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Readers Respond: How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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love for a 13 year old

there's this guy i have been seeing for about 3 months and he's my everything. i'm only 13 and he is to. but i was at his house once and all he did was hold me in his arms and kiss me. our first kiss was awesome i felt like flying (: he stands up for me and makes me feel like im worth it (: he has punched his bro once for messing with me. he has spent 20 bux on me. and i love him. and he will come up to me in the back and stick his hands in my back pocket (: he hugs me from my waist. he makes me feel like an angel and once when i was sick he called me every 10 minutes to check up on me. if thats not love I don't know what is :)
—Guest Carlyy


When you two feel sorry for everyone else because you know that no one else ever has or ever could be this much in love.
—Guest Cinniwikki

is it love?

She liked me when she lived in idaho and she was the best girl i have met. Funny, smart, sincere, outgoing, attractive. Unfortunately, when she was here I never realized that she was that great. Now that she has left, I have continued to talk to her and we are great friends, but I think I really like her. The catch? I think she finally moved on and she told me that she met someone. Love can suck sometimes.
—Guest guest

My teacher ... I dont know ..

we talk everyday, we see each other every day. slowly i developed a crush on my teacher and he told me he has a crush on me too im scared... i just went through a relationship that my ex-bf dumped me, course he got sick and is fighting a bad disease... i feel so happy when I'm around my teacher and he feels the same... but i feel that we both are tight and cant say nothing or act with anything in public , as hes gonna get in trouble and ill have to leave the school then. i'm 25 years old and he's 43. i'm really confused about whats going on. i can tell for sure: I am in love with him, and i see that in his eyes too. but we cant say anything. Please tell me what to do and how to act and how it should be ending?I'm tortured everyday seeing him and cant even have a good morning kiss or good bye kiss from him. I'm so sad at this point and don't know what should i do :(
—Guest Dana

he thought

my boyfriend and i was sitting watching tv and out of the blue he said ' i think we should break up'. i looked at him and i asked why ? he looked at me and said because i think youcan do better and i love you and all but iam worthless . all i could do is laugh and i told him shut up! i cant do better i found the most loving, caring,free spirit guy in hole world and if we do break i will never get a guy like you i might hit you for even saying we should break up cause i cant ever stop loving you cause every mistake you make i keep loving you i fall in love with you everyday . that was 4 years ago and we been together since then
—Guest daniellee

too young and too old

i am falling in love with a guy my parents forbid me to date. hes turning 18 soon, but why should that stop us from being happy with each other? hes a great guy. hes not selfish, he cares about people rather than himself. i cant date him because my parents think im too immature and hes my neighbor. im only like one or two years younger than him. WHAT DO I DO?
—Guest brokenheart

hard to tell but...

a few years ago, i befriended a boy who i met in class. Never thought much of him before, then i slowly developed a crush on him. It got so bad that I became obsessive. I obsessed over him for 4 years. (it ended only a few months ago) I actually never saw what was right in front of me. I had a friend who I had grown extremely close to. I could share everything with him, i trusted him with my life. The past couple of months, I realized that he was all i ever wanted. I like him for who he is. He is beautiful in my eyes. I fall harder for him more and more everyday. But here's the catch, he has no idea.
—Guest :)

te amo

I met him almost 3 years ago. I knew I was going to fall in love with him. We had a big fight this weekend, it was my fault. I hurt him and he wants to break up. I love him so much, and I think the saddest and best thing about love is that I don't want to stop loving him. We are so different, that is my favorite part about our love, it is unexpected, scary. I have a need to hear his voice, to kiss his lips. A need, like air to breath. He is not perfect , he is everything I thought I never wanted. He has become everything I want and need now.
—Guest pebble

