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Readers Respond: How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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Love triangle

Have you ever been in a situation where you are dating somebody but you are not sure you could spend your life with that person, yet your whole family likes him...then there are two other guys your ex which you still love and then another guy that takes your breath away each time you see him...what do you do? you dont want to hurt any of them, yet your torn between the 3...you meet the one in secret, you see the other on weekends and you text the one all the time....they all offer something you really want but you cant have them all...i need an answer a straight one at that

Finally Happy

I was in a bad marriage, had checked out probably a year and a half prior. I met a guy who I had know for a year. We had been co workers but we quickly became friends. He helped me out when I told my Ex I was unhappy, and was kicked out. My 'friend' and I started dating & it was immediate love. I have had feelings for him for a while. Its like everytime I see him, I get butterflies. He treats me amazingly- so much better than my ex. I feel for the 1st time in my entire life that I am right where I should be. We moved intogether and we have had not 1 fight yet. While we know it is bound to happen, we are willing to work through it. People say we are too perfect for each other. But our love has been so different from how we have felt in our past relationships. If it is possible to love someone so much it pains you- it is something like that. I absolutely love him and I never thought I would say that again considering my ex. He just lights up my whole world.... happy for the 1st time!
—Guest AutumnAsh

is it love?

I thought i was in love...but it was unrequited for seven years, until this year. He still claims we're just friends, but i can tell he cares about me as more that that. My problem: i'm bi, and there's a girl i like as well...and he knows it.
—Guest vampiress


I met him in sixth grade. He's been on my mind ever since. We've been bestfriends for three years now. We know everything about eachother. I used to dream of dating him, but I never thought he'd feel the same way. So many other girls. At the time, my other best friend was dating him. It was so hard to hear the cute stories they had together. But I kept waiting for him. For three years. We've had the best times together. We do the stupidest things together. We're always together, no matter what. We're always there for each other. We can talk about anything. One day, I got dared to ask him out by a friend. He un- expectedly said yes. We both thought there's no way this could be a bad idea. There were minor problems. But now, everything is so perfect. Ever since we started dating, I realized I have been falling in love with him since the day I met him. He's my boyfriend, and my best friend. I will remember him for the rest of my life. He is the most amazing and lovable, person I know.
—Guest Guest45

I'm going crazy

there is this person i'm falling in love with... but no matter what or how i try to tell them, i can't bring my self to do it, and whenever i think about her, i almost start crying because i'm so confused and worried. Does she love me? What would she say if she found out? Am i really in love? Someone PLEASE help me!!
—Guest guestguestguest


i cant tell her because i think im worthless for her at this time but who knows things might be changed
—Guest love

Love is sweet

The first time I really fell in love, he broke my heart. A year later, me and my first love find ourselves crushing on eachother again, so why not give it another try? Six months later, our hearts are linked by the bond of love! How to tell? He/she is your first thought when you wake up, they are all you think about, your heart races whenever you see them.
—Guest SAJF

best friend

i have loved my bestfriends since we were kids,when she went off to school,we lost contact,4 years now that i've found her i love her even more and wish she would love me the same,its true love wehn you be with outhers and this persno makes you feel special and loved
—Guest True Love

If it's love ...

I met this amazing person 3 years ago. She was some years older then me. I had a class with her everyday, and it felt like we would get closer each day. We found out we had common interests, and would laugh at the dumbest things. Everytime I saw her I would get the dumbest smile on my face. Everytime I would hug her, it was like the world stopped. I know this sounds corny, but it's the truth. I can't describe the feeling I got when she would smile at me. She left the school, we went to because of the distance she had to travel everyday. When she told me the bad news, my heart sank into my stomach. Then when we said our goodbyes, and she started to cry, I couldn't help crying as I hugged her goodbye. We exchanged numbers, and talk every once in a while, she'll tell me she misses me, and flirt a little, but I can't stop thinking about her, and remembering all the memories of us together. We agreed to meet up for lunch next month, just thinking about seeing her again, has me smiling (:
—Guest BallStar16

I'm totally in love

When your in love you know if you are I was 12 years old when I met him just getting into 7th grade and I am in 8th grade now im14 and this boy is just amazing to me for some reason we wount let go of each other it's like something is telling us to hold on. Were like the cutest couple he a great kisser and remeber if you ever everrr everrrrr feel like giving up remeber why you held on so long in the first place because Im not giveing up on this boy were madly in love and I love him with all my heart I love you boo
—Guest Jess

infatuation or falling in love?

I've known this guy for almost 2 months, and already I'm getting similar symptoms to what falling in love is like. One person is telling me that it's just infatuation and I'm unaware to the kind of person he is. Another person is telling me it's falling in love because even after seeing the "skeleton in the closet", I still adore him and just accept his imperfect past. Now I'm not sure which person is right. I wonder if it would be too early to be falling in love so soon, so maybe I'm just being silly. However, I've been told that it depends on the person on when they'll start falling. Does it depend on their relationship expertise? Or does it really depend on the PERSON? And if so, how? These questions have been bugging me a lot, so I feel the need to get some answers. Perferably, accurate answers. I'd like my heart to agree with my head once and for all.
—Guest guesthoney

Is he into me?

I have been seeing a guy for 4 months now. And I really like him and it's like we're girlfriend and boyfriend, but he hasn't told me he is in love yet... I really like him, but I don't really understand where we are emotionally. Once I brought up that subject, but he didn't really respond... What am I supposed to think? We have fun together, we laugh, we get along perfectly, never fight, we see each other almost every day. But it's like something is missing, maybe those words. Sometimes I get scared, because I find myself thinking about him a lot and I have strong feelings for him. But I can't really tell what is going on with him and I don't want to talk to him about it again. I am afraid of his answer or of his lack of response...
—Guest godzuki

he left me

this is my real story. it is when i still 19 years old.. i ve a bf.. n i love him so much with all my life n my soul.. our relation go on 5 years.. till the end his mum not bless us n told him to left me. for him i was gave everything i ve.. but he left me without saying anything.. so i decide go to his home in bali to meet his mum for 2ns time.. but his mum n his family insult me that i just wanted his money n i am a bitch.. that really hurt me.. n that really drive me crazy there's nothing to defend my side. till i broke, i lost all my life, all my hope,, all my wish,,n all my love.. till now it was 2 years pass but i still loving him like before he left me.. how ever he is the only man ever plan for our marriage.. i just feel disappointed how can he left me all i want not money but only to be together with him till forever.. i hope he can find this word some day.. " i still waiting for you lin cong su" the only man i love with all my life.

i love him

i love someone that i know on internet.. me n him so far n our age also.. me 24 n him 42. because that both.. he say that is nothing to do with me,sometime i think this is not fair.. why he not gave me a chance??? i am not different like grown up woman, but why i cant prove that my love for him is real?? i really love him but he not let me to say i love u paopei, what should i do with this feeling??? am i should give up? but that is not easy to get rid of this feeling.

Learning To Love

I had an abusive ex-boyfriend. So i swore off love, and decided it could never happen to me. But then a year later i started talking to the sweetest guy in the world. I don't know how it happened, but we are in love. He is the only guy i trust, i've given him everything i have. He has done so much for me. He taught me how to love.
—Guest LittleAbigail

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How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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