567

He hasn't replied!!

Me and my bf met at the beginning of this year, but we don't live so close. We text/facebook most days of the week and he always replies to my messages and vice versa within a day or so. But last week he messaged me and I replied but since then, he hasn't replied all week. Like we haven't spoken all week like we usually do and I'm worried something is wrong. Am I just being desperate or is there something wrong?
—Guest Ellie

guys point of view to the girls out ther

If the guy doesnt ever get back to you or say his busy or something like that , he is not worth your effort, esp if he does this more than once. if it is just for a few days, he wanted to see how much u care for him.. Secondly - i like a girl alot alot alot, which is why i was reading this, and i know when i speak to her,, i never want to stop, and when i not speaking to her, i cant wait to speak to her.. so if u dont get a similar response maybe u just an accessory , a past time... something to think about
—Guest aadil

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What's Ok To Text Message Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, And What Isn't?

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