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Readers Respond: Readers Share Their Definition of a Pansexual

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From the article: What Does Pansexual Mean?
The term pansexuality can mean different things to different people. I've received a lot of emails and comments about what I define pansexuality as, so now I'd like to hear from you. How do you define pansexuality, or how was the concept explained to you? Share Your Definition

Loving just one person of same sex

I have to say..many years ago the definition for pansexual was TOTALLY different i think..it was written something like: while being sexually attracted to the opposite sex (straight), it can sometimes happen to develop being sexually or emotionally attracted to a person of same sex but usually only to one person like close friend, classmate or developed crush in the army. (Now it says u can become sexually and emotionally attracted to anyone and more than one person who has a personality or the looks u like no matter gender) I'm Bi (guy), while my boyfriend is totally straight, he's sexually and emotionally attracted to me only, his thought of having sex with other guy instead of me grosses him out.
—Guest PansexualOrNot

Emotional connection

I believe it's more of seeing and falling for the person regardless of their gender. I've always respected and cared for others no matter the gender. I see the person for who they are. Gender doesn't bother me, because if I truly love you, your gender won't matter to me. When people ask if I'm bi, I would say.. "I'm not sexually attracted to both genders. So I'm not bi. If i have an emotional connection with you, then cool." I'm glad I have a name for what i am. It's a pain to keep trying to explain to people. -.-
—Guest Silveey

Disagreement on Pansexual and Bisexual

I extremely dislike the implication that bisexual people are not accepting. To me, bisexual is a term that states a person is sexually attracted to people with either set of genitals. The implication here is that somehow, a bisexual obviously thinks of gender first and foremost, which is simply not true. There's already a term for fluid sexuality. It's "queer." I'm not going to begrudge people their definitions of self, but I feel like the definition presented here does a great disservice to the GLBTQ community as a whole. Pansexual, like queer, is a blanket term, that, for many people identifying as such, includes biological bisexual tendencies. It's "neat" to say that you love a person for who they are, not their gender. Here's the thing... So do bisexuals. So how do you justify perpetuating this idea that bisexuals are somehow not as open to people? The more we seek to minutely define ourselves, the more lines we draw that separate us. Don't be a cog in that machine.
—Guest Quasita

Why leballing

actually, I never label myself in anything. however I'm struggling with one issue. can we live without gender ? any answer are welcome .
—Guest ron

Bisexual vs Pansexual

The definition of bisexual in this is completely off base. Bisexual is 2 two TWO. Meaning the same as and different. So being a female bisexual means that I am attracted to someone of the same gender as myself, as well as someone who is of a different gender. This includes literally anyone who identifies as a different gender to me. Not exclusively just male and female. I just wanted to clear it up as people are constantly getting it wrong. But this by no means that bisexuality and pansexuality are the same. They are definitely not. Someone can identify as one or the other, but other people don't feel the need. I happily identify as both. But never assume they are the same, and never assume someone who identifies as bisexual will also identify as pansexual, never assume someone who identifies as pansexual will also identify as bisexual. Because most people do not. Dont confuse them, and don't think they are the same
—Guest beth


The medical meaning of a pansexual is actually a person who has sex with any person of object.
—Guest Thia

The confusion

I was confused , I thought I was Straight , than I was confused for while , I always believed love was not about gender but about there personality , But than I was Asexual for short period time questioning , Than Bisexual , Than I was like love is blind no matter what gender , I looked further into pansexual , I'm proud of who I am , and who I realized who I was.
—Guest I see

I Understand it Well!

Hello to All and Merry Christmas! Well lets see if I can put into wqords what I feel in my heart. I am Bi Sexual, a Cross Dresser, Effectionate and sensitive individual. I find that Pansexual if a wonderful term that connects a person as myself to others with similar interests and feelings. I can emotionally, physically and honestly love this individual. I see the soul and the vessel it occupies, not the gender or sexual orientation. I see what that soul is all about and I fallow my heart. You see, I became fully aware in May of this year. I am of both persuasions, I have a Male Soul as well a Female Soul and therefor I do have two personalities. Since I have come oput of the closet as they say, I have been so much happier with who I am. I know, get to the point! I found that you have to understand who you are before you can understand anyone else. I love who I am now, I am both David and Laura. If you have any questions ask.
—Guest Laura Mann

I am who I am

I jjst recently found out i am pansexual. I always thought i was bi because i was interested in girls, but then one day i was talking to my friend and told her i would date a girl because of their personality and she told me i was pansexual and it makes so much sense now!!
—Guest Caitlim


I believe that pansexuals arent bothered about gender, weather its a boy or a girl you're happy as long as they love you as much as you love them
—Guest katie


Pansexual Is The Opposite Of Bi Sexual Because Bi Sexual Means What A Person Is Attractive To Both Male And Female But Pansexual Means When A Person Is Sexually Attractive No Matter The Gender Male Of Female
—Guest Wisdom Ogunkoya


I am a guy but ive never had a relationship with another guy. I feel like if i did i would be embarassed. But i feel like that it doesnt matter if someones a guy or a girl if i like who they are i like them! And now i know what pansexuality is im questioning myself. 0.0
—Guest Jackson


The words Pan)sexual and Demi)sexual I believe can be traced all the way back to the Greek Mythology. Pan meaning all and Demi meaning half. A demigod appropriately named (Pan) was/is a being having a mans body from the waist up and a goats body from the waist down with a horned head. He is depicted in stories as chasing after female Nymphs to try and make his sexual advances and also in a statute leaning over a goat on it's back again to make feed his sexual appetite. Pan's sexuality was with all. There were no sexual preferences. If you are labelled as Pan)sexual or Demi)sexual then it mite have a connection to the one in history known as the Demigod Pan. This is strictly my observations and not deemed as factual but does give us something to ponder about.
—Guest Alan

The girl who tried to fit in

I can across this page and These people helped me by there own advice. So I'm proud to say I'm pan sexual and I enjoy it :) to me, it's when you feel something that can't be picked out by there gender/sex it's just their actions and personality! I have always thought I was bi, but I'm not. I live everything one! And I finally realized it
—Guest What I think

Gender Neutrality and Pansexuality

I am pansexual because I want to love a person for who they are, underneath the layers of needless behaviors that have been beaten into us since birth.
—Guest Ash

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Readers Share Their Definition of a Pansexual

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