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Readers Respond: How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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i think im in luv

when each an every time i see hm mi heart feels with joy,he makes me happy and i luv him very much i cant imagine myself without him, we really connect and he is a christian so we have got the same goals and passion therefore he is the best the man of my dreams.
—Guest nono tseleng

I think this is my first love.

I'm a sophomore in college and he's a junior. We met at a popular bar in the area; I tried to hook him up with one of my friends. This didn't work at all...and now I find myself falling in love with him...unexpectedly...suddenly..and most scarily. It's the way he looks at me when I'm sleeping, the way he tucks my hair behind my ear, the way we take a nap nose to nose and the way he feels the flutter of my eyelashes when I open my eyes for the first time in the morning... The way he wonders about me during the day, the way I wonder about him, the way we slow dance...the way we talk about our families...the way I'm just going crazy. It's that thing called love and I sure as hell don't know what to do.
—Guest Guest

Untrue love?

This emotion I feel is amazing and I thank God for Him letting me know about him but sometimes I think that I shouldn't have just known him. In that way I wouldn't be so bothered everyday; thinking of him, missing him, loving(?) him. I put a question mark cause I'm not sure with this feeling. Perhaps it's just infatuation? I don't really know. He doesn't even know me as well that's why the though of me liking him is sort of ridiculous. I actually worry about him and think how he is and his family. All I can hope is that one day I'd be able to meet him and see how things will go. God-willing everything will go out well. Whatever may happen, I will still and forever be his fan or friend if he'll consider me one.
—Guest Vanessa Ann


when your partner stands all the way with u being there and make sure that you're good. i wish that i could do that.
—Guest minimouse20

still luv him!

i met this boy when he was n 7th grade n i was n 8th....we talk for the longest but never really dated. then later on in the year i started to have strong feeling for him, n he felt the same way.......but when argued, we always broke up but would get back together!.....we still talk though....on facebook.....n he tells me he still luvz me!!!

Love hurts...

im 14, i met a student who was 3 years older than me from Columbia when he came to study in Uk for 6 mnths. He lived at my cousins house, i remember chatting to him for hours and he taught me spanish. Then when i went back to my house i realised how much i missed him. So everytime i went to my cousins house our relationship would get stronger. Then, i realised, he wasnt going to be here forever, he had to go back to columbia. He left last night, i found it so hard to say goodbye and realise i was never going to see him again. he kept telling me to smile and saying 'te amo mucho mi hermana bella' (i love you so much my pretty sister) :'( When he was in the airport he text me and admitted that he loved me. i have a constant feeling in my stomach hoping for him to return. my cousin called me and said he left me a letter on his desk. i cant wait to read it. why do all good things come to an end? :'( i will never see him again

Love hurts, but it's totally worth it

My god, he just makes me so happy. I could be in deep depression, cold to everyone who approaches me, but once he simply smiles at me...I swear I feel happier than any other human being on earth. It's actually kind of painful loving him, when he's not there, when he's with someone else, when he kisses someone else and blushes after. It's like someone prodding my insides with a dozen needles, grazing my heart with tips. It stings so much god damn it. But when he smiles at me, when he holds me close and says he missed me, the very feeling of his arms around me, whispering how much he hated being apart from me...it just makes me feel so happy. So insanely stupidly happy. I feel so ignorant being like this. But I swear...it's worth it. All of the pain is nothing compared to his kiss. To his hugs. To him. It's beautiful.
—Guest :)

I Love Him

I met my best friend in highschool, grade 9. We had the type of relationship that was unique to us. We talked about everything, except for our crushes. Through out grade 9, 10 and 11 he had various girlfriends and I had my multiple crushes and one boyfriend. Over the few years we had gotten to know each other, I realized that I loved him more than anything or anyone. In grade 12 we started dating. In grade 12 I officially fell in love with my best friend. We're getting married in the next couple of years!
—Guest Kelsey

In a Triangle

I'm 24 and have a boyfriend, whom I love just a lot. And then within 3years of our relationship, I meet one of my childhood buddies after many years. He had shifted base when we were 12. We shared a special bond as children, and that was renewed with time. I fell in love with my friend, and he reciprocated with honesty. I was with these two men for quite some time. My BF didnt know about it, and then me and my friend decided that it was getting too complicated, and called it off. And I'm pretty miserable now! So, that is my triangle. Honestly in love with two men, and they both love me back.
—Guest Guest Triangle

He makes my heart pound

I first met him through a friend but it was love at first glance we talk for hours on end. He's going to ask me to homecoming this friday. I get really nervous when I talk to guys or get close to dating them. He's different though, were soulmates and no one will change that. Technically we arn't going out but this Friday that will change. He's cute and sensative and funny oh I could talk about him for days
—Guest Boo(:

i think it was instant an instant love.

we are both freshmen in highschool, it is the beginning of the year and neither of us barely know anybody but im eager to socialize so i just talk to everyone it was at the first home football game and it was 3rd quarter i went to go talk to my friend niko and then i saw his face niko left cause i think he suspected what was about to happen, we introduced each other and stood there and just talked for the rest of the football game and everyone was swaying for im not sure what i was cold cause it just finished pouring rain and he put his arm around me and we started to sway then after the swaying was done he just kept his arm there and i kept a smile on my face then afterwards everyone piled into the gym for a dance and i didnt see him till it was almost done then we danced and then we ran out of the gym into an empty area and we talked a little bit more then kissed.. i swear nothing could have compared than afterward he walked me home (10 blocks) and held me in his arms for (it seemed) ages
—Guest Sandra


I love my new found boy friend so much, he was my child hood friend and now we've fallen in love with each other though we are far apart . Dea i love u so much.
—Guest maud

Live it when you can...

there was this boy whom i knew for the past 8 yrs, he was like my best friend, a guy who understood me well, whenever i looked at him, he used to smile, like he was pleased.it used to leave me smilin' for hrs, for no good reason, wen ever i thought of him it was like i was in heaven. Now im 13, we don't talk that much anymore, but still that smilin', that thoughtless convo carries on, i don't know it is love but it feels beautiful...
—Guest Guest AlishaLover

Sad, but True.

I met Kevin over the Internet 5 years ago. Ever since he became my everything. But over the past 5 years things been falling apart. He treats me like sh*t but when he needs someone to talk to he'll call me. I love this man so much and I just don't know what to do. We have a four year age gap between us, so our mutual relationship is frowned upon. When I lost my virginity to a different guy 2 years ago, Kevin was so heart broken. He acts like he doesn't care for me but I know he does. I just can't wait another 5 years for him. Next summer I am going to visit and make him chose what he wants, because Im tired of waiting. I have a life too.
—Guest Nikki

Love or a Crush?

I`ve had crushes. I was in fifth grade when I had mine. I was heartbroken. I vowed to never have a crush until high school. But now... I`m breaking that vow. I'm in 7th grade now. I saw this guy in a few of my classes, and I thought he was cute. Then I started to observe him. I`ve always been an introvert so I liked to observe people. Whenever I see him, I have butterflies, I get self conscious, I get all tingly and giggly. Am I really starting to have a crush? He`s in the 8th grade. He`s funny, flirty, nice, and outgoing. He and I share the same music taste, rock and metal. I get so confused with my feelings so I don't know if it`s real. Please help me?
—Guest A Hopeless Fool

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How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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