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Readers Respond: How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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No One Better

I met this guy who became a close guy friend to me. everytime we would hang out we had an obvious but quiet attraction. I loved him and he told my friends he loved me. we started dating 2 months ago and I have never felt so high on life. He brought me out of depression, he makes me feel like the happiest girl when he touches my hand. We never fight, his imperfections make him adorable, and he's so sweet and sexy. I never thought I could meet someone so perfect. I still get butterflies for him and probably always will. I will be so sad to say goodbye at graduation, hope the future has some reservations for us
—Guest Inloveforgood

So this is how I feel.

Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 6 months. I don't know how love is or what it feels like, but he's become my best friend through our relationship, and I just like to be around him. I honestly do worry about the whole "love" concept, but for now as long as me and him have our time together and still enjoy being around eachother then I think that's all that matters. If your worried about if he loves you then don't worry about it, if he makes an effort to be around you and he smiles whenever you two are together or laughs when you spend time together than he obviously likes being with you. (:
—Guest SillyOne :)

definitely in LOVE

I know I'm in love, there's no doubt about it, its funny cause she's the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on, and id rather look at her all day and just hold her and tell her I love her sooo much than try to just get with her, I never stop thinking about her, I want to be hers forever
—Guest ikaika

definitely in LOVE

I know I'm in love, there's no doubt about it, its funny cause she's the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on, and id rather look at her all day and just hold her and tell her I love her sooo much than try to just get with her, I never stop thinking about her, I want to be hers forever
—Guest ikaika

LongDistance: Inlove but no relationship

March 12, 2010: First time met and talked to her on Facebook. It went on and on and on. She went to the same school as me but I barely see her; only when I go upstairs to Algebra class and she comes down from Technology.. Everyday this was the routine (me and her): bump in to each other and txt all night. We both loved txting each other, even agreed that we're addicted to each other. It was going so great, but right after graduation, I had to go to California; before i left, i was in NY. We both said goodbye and said nothing else.. Although before I left, she told me that she did liked me. (In my thoughts, that wouldve left after I left). March 5, 2010:I write this story because I haven't heard from her all day. 4 months before February, she got her phone taken away. I almost died. Facebook was the only connection. I've told her I love her but didn't say "Im in love with you"... She said that long distance relationships are hard, so I said nothing. We still show care for each other now
—Guest Matt

i m in love

i think i m in love with someone. he is the one whom i will never forget n i will always love him until my last breadth.. love u always
—Guest leera khadka

i guess i love him............

one day ma friend started teasing me with ma bros friend well afterward i started getting dis strong feeling about him........it was like seeing him every time would make me stare at him ........ whenever he was upset i would just want him to share it with me but i would get too shy to ask him. ma friends would say that he used to stare at me too but i never had the guts to ask him .........and now when im away from him i feel im incomplete without him!!! i miss him so much!!
—Guest ashima

Just a bit silly.

I clicked this for no reason. THere's no question I'm in love, and there was never any question, from day one to now. But it's silly seeing everything laid out in words in front of me.
—Guest Silly

..dont know?

..i dont realy know, he told me that he love me but i dont my mind keep on telling me that hes not..battle between my mind and my heart..im so confuse..

Am I in love?

One of my best friends is a boy. We laugh together, talk all the time and i've known him for almost two years. Lately, i've been starting to feel something. Like i'm sooo happy when i'm near him and I blush much more easily. i think about him all the time and whenever he leaves me to be with one of his other friends i get really jealous. I can't look him in the eye because i just get lost. Am I in love? And what should I do?
—Guest Jessipops

A secret crush

I like this one boy. He's really funny and we like all the same things. When ever I see his I giggle and when I look over at him he's always staring back at me. I thick he might like me. All of his friends think I'm weird. What should I do
—Guest Jrss

I'm Scared...

Well I met this guy on My Yearbook, and we were pretty good friends. We then added each other on Gaiaonline and Facebook. We didnt talk for a while, but then randomly he asked for my number. We talked a lot via txt and via chat. One day he asked me if I liked him. I was a bit confused, so I asked him, "Why do you ask?" He told me it was because he loved me. We started dating around a week after my birthday. Weve been dating for a month. I'm a bit scared because we have never met in person, even though we live in the same state. We talk everyday, and it hurts to know that he could easily leave. I've been in this situation before, so I'm a bit guarded. I hope we work out, because I think I've fallen.
—Guest Dina


I really like this guy but im not sure if he likes me back. sooooo what do i do? should i go straight forward with him or should i wait alittle while? Hes sooo sweet but everytime i look at him i get nervous and shy and im kinda scared to talk to him. This is my first year at a new school and my friend told me that nobody wants to date a new girl but idk yet. please help! I think he likes me too but idk how to be sure. Everytime i look at him and he looks at me we both kinda blush alittle and i heard him talking with his friends and i heard my name. im not sure if they were talking bad about me or good about me.
—Guest Natalie

1 year 3months

My boyfriend and i have been dating for a while now. I know I'm very much in love with him, just wanting to tell the world!!
—Guest :D

Ive found him

ive been out with 2 boys..I know what it feels like to like someone. After the holidays, I was in new classes and knew different people. One lunch time, I saw him. I fell in love that instant and I love him more than any other boy I've ever loved. Someone told him I love him so everyone talks about it..Im sure this is the one
—Guest unknown
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