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Readers Respond: Top Tips To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Alive

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distance relationship

i had a boyfriend weve been boyfriend and girlfriend for 1and a half year now. last year we seen each other only twice that year, we never been together just like a normal relationship and we only txt,the way of our communication. Sometimes i called him, just to hear his voice... im so stressed out, i love him because his my first i know he loves m too, but he ddnt do anything to see me to visit me,although he said i wait for him. but im so bored but i love him.


I met this really great guy during a summer I spent Montreal and we hit it off right away. He had just got out of a relationship (I was not aware of this at the time) and he didn't take long before confessing that he loved me. With time, things became more complicated as seeing each other became difficult and distressful. I finally got to see him again the following summer and things were not the same. It's really strange because I had tried to get intimate with other men but I find it really difficult, he's on my mind and I know I'm on his but neither of us will admit it. We don't want a long-distance relationship but we really want to be together... and we talk to eachother more than anyone else. I think I'm just frustrated because I really like him and there's nothing I can do about it. He's kissed another girl once and regretted it but he teasingly tells me that we're not a couple and I should not expect exclusiveness, which I don't, but I know that if either of us were to get...
—Guest deanna

need of help

hi i am in a long distance relationship as well my girlfriend has cheated on me about 7 months ago.for awhile there i didnt trust her and still dont fully trust her i trust her enough that she will not doing it again.but i just finished talking to her on the phone and she telling me that she lonely and horny then she saying she getting to apoint where she going hook up with someone and just have sex with them.now i told her i dont go for that stuff im not that type of person that share you with other people it just the way i am cause it can invole in having her leaving me for someone else and loving in love with someone.i live in a different country i only get to see her very three months.then i texted saying reason why i dont go for that kinda of stuff cause it causes to much problems plus jealousy comes with it im sorry just the way i am.then she says dont be sorry im just horny and lonely my hand get boring.maybe im just not giving her enough i dont know anymore :(.

When Two Hearts Are Apart

Long Distance Relationship?.,worst nightmare ever. I have a beautiful,cute,and sexy girlfriend but because of quality education she ventured in another country causing the two of us face the greatest challenge of our lives,lLONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP!. Now,I can feel the ill effects of it. The emptiness in my heart grows larger as each day passes by without her presence by my side. It's really the toughest challenge for a one-girl-typed guy like me.Hope I can endure until we are united by dear fate again.
—Guest Mr. Love Alchemist

LDR story

My name is Brianna and my boyfriend of one year and two months is john. We met junior year and started dating but then 10 months later I have to moved from Denver Colorado to Virginia and its been a hard four months! John is truly the love of my life. He makes me feel like nobody else ever has and proves everyday that he loves me and is committed. I'll see him in 37 days--so Christmas day:D I'm so excited!! Even though our relationship is great I sometimes fear I may lose him/: I don't care what people say about teen love because our relationship is more mature than most adults I know. We Skype everyday and talk on the phone every night but I don't want to be the clingy girlfriend. He gets upset when I cry because I miss him and today told me that while I should focus on us I need to focus more on myself and that I stress him because of my own stress. I don't want to lose him; it's happened once before moving and I hate the feeling (even though then it was my fault) anyone who wants to
—Guest bri

he is powerful

My boyfriend and I were happy as far as I could tell and I never thought that we would break up. When his cousin died in a tragic car accident he went back to Philippine for a week to be with his family. I could not go because I was in the middle of entertaining out of town clients for work. He did not seem to be upset that I could not go so I let him be. The next thing that I know, he reconnected with an old friend from high school that he had a crush on years ago and they started to have an affair! I had no clue what was going on until a month after he came back from Philippine.He proceeded to see both her and I until I caught him testing her one night. I confronted him and he told me the truth about what happened. We broke up and went our separate ways. Neither of us fought for our relationship. I was angry and decided not to be upset about it and just keep it moving. Then after about a month of not speaking to him I became sad. I wanted him to tell me that he wanted to be with me
—Guest vero

go for it

We had a very great time last summer, but after the summer we lost the contact more and more. The whole year I had so much regret that I hadn't searched for more contact, until the day that he told me that we would meet again. That meeting happened last summer and it was again a wonderful time. He explained to me why he is not prepared for a long distance relationship, but he gave me the feeling that I though was special for him. I see this as a second chance, because after the holiday we've had much more contact and we came much closer to eachother this year. Unfortunately the contact is some less at the moment, because he has much to do, and I also notice sometimes that I search more contact and ask more questions than he do to me, but this time I won't let the contact fall again. I'd like to say to everyone who met someone you like, don't loose the contact, don't wait to long until the other takes the initiative, go for it! Good luck to all of you!
—Guest someone