It's real

I broke up with my ex because I realized that after a 3 year relationship, I had changed, and not for the better. I had become someone I didn't like, and I was uncharacteristically unhappy. several months later, I was hanging out with a friend of over two years, and he and I decided to go for a walk. On our way back from a convenience store, we scaled an office building to sit in the apex of the roof and talk for hours- about everything. At one point in the conversation, he looked at me and told me, "I feel like I could tell you anything- no, like I WANT to tell you EVERYTHING" This is when I realized what I had been missing. He'd been right under my nose for two years and I'd had no clue. We share the same interests and the same values. We've been dating for a year now and I haven't changed a bit. I'm the happiest I've ever been and I'm loving every second. THAT is love. You're certain about how you feel for that other person, and it brings you peace. :)
—Guest Credible source :]

my everything

The first time we kissed, i felt like flying. it was the best kiss i had ever felt. When i met this guy, i've changed a lot. He made me feel as if some kind of a royalty that should always be treated as a v.i.p even in difficult situation. He makes me smile when i'm totally sad. He's always there for me. No matter what i've done, he's willing to accept me for who i am and for what i am. We have been to many up's and down's.. there were also times when i totally gave up on us.. i broke up with him.. but he never gave up! it was the very first time that i saw a guy cry real tears in front of me.. after weeks of reflection and realization i've decided to fix everything.. start a new beginning with someone who really loves me.. someone who can't take the risk of losing me.. we're only 14, but i'm pretty sure.. this is LOVE ..
—Guest love

Love at First Syt..

The first time that i saw her.. i am totally in love to that girl.. but its look like she's pushing me to her best friend.. that's why i courted her best friend... but not as love as her... for how many months passed i broke up w/ her best friend... then 1 year later.. i met the girl again during our camp.. then i do almost everything just to see her... during our animation.. im always starring at her.. wherever she goes... and i always talk to her during sleep time... we went out in our tent... and there where love for us to started... How Can You teLL if You aRe fALLing in Love?... by doing all the thingx.. just to see her... to make her smile always.. to make her happy..
—Guest RefOrzado

Head over heels

I don't know what to do. I've known this guy for over a year, we dated after my ex-friend and him broke up...that being the reason she's my ex-friend. I felt so guilty for dating him and not telling my friend, I ended up ignoring him, and he dumped me. Then a few months later I saw new pictures of him and my friend told him I still liked him. We've been "seeing" each other not dating though since march. Then we went to prom together. Ever since, he hasn't talked to me really. And it's killing me! I can't stop thinking about him. But I don't want to tell him how I feel because I'm falling for him hard and I don't want to find out that maybe he doesn't even like me like the way that I like him...
—Guest Em

it snuck up on me

I was madly in love with a man I'd never met - we talked we texted we had hot fantasies together. After 6 months, he told me he didn't think we'd ever meet or be serious. I was devastated, said goodbye and he pulled me back - he still wanted to play with me - and I let him. I keep my sanity (or so I thought) I decided to go back into the dating scene. I had 2 men in my life, the virtual one I'd never meet but loved, and the physical one I just used as a balm for my ego. 6 months later, virtual man and I broke up. And I continued to date the real one - no expectations were ever assumed or given between us. Then... somewhere, somehow, I fell in love with him. After another 6 months, a year of dating total, I've discovered butterfiles and I'm writing poetry and I think of him all the time. We talk or text almost every day, and even tho we live 30 min apart, we even web cam. When I hold him close, the sweet ache in me can feel too intense to bear. I haven't said it but I think he know
—Guest Ann


oh, he's the person who came into my life without expecting him to be... having fun with him makes me feel happy all day, but without his messages makes me sad. we're friends 'til now, we know each other's feelings yet some things are not cleared from his past, so waiting mode.. that's what love is all about, loving just because you want to.. and i can't imagine myself without him, even if sometimes things aren't okay but still going on.. i knew that i fell for him when i could define the difference with these two words called crush and love.. he came into my life and made a difference.. one day i woke up knowing that i love him so much.. God's will..
—Guest muymay014

His love

ok so there is there guy name Hunter(: he has made me feel so great and loved! It has almost been a week since we met! The first night we met...WE KISSED! And the only reason I kissed him is because I really liked him and could see things happening in the future:D BUT, one girl went up to his brother (which he cant stand) and told him EVERYTHING that happened! He got so mad at me and just told me back off and bye! I CRIED for like 30 minutes straight! I was just hurt! I didnt think I liked him that much! The next day, he texted me and I asked him if he was still mad at me and he said nahh(: My heart just felt so much relieved! At the Rodeo (where we kissed) I was standing in front of him and one of OUR friends came up and pushed us together! =^.^=! He is 6"5 and im 5"4 haha so it was like a perfect match! I have always wanted something like that! I thank God EVERYDAY for him and for my life he has giving me! I know Hunter will be there even if we break up! Im falling HARD for him(: ilu
—Guest Hisprincess101

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