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Readers Respond: How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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What Should I Do?

I am a bookworm and I have no friends. Now I met a girl named Emmalyn who reads the same books I do and I really like her. We talk all the time and I think I may be falling in love with her. She has shown she may not like me, but it is possible that she may be hiding it. We have some of the same interests and I really like her. I think I'm in love but I'm afraid to say it. My love experiences have been bad but I really hope this will turn out better!
—Guest Guest Jack

Love from 5000 miles away

I know that I love him because he is never far from my thoughts. I know that I love him because I am honestly interested in the mundane things to. I know that I love him because when he is sick I want nothing more than to make him a little more comfortable. I know that I love him because he is the only one that I want. I know that he loves me for many of the same reasons that I know I love him. You see even though there is no doubt that we truly love each other there are issues. I live in the US and he lives in the UK; there is more than 5000 miles between us for most of the year. I know that we love eachother because we wait for eachother and even though we can only spend 90 days with eachother every year we find a way to make it work for 3 years now because the time that we do have together makes everything worth it. I know I love him because I miss everything about him when he is gone and when he is here we are greatful for every moment we have together.
—Guest I am me

I think I love him...

I have most of my classes with this boy in my Yr 9 class. I had a dream about him-where he was with my friend. I woke up crying. I knew I liked him, but wasn't sure until he startef dating another one of my friends, and my heart broke. They are not together, but we aren't either. Whenever he is late to a lesson I worry. If he is stopped for a uniform check, I worry. And now he might be moving 6 hours away, to devon, and I don't know what to do. I can't tell him how I feel, but he can't leave without knowing. I can't stop feeling that close friends isn't enough, but does he?
—Guest Lucy


This girl is a year younger than me and is my mom's old college roommates daughter. When we went to visit them it had been 3 years since we had seen them and when I saw her and while we were with them for the weekend I realized that I was in love
—Guest hi

What love means to me

To me love means that u will do just about anything for the person you love,when u are in love then u can't stop thinking about that person.Your heart beat faster and slower at the same time when you see her or him.They make you feel whole,they make you feel like you can take on the world.He/she makes you see the world in a different perspective
—Guest Mphoentle


I met her when I moved to my new school. Right then I knew she was the one but I can never tell if she likes me or not. We look eye to eye and I have that feeling. I know I'm just twelve but I'm willing to do anything for her she's my whole world to me. I'm even willing to take my life to protected her if that's what it comes to. So please if you have any advice I would love to hear it.
—Guest gustavio

It started with a smile

I was 14, he was 16. Both woking at the fair in monroe. He was beautiful, red hair, blue eyes. I smiled at him afew times, hed smile back. He introduced himself,.we hit it off right away. We got to know each other really well, he came my best friend. We know everyrhing about each other. We had our first kiss to the words of a country song. tell each other everything. Hes now 19 turning 20, and im 17 turning 18. That boy the world and so much more to me. I love him to pieces and i alwys will be in lov with the who smiled back.
—Guest Fake flower

love or lust

My married Boss claims to love me, but the funny thing is that I like him very much and there is this funny thing that keeps happening to me when around him like been nervous, and I have tried severally to control myself to the extent I do pretend by being bold but sometimes I just can't help it and I am so worried about the whole stuff, this days I do get jealous seeing other ladies around him and its so annoying becos I never imagined myself having so called feelings for a married Boss but that is it I know he have other mistress but I just can't hate him despite that and I have never find my self in such a situation before, he have asked me out severally but I refuse I pretend not to like him becos I know he is married and also aware that it is wrong to have an affair with a married man but I truly like him and I want to know if what I feel for him is love or lust?
—Guest mary

I fell in love with an angel

Before I met this perfect woman, I had a dream of her and I woke up thinking I found the one. Every night when I went to sleep she arrived. All we did was hold each other, play wrestle, and cuddle. Well after about a month I finally met her. She was my friends sister and the moment I saw her I couldn't breath, I could walk, I felt so weak yet so strong at the same time. We'll I started to hang out with her all the time. We went to clubs, and parties, got wasted together, but I never once thought to have sex with her. I told my mom about her and how I felt and started crying, I wasn't sad but I was mad because there was no word that was to describe love and how I felt. I found out I fell in love with her last night. But she doesn't know it yet. Now I'm just looking for a right time and place. I asked my mom when will I know when to ask? She said "if it's true love, you will know". Now I'm sitting here with a huge smile on my face and a heart full of love.
—Guest angel


It's a hard life, I went out with this boy for about a month and treated me horribly, he never talked to me and never wanted to, only online (i.e, Facebook or whatsapp). We talked on xbox but it was awkward so I had other people in the party. He started flirting with my friend and she flirted back... In front of me. It really hurt so I had to break up with him. We kinda broke up with eachother. I thought I was over him.. That lasted a day. I have fallen in love him and still to this point I do! His friends know I do and so do mine. His friend have told him and he thinks I'm annoying, apparently. He's done all sorts of things but I think I'm in love:( I can't help but think about him and pretend he is here with me! I don't know what to do:'(
—Guest Just me

I'm not sure anymore...

I've been going out with my boyfriend for 3yrs and at first I knew I was in love and now I cant tell :( I'm his first girlfriend & he's been through a lot with me but lately I've noticed that it's not the same anymore and I can't tell if it's love or lust, it seems like everytime we see eachother we end up having a sexual experience & not really anything else, what should I do? please help me! :/
—Guest Cassidy

i'm in love

im a 14 year old and im in love wit my best freind but the thing is im not sure if she luvz me bck
—Guest my best friend

Don know wen I fal n love

we were frds bt close til one of our common frds brought us together. ten we became a gang of three and as days passed bonding between us increased which both of us never expected even my parents warned me bt I din know myself tat I m n love & spending days without him was terrible til he left to his sisters home ten I confessd my feelings til now we don know wat brought us together & wen he became my best frd & wen my feelings changedddd.... stil I wonder wat happens n my life..
—Guest riyajoe

Some love help is needed?

I feel attracted or im head over heels, i take of his sister and she tried setting us up... Now he smiles in occansional glances my way in the halls, he even beat up a guy who was going to pound me and his sister... Can you help moi??
—Guest YOLO

Meant to be?!

I met a guy ... and have been friends with him for 10 years now. He's known about all my past relationships and was always there for me. My first relationship was terrible and he told me how to cope with it. Well ... we tried dating but it didn't work out, bcuz i wasn't ready. So i started talking to another guy and was in a relationship with him for 4.5 years.... it started falling apart & eventually led to splitting up and moving back home. So i talked with my old friend and we both agreed to try it again. He's the perfect guy, i should have just listened to my heart to begin with. He's such a sweetheart and everything to me. I'm really glad i decided to give him another chance.
—Guest Steff

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How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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