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Readers Respond: Readers Share Their Definition of a Pansexual

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From the article: What Does Pansexual Mean?
The term pansexuality can mean different things to different people. I've received a lot of emails and comments about what I define pansexuality as, so now I'd like to hear from you. How do you define pansexuality, or how was the concept explained to you? Share Your Definition


I believe that pansexuals arent bothered about gender, weather its a boy or a girl you're happy as long as they love you as much as you love them
—Guest katie


Pansexual Is The Opposite Of Bi Sexual Because Bi Sexual Means What A Person Is Attractive To Both Male And Female But Pansexual Means When A Person Is Sexually Attractive No Matter The Gender Male Of Female
—Guest Wisdom Ogunkoya


I am a guy but ive never had a relationship with another guy. I feel like if i did i would be embarassed. But i feel like that it doesnt matter if someones a guy or a girl if i like who they are i like them! And now i know what pansexuality is im questioning myself. 0.0
—Guest Jackson


The words Pan)sexual and Demi)sexual I believe can be traced all the way back to the Greek Mythology. Pan meaning all and Demi meaning half. A demigod appropriately named (Pan) was/is a being having a mans body from the waist up and a goats body from the waist down with a horned head. He is depicted in stories as chasing after female Nymphs to try and make his sexual advances and also in a statute leaning over a goat on it's back again to make feed his sexual appetite. Pan's sexuality was with all. There were no sexual preferences. If you are labelled as Pan)sexual or Demi)sexual then it mite have a connection to the one in history known as the Demigod Pan. This is strictly my observations and not deemed as factual but does give us something to ponder about.
—Guest Alan

The girl who tried to fit in

I can across this page and These people helped me by there own advice. So I'm proud to say I'm pan sexual and I enjoy it :) to me, it's when you feel something that can't be picked out by there gender/sex it's just their actions and personality! I have always thought I was bi, but I'm not. I live everything one! And I finally realized it
—Guest What I think

Gender Neutrality and Pansexuality

I am pansexual because I want to love a person for who they are, underneath the layers of needless behaviors that have been beaten into us since birth.
—Guest Ash

I love everyone

This is going to sound odd, so bear with me. I used to be very confused. I've typically only dated men, but I have been with a couple women. Everyone I told this to would identify me as "bisexual", but I wouldn't accept it for some reason. I don't like men and women. I like people. I thought I was the only one until I started watching this show called Doctor Who. There's this character who hits on anyone, any gender, race, aliens or humans... I thought that was sooo cool and fell in love with him because he's so much like me. People on the show would ask what his orientation was and he'd say "ohh you 21st century humans are so stuck on genders".... And it's true!! He'd didnt care who they were, if they were gorgeous, they were gorgeous. And I agree.
—Guest Lyra


Great comments! "Agh Finally" from Nicki, I can relate to the most :) I have a sexual attraction toward all genders, but I feel the presence of a person, I don't only look at their body parts.
—Guest Maria

Pan sexual

My idea of a pan sexual human is simply that love is love.. I love everyone. I won't love you because you are male or female. I love you for you. The person you are not what sex you are.
—Guest Loveisgenderblind


So, here's what I've found pansexual to mean FOR ME... Blind to the person's gender, age (to an extent, obviously not going to fall in love with a newborn baby), race, wealth, religion (as long as they are KIND and REASONABLE), brains, brawn, confidence level, health, etc. When people say "I only like Asian girls" or w/e... that's like the opposite of me. I would say something more like "I only like awesome human beings" or something haha. My only guidelines are that A) they are human (I mean unless it's like a timelord, but not like a dog haha), and B) that they LOVE ME. I've found that above everything, it's not humor or talent or smarts or experiences or whatever that's important in a partner... I mean those things may attract you but they aren't most important.... it's love. Love is the basis!
—Guest Kimmy

Love will find a way.

There's too much interest and There has been too much emphasis on gender category in the past - leading to prejudice and segregation. Gender and sexual proclivity is personal. The 'Essence' of you and how you interact with others is all that is relevant. Love is love - and will not be denied. Sex CAN be.

I don't care he's a dude, the only thing

Well, first of all, I'm 14 and a dude, and well, all my life I said love is love, no matter what gender. I always respected other people's preferences, and just recently I knew I was pansexual, because, some time ago I fell in love with a friend of mine, I didn't mind that he was a dude, it was just that he's straight and a friend, so yeah. I don't see why people focus on gender, it's the same person.
—Guest Indifferent

shouldn't judge

i've always benn coonfused as to why i had feelings for people that were of the opposite and same gender as myself. i am glad that there is finally a definition of orientation that i can identify with. i have always developed feelings for people despite their looks and have been criticized for it. but im happy with who i am, and i dont think anyone should judge you for it.
—Guest ashley


i knew i was pansexual when i met this great guy on campus... purple hair and very ninties punk. like my dream date. we started hanging out and getting to know one another... he told me he was transgender.. he helped me to fully understand the whole concept of transgender and i realized, hes still going to be him regardless of his gender. i love him
—Guest Dani

My definition of being pansexual.

well I Think That personality is more meaning ful more than how They look like.
—Guest tessmandehh:3

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Readers Share Their Definition of a Pansexual

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