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Readers Respond: How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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i feel i am in love

Im a teenager who thinks shes in love what do i do. Me and this guy have been dating for 6 months now and we told each other I love you. I think he is perfect. I said i dont care about money all i need is him. i moved away and we r doing a longdistance relatinship i want it to last. we text and call each other 24/7 but now school is gunna start. I hope it doesn't spread us apart I love him.
—Guest kassie

I'm so tired

I'm fall in love, love at first site but still she has already one boyfriend otherwise i love her that girl also love him. I never see she's crying but she's always crying because she has a big problem. I will try the problem is solved but for that time problem is solved when i leave her. But, I can't leave without that girl. what can i do? I'm so a fried.....
—Guest abi shrestha

what do you think?

so my boyfriend is perfect. i love him oso much & i couldnt live with out him. but on a website, a girl added him so i added her & was relieved to see she already had a boyfriend because she was gorgeous. i liked her, she was very nice to me. but then she started hitting on my boyfriend & he played with it, sharing
—Guest Kate

Being in love is the mostwonderful thing

There was this really nice guy who was my bro friend,he was funny,kind andgerous i felled in love with the first timehe spoke to me,his voice was like an angel.One day we were in my yard playing and out of the blue he stop and hold my hand then told me he love me.I was speach less,i couldn't belive it,i felled the same way,i meam he was all i thnked of - dream of [he was my first love].So the next couple day of days we talk and laugh -then one day when i was in his house on a his couch watching tv i turned to and told him that i him i love him,he lean over and kissd me ,it lasted 2mins thats until my his bro shout at us to get a room .From then ,until now everytime i see him i fall back in love with him.I THANK GOD EVERYDAY FOR HIM............
—Guest ANGEL


i knew this boy for 4 years now we dated on and off and then hit long term and then we split, he hasnt left my head, not one day and ive been out with other boys and its felt so wrong and i met him again and it was natural, it felt ... right :) i realise i am completly in love with this boy and i would do ANYTHING for him. we text and talk still and i love that and i am going to do my damn hardest to fix up everything... you really dont realise what you've got untill you've lost it
—Guest Love

Im in love with her.......

How do I get an ex gf back, she texts me once in a great while,I am really lost, How do I get her back? Should I start going out? reject her calls? When should I answer her? If any one has any probabilities for me please help. I have been with her for 8 1/2 years and we have been broken up for 2 months already. Any answers?
—Guest Rayman

Never too young

Kids, I'm 21 and as far as i can see, I'll never understand love. For those of you who believe in (or know of) higher power, love is as infinite as God himself (feel free to replace "God" with "the universe" "nature" "Allah", whatever, it all fits.) I've finally found, in the last month, that love is wanting to go crazy and go out on a limb in desperation to ask that someone to be part of my life, but not, and giving that person the opportunity to fall in love with me after we are friends and before I tell her how I feel. It hurts, seeing beautiful women look right past me again and again, but it's better than loading myself so emotionally about it that it's like a skyscraper built on top of a house. That way is painful and depends on the other person's choices. A friend of mine told me once that the woman is really the one who chooses. I hated that at first, but I've found it to be true, and I am now in love with someone who is perfect for me because of that. Thanks.
—Guest Romeo Ricardo

i am i in love?

i meant this guy on a site for kids. we talk on fb. we text. we even skype sometimes. we no eachother really well. we have a lot in common. i like him a lot. i think about him all the time. i really like him. i dont think he likes me as much as i like him. my friend told me i was in love. but i dont believe her. i am only 11. im not supposed to be "in love" but i really like him. he likes me too. we are dating. but i really like him. i want to no if im in love or not. i want to no if he likes me as much as i do. i really like him.
—Guest luv4ever

I love You

I love You all day and night i can not stop Thinking about You Nurto.
—Guest Nurto

In love with my friend/best friend's ex

We have known each other for 3 years and we have become close, really close friends. The problem is, him and my best friend once dated and we so madly in love with each other until the unfortunate happened(they broke up). Now, we have kissed, been intimate quite a number of times but we can't be together. His sister, who happens to be my friend won't approve. His ex, who is my friend won't like it. it will seem like i betrayed her in a way. I love him sooooo much but can't tell him,he drives me crazy,makes me happy. iIn all my life i have never felt this way about anyone. so now ihave to fake a smile and pretend that i don't have all these feelings. Tormented whenever i see him with someone. What can i do
—Guest anonnymous

my love gone

Ya i am in love with her, my love started on 25/12/2009
—Guest sarfaraj

tell her...

this girl makes me feel like im in a dream. she relieves me from bad feelings and gives me the best feelings i have ever felt. when we kiss we look into eachothers eyes for more than just a couple minutes. me and her were ment to be and i love her. i havent told her yet because im scared she will not understand my feelings for her. i care for her and i feel horrible when she feels horrible and i feel happy when she feels happy. in my eyes she is the most beautiful thing in this world and id never trade her for anyone or anything..she is my love and my heart
—Guest kk

Older and Wiser

I am 48 yrs old, and just ended a 27 yr marriage two years ago. I met someone on line, we talked a lot on the phone and on line for a few months. By the time that I finally got to meet him face to face, I already had very strong feelings and was attracted to him for the person he was. After seeing him in person, I could feel that deep down "butterflies" in the stomach feeling. I found myself falling in love with him. The more I learned about him in that two weeks together, the more I grew very fond of his character, his personality, and his looks drew me in as an added plus. Seeing that we have just met recently, and a short time has elapsed, many of my friends and family feel it is too soon to be in love. I say BULL!! I am older, wiser, and know what I want. If I had known these things earlier in life, I could have avoided a lot of hurt and pain. Somehow being with someone that was not "the one" , teaches us about the one that is. Definitely love at first sight.

dont give up if its not between 2 of you

we were friends for 3 yrs , and finally got tgt after it. we share something that no one has. a deep connection , the greatest understanding . i just know her so well , understand her so well so deep so perfectly. she is surely the perfect one for me. we love each other so much. however , we have to break up because her mum do not like me. that she will not do well with me. :) i hope people who are reading this know how i feel , how pain i am. but i do not give up .. never give up. so , after reading this i hope u guys will feel better cuz if ur problem is between the 2 of you , u can change.
—Guest x

Hate n Love

I met him in biology.... He called me a midget and continuously did things to annoy me. I hated him with a passion. After a while though i began to like him mostly due to one of my friends opinion if him. Accidentally he acquired my number and we started texting...we found out we had much in common and it went from there. The person i hated turned out to be the man i couldnt live without. He makes me feel beautiful and loved like no other. We are now engaged and plan to marry soon.... I cant imagine a future without him.
—Guest R.JsLilWifey

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How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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