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Readers Respond: How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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From the article: Am I In Love?
Its a tricky thing, love. Sometimes you think you're falling head over heels, but maybe its just infatuation? Share your thoughts on how you knew you were falling in love here, as well as advice for other readers on how to recognize true love.

A friendship turned relationship.

My girlfriend, and best friend, i met nearly 4 years ago. We spent the first 2 years as close friends. We didn't have feelings of love those 2 years. Those developed during the third year. Because as we got closer, we found out what we have in common and it pulled us closer and closer together. Then one day i found myself head over heels for her. When i asked her out, i found out, directly from her parents, shes not allowed to date till college. Well in our 4th year of close friendship and 1 year from college, and we have it all planned out.
—Guest drask

My silly "love"? story

im really young girl(15 years old) the thing is since the first day of school i saw this cute guy (i blushed) the day kept running then when i enter to the music classroom to audition to the school band he was there (i discoverded that he plays and drums and that he was gentle) it has passed a year i only talked to him once and i really messed up by saying weird stuff(i was nervious). i dont know what to do, What if his not what i think he is? but what what if i am missing out,but(again) what if i am not in love and its all an ilusion? what if its just puberty? my silly "love"? story.
—Guest young

i dont know if he likes me or not

i really like him but i dont know if he knows or not. all mine and his friends know i like him and they try to give him little hints like " i know a girl that likes you " he always said " so i have a girlfriend " and she is my best friend and she doesnt know thaat i like him and when she talks about him i always blush. me and him are best friends and i dont want to ruin that . and if he found out that i like him id die so what should i do
—Guest 1212345456767

I wish i said hi

There is this guy who looks at me in class in college. I notice it too but i didnt approach him. I later realised that i like him so much. I always think about him while am reading. Recently i cant even read because i constantly thinks of him. I finally decided to say hi and i cant find him in class. I feel like am breaking apart rihnt now I wish i said Hi to him earlier. My biggest worry is will i ever hee him again
—Guest Could this be love

love from church

I was 8 wen I firstly saw him we went to the same church we met at Christmas eve then new year ,Easter etc. But I never had courage to talk to him As I m not christian but someone very close is So I also go to church wen I visit there also I live in another city now it had been 4 years he also went to another city for studies I'm very confused wat to do I can't stop thinking about him help plzzzz
—Guest isha185

my first love

story of 8 years loving in silence...Im indoubt that he love me or not...he just cry when he talk to me
—Guest sanam

True Love

It was my first day when i was in grade 6, every Math time i had a classmate who sits next to me, we don't really talk, but i started to talk with him, we became best buddies every Math time we exchange seats and go near to each other and talk, sometimes we tease each other by passing a paper, our teacher caught us talking during disscution, she said that "excuse me but are done talking over there?" then our classmates started to tease us but we did not feel any akward or something. few days later of being his buddy i started to grow feelings for him,but something happend...his friend told teased me and told us that i like him then that made us separate . when it was valentines, a lot of students placing a sign "Free Hugs"... when i whet back to my classroom i saw him having a sign "Free Hugs" i blushed then my classmates forced me to hug him so I said "friends?" he nodded and hugged me people were shouting then I herd him telling me at my ear "can we start over again" and I said "yes
—Guest louise

friendship comes into love

we are good friends after our friendship i felt that i am in love then i told him and after we are in a relationship but after sometime he told me that he love someone else i totally break but when i feel that he happy with some one else so decided that if he is happy so i will be happy i know that he don't love me but i will always love him..........
—Guest pari

i dont know what i feel???

I am going out with this boy for a month and 2 days now and hes so lovely, I can trust him and he trusts me, there has been a lot of lies going around about me cheating, on him which I didn't, and he didn't believe it, thank god! anyways, I cant get him out of my head, my friend and her bf have been going out for a year and broke up the other day and my friend was in tears so was he! its got me thinking if I love my bf or if I just really like him. im not sure if he loves me I think he does but not 100% sure. im so confused, I can feel my heart beat fast and hard every time I think of him which is all the time, its scaring me cuz ive never been in love before so idk if I am. help me please! x
—Guest Mary Rose

I loved her but, I'm afraid of response.

Hi my name Dereje I'm university lecturer. I loved one beautiful, clever, genuine & self style girl in the school. She is computer science student, I'm her instructor. I love her. However I ashamed to tell her my love for her. Many things if us is similar: religious , attitude, physical appearance & confidence, but, she is very pretty than me. Pls give idea... I'm always thinking of her!!!! God Bless!!! Thanks!
—Guest Dereje

What Should I Do?

I am a bookworm and I have no friends. Now I met a girl named Emmalyn who reads the same books I do and I really like her. We talk all the time and I think I may be falling in love with her. She has shown she may not like me, but it is possible that she may be hiding it. We have some of the same interests and I really like her. I think I'm in love but I'm afraid to say it. My love experiences have been bad but I really hope this will turn out better!
—Guest Guest Jack

Love from 5000 miles away

I know that I love him because he is never far from my thoughts. I know that I love him because I am honestly interested in the mundane things to. I know that I love him because when he is sick I want nothing more than to make him a little more comfortable. I know that I love him because he is the only one that I want. I know that he loves me for many of the same reasons that I know I love him. You see even though there is no doubt that we truly love each other there are issues. I live in the US and he lives in the UK; there is more than 5000 miles between us for most of the year. I know that we love eachother because we wait for eachother and even though we can only spend 90 days with eachother every year we find a way to make it work for 3 years now because the time that we do have together makes everything worth it. I know I love him because I miss everything about him when he is gone and when he is here we are greatful for every moment we have together.
—Guest I am me

I think I love him...

I have most of my classes with this boy in my Yr 9 class. I had a dream about him-where he was with my friend. I woke up crying. I knew I liked him, but wasn't sure until he startef dating another one of my friends, and my heart broke. They are not together, but we aren't either. Whenever he is late to a lesson I worry. If he is stopped for a uniform check, I worry. And now he might be moving 6 hours away, to devon, and I don't know what to do. I can't tell him how I feel, but he can't leave without knowing. I can't stop feeling that close friends isn't enough, but does he?
—Guest Lucy


This girl is a year younger than me and is my mom's old college roommates daughter. When we went to visit them it had been 3 years since we had seen them and when I saw her and while we were with them for the weekend I realized that I was in love
—Guest hi

What love means to me

To me love means that u will do just about anything for the person you love,when u are in love then u can't stop thinking about that person.Your heart beat faster and slower at the same time when you see her or him.They make you feel whole,they make you feel like you can take on the world.He/she makes you see the world in a different perspective
—Guest Mphoentle

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