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Readers Respond: How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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First love

I like this boy I think he might like me cuz the 1 he liked turned him down and sometimes I find him staring at me what do I do
—Guest Jessica

How I feel in Love with my soulmate.

I have know this guy named Andrew since we were in Junior High. We really didn't talk to each other, until we got into high school. We would sit together in band class and he would always commit on my hair and my fashion. We would be pervs also. Until last year, we started to develop feelings for each other until he asked to be his girlfriend and I said a course. We have many things in common and our dreams are similar.
—Guest Ms. Iris-Papyrus

imposible love

well i felt in love with my best friend's boyfriend 4 years ago. 2 years ago they broke up but i still have feelings for him. i never told him i loved him because i was scared that he would think i was taking advantage of him. the the time pass we became best friends, we would hang out every day and be together. then when i had finaliy deiced to tell him the truth i found out he had a girlfriend just before valentines day. now one day we here hanging out i deiced to tell him the true. he reacted in a very good way he told me he wanted to be with me for ever. then we went walking around he hugged me and kissed me, but i was confused and just didn't know how to react. now today i found that he has be flirting with other girls and telling them the same thing he told me. now i don't know what to do. i have i boyfriend but still love him. i have feeling for my boyfriend but they aren't as strong as the are for my crush.
—Guest :[


I was in love. But it got unhealthy and my man kept leaving. Over and over again because his mother would never accept me. Eventually I decided I'd had enough and he moved to a new city. I still love him but we're not 'in' love. Then just recently I met a man. A real man who's 17 years older than me. He looks about my age, people still ask him for ID but he's Old enough to be my father. When I met him there wasn't an initial attraction. Playfulness of course, because I'm a pathological flirt. But recently he's spent lots if time in my world... We dance together, we have a spark, and he holds me so perfectly. I dream about him every night and I know that he loves me already because he said that he'd miss me if I ever went away. I'd miss him too.
—Guest A

My first love

My first love was so waird I didn't realize I loved that guy so much and if I leave him my life I ugly and I don't to stay in it because I was tottlay in love i was so confused and acting but he was so cute blue eyes white blond hair and not to tall but taller than me Ok one day I was in 6th grade and the school decided to macke a trip so we he whent so did I and my friends and his.There were only like 7 buses so we ended up in the same bus I didn't know it was a crush so they were sitting at the varry end and they were having fun singing and every thing so I just looked back and his eye was in my eye none of us were thinking to love each other or some thin so the second day of school I kept on seeing him and sudnlly laghing to each other so then I realized I have a crush on him I but we didn't talk to each other school ended
—Guest Emaliy Hussien

sweet beginning for the bitter ending

5 years ago, this boy left me. with no reason to believe or any clue for my bunch of queries. then, when my 18th birthday comes, we started to become so sweet. we build the relation we already had before. we started to like each other and he begin to promise me that he will never ever leave me again the way he did before. but one day i woke up, not from my bad dreams about us but from the happiest moment once we had. for the second time around he left me again with reason but my heart can't believe it. i love my hero, i love you finn. i hope you are happy and feel complete in the arms and love of your beloved angel. i hope i could make you happy again ~still waiting for my turn to be with you, if it takes more than 5 years to gain you back then let it be, i'll be right here waiting for you
—Guest princess bubble gum

I think im in love!!!

Well theres this Guy i met online, and theres something special about him. I always Said no to guys becuase im waiting for the one but with this one, everything seem different I never cry for no reason, never listen to love song all day, never watch sad romantic movies The thing is i dont know yet how he feels and its killing me He might be THE ONE... I mean i wtote him a song! Oh gosh im sooo lost
—Guest Camy

My boyfriends brother

I have my boyfriend of 3 months & I already knew his older brother but now that I've been over to his house alot lately , I feel like I'm starting to like his older brother , he's 7 years older than me , last time he sat next to me & "accidently" touched my leg & butt & he played around with my hand & looks directly into my eyes when we talk & always tries to make my boyfriend look bad infront of me , but I really like him & I always dream about him & the only reason I visit my boyfriend is so I can have a chance to see his brother , I'm sooooo confused :(
—Guest Serena


I love him but he has a girlfriend. We spent v-day together and it was amazing. But now his girlfriend WAS my bestfriend. I told him that she called him a hoe and that she went out with him again was because he bought her jewelery. Which was true and i wasnt lieing but when he asked her about it she said I was lying. So now he dont know who to believe. I know that the she will have to admit one day and tell the truth to him. I'm still trying to make him believe me. It hurts so bad but its ok because i know in the end im not the one who is gonna be hurt.
—Guest ilovehim

First time crush/ falling for someone

I met a guy and have seen him 2x im group setting. My heart pounds, head spins, body tingles. I want to cry because I am Hapy and sad at once. I don't know if he likes me. I am falling hard way too fast. My emotions are a mess. I know I am falling for him ... It scares me how I only just met him and want to cry at the thought that he might not like me. What do I do??
—Guest lovestruck

Confused feelings!

I'm 13. A guy likes me. We message eachother really sweet stuff. Whenever i get his text, i have a feeling in my cest, love the feeling. I think i like him, im really confused. Im scared. And ma parents would KILL me if i had a bf at my age. He.s not the hottest guy ever but he is the swe#test. Kind. Loving. Caring. Knows how to treat a girl. Knows he's limits. Any advice?!
—Guest Noneedtoknow! :P

I'm in love with someone who i chat

Well, i was just fourteen then. but I'm in love with this guy who I just chat online. He was an american and I was a Filipina. We have many similarities , from books to colors. Then, after a very very long chat, he told me he likes me. At first I thought it was just a joke, then he said i'm a very special girl. I asked him again if it was all a joke, but he said he was serious. We kept communicating online. We send pictures and hangout online. and soon I fell in love with him. I thought I was being crazy to fell in love in love with someone i never met. But I realized my love for him was true, i searched online to be sure im really in love with him. And then, after i took the quiz, it was a yes. i reread all of our conversations, and in a moment i realized he really love me. Falling in love is something you can't hide. It would always show. And its not wrong to fall in love to a guy you never met before. Even though we are far away, god will create a bridge for us to meet. :)

yes i am in love

I dnt know hw to start.. Bt guys love is the best feeling ever we can hv.. It brings smile to our face when wr r depressed nd brings tears when we r happy.. We dnt sleep whole night thinking abt our lover bt still we dnt get dark circles instead our cheeks goes red without any blushers.. Eyes sparkles, face glowd like full moon. Isnt'it? Heart beats runs faster as cmd near. Time flies like hell when he is around. Every milli second u miss him. Every single thgt is connected to him.. Nthing feels as pretty as his smile..
—Guest neelu

i feel im fallen in love again

I've been in this relationship with this man for 4yrs we have had a difficult time. now things seem to working out i feel im falling in love all over again
—Guest Yvette

do i love him or is it a crush

I like this guy for over a year im 12 but i cant stop thinking about him and no one make me feel this way if im upset the first one to notice is him before my bff even i got anger issues and he protects me and helps me when im mad even at him he helps me what should i do everything ive read says im in love am i caus ei got no clue he has a girlfriend but he is one of my friends who never lets me down he is down to eath funny DEFINATELY FUNNY caring sweet helpful and like no one i have ever met i think he is my true love if i dont love him when im older i am %99.99 sure i will die alone
—Guest rhianna

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How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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