Talk about old times that made you laugh and remember all the fun times you guys had together .. That usually sparks things up ! Even dirty things that makes you tingle inside that you know will keep him/her thinking of you or the other way around. Phone sex is even fun when you alone and horny .. ((=
—Guest JassDaggs

LDR promise

Me and this guy have know each other sence 1st grade he had a crush ever since 2nd and now were in 7th and finally together he loves me and i truly love him but we do have some complications in out relation ship and tht long distance. He lives in new mexico and i live in kentucky we have been telling we love each other since fourth grade but never ment it as bf and gf just as like really good friends. We are still together and our goal is to stay together for five years till we can move out. But i really do love him hes amazing and i cant imagine having live my life with out him. I also know tht alot of people think were to young to be thinking were inlove but idc we promised eachother tht we would stay by each others side and im not about to brake tht promise. I love him with all my hear and want to spend the rest of my life with him, he is my one and only
—Guest Alexis etienne


I meant my boyfriend on a chat about a year ago and we were connected right away. we were best friends from the start. We never faught about anything and we always talked on yahoo and chat and msn when i started to get strong feelings for him. about a month ago he asked me out and it was the greatest day ever but he lives in England and im in South carolina. Its hard but we talk every morning before he goes to work and we talk most of the night. We cam atleast 2 day a week and its the best thing ever
—Guest Paige

A Departure

Hi,me and av been together in thesame street,thesame compound for more than three years now,and we really love eachother,we see eachother everyday,and now am going to school,wish is really making me scared what will happen if we dont see eachother like b4,cos i know my girl,her mind is easily changed when she is a little fustrated,my presence make s her strong,and i dont wanna loose her,she's my favourite,lov her so much but i dont let her know.

All I really want is you.

I met him on the band exchange. At first I thought he was so cute, but I didn't say anything. But when I went to his town for the trip. We connected and did so much flirting. Leaning my head on his shoulder, linking arms, even him putting his arm around me... I told him I like him but we both agreed it wouldn't be good and hard, so we remained friends which was fine with me. Few days after I got back, he asked me out. We lasted for about 3 months. Throughout that time, we would talk endlessly. Texting, talking,Even falling asleep with each other on Skype. It was so hard, knowing one person you love is so close but so far (12 hour drive) sadly we ended it, cause we couldn't see each other and with my junior and his senior year it be busy. I don regret anything in fact it taught me a lot. And I'm happy we started, im still sad it ended, and like him alot , But I'm happy to this day we're best friends. Still talk a lot and is therewhen I need him most. And who knows what can happen
—Guest L

Military love

Me and my boyfriend met at his basketball tournament . We saw eachother and talked for like an hour . Then to find out that he lives in north carolina while I live in vegas . We have only been together a good month but it feels like years . He graduated last year while I'm a junior in high school . Before we got together he would always say he has to go to military school and he needs someone to hold him down until he gets out . I told him id be that person . But its just now coming to a problem that we fight every day and he just told me he has a 2 month daughter . I'm okay with him having a baby I just don't like the fact that he will always have contact with the mother . Every since I found out about his baby I feel like we arent close . I don't know what to do because even tho we haven't been together that long , I'm really starting to LOVE him , but I'm not sure if he loves me back . But I guess I have to wait until thanksgiving when I see him that ask if he LOVES me back .
—Guest Timirra

Forbidden LDR

After 18yrs i meet my classmate in highschool again thrue facebook.we both had a crush in each other but i had a bf that time.So,we decided to meet and it was very exciting.He even look more atractive to me.and know we had relationship but LDR and the next time we will meet again this coming December i am ready to give all mu self to him.Everyday my love grows more.....
—Guest Poison

idk what to do??

I met this guy on the internet he told me he really likes me. I got out of a realationship like three weeks ago. And I started to like the person im talking to now. And my birthday coming up he said he would pay for me if I go up there for.my birthday people and my family said its to soon to meet in person. I wanna know answers I just dont wanna waste me time with him while I go. just scared maybe get hurt. And I wasnt in love with my ex anymore and me and him started to talk after we broke up. He not a rebound at all. Just very confused one what to do and I need help
—Guest Rose

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