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Readers Respond: Top Tips To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Alive

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my name Is maryann I live in kenya my boyfriend lives in Uk.we meet online dating site 3years ago. we fall in love.after communicating for 1years and 3months he came to my country to meet me In person though I did not know my country all this happened because of communication.we talked on skype send text and call each other each day as time went.it has been 3years know and we are so much in love.keep the communication it Is very Importat.
—Guest mary ann

long long distance relationship

me and my gf r in relationship for 8 years she lives UAE and i live USA, my problem is we love each other but we don't know each other, we never met. we have a good communication for everyday texting skype, i am worry about first meeting cuz I DNT KNOW HER

Long Distance

Well I met this girl on twitter and within the first week I was falling for her and i asked her to be my girlfriend we talk for at least 3-4 hours a night and I tell her how much I love her and want to be with her we've even been planning our future together I live in Toronto and she lives in New Jersey but lately she hasn't been trusting me when I haven't done anything to give her trust issues at all I want this to last and I won't give up cause I'm not letting her go for the world and we said we could make it through this together I truly love her, I don't wanna loose her.
—Guest RyanWakeley

Long Distance Relationship

OK, so i have been dating this guy for about 4 months. I am madly i love with him, but i'm not sure if he loves me as much as i love him. I live in Vermont while he lives in Texas. He is sweet and everything but, when we skype and stuff he is like always watching a movie or something. So if he see's a "hot girl" in the movie he says something like "wow shes hot" but after he says "sorry you had to hear dat". sooooooooo im not rlly sure if he likes me as much as i like him. he claims to not have a phone so he can only like txt me through facebook or skype, but he also claims to not have wifi at his house. so we only get to talk on the week ends, but we basicly talk to eachother 24/7 when we can. Litterly last weekend we talked all night like we didnt sleep. well i acculty fell asleep on skype for like 3 hours, but supriasingly he didnt end the call. But, we almost broke up a couple times those times were when we were skypeing and i cryed on skype. lol this is so stupid lol but yeah, by
—Guest NO NAME!!!

Make it true

Yes many people think it's hard for two people to have a long distance relationship. But you know what? If you really do love each other, nothing is impossible. I have been with my boyfriend about eight months now and I've known him for over a year. When we first met, yes we made a click. We became friends, to best friends. When we began dating, it was different but amazing. I talk to him every day since the day I met him. I talk to him over the phone, skype, facetime, you name it. Yes we've hit rocky times, but we always get through it because we actually do love each other. Don't think a long distance is impossible. When you set your mind and heart to it, it WILL work. You know you're truly in love when you have it. Even long distance. (:
—Guest Estrella

distant lovers

hey guys. well ive beenin a off and on relationship with my boyfriend for almost 2 year. he is in highschool in miami while im in college tallahassee. when we first started dating everything was sooo ood. we went t school ,saw eachother everyday and made precious memories . until after 5 months something came up with his ex that lost my trust but that was long ago. we were so in love with eachother and i didnt want to be with anyone else but him and still do . ever since i came to college its like we fight everyday and all but we eventually get by that and when we see eachother its like nothing ever happened. now its a difference because we took a almost 3 month break and we dont love eachother the same and were starting to argue. we got back in a relationship because while i was home for 3 weeks we were together almot everyday and it made us realize how happy we were together, its hard this distance stuff but idk what to do anymore. i love him and i want it to work . but it aint happe
—Guest danibanani

Long distance and complicated

My friend dated a coworker then the relationship went long distance. Fueled by hot sex and lonliness they ignored the realities that would eventually tear them apart, one of them was married with children. Long story short, they both enjoyed the comfort of the distant relationship. It was safe, in every way. My friend finally realized that it was simply a stepping stone to finding the right one. Question to ask yourself, what are you in it for? A safe haven for now or a way to stay away from what is really happening in your life?
—Guest A safe harbor?

Going the extra mile(s)

I met my bf on skype and we've been dating for 4 yrs now.He lives at one end of the world and i live at the other,given limited resources it is difficult for us to physically see each other as often as we would like.Also we live in different time zones-his dawn is my dusk.We stay in touch by any means possible msn,gtalk,skype,emails and the odd phone call because of the cost involved.Long distance is difficult as we didn't have the added pleasure of being intimate physically but it allowed us to develop and nourish a deeper understanding of each other before physically intimacy.After 3 yrs of LDR, i finally met the love of my life and the union was mind blowing.All my senses were enhanced with the knowledge that id spent endless nights craving the feel of his skin and body....that i know him and love him...and that i knew those feelings were being reciprocated made it so special.every rp is a risk to getting hurt-dnt walk away if ur going to look back and wonder 'if only..'
—Guest ICY

2.5 years in the same state

I been dating my bf for2.5years now. We both live in NC but different countys. We never met yet. But we talk on the phone often. I really like n love him. We discuss marriage. But I still have a wall up on certain issues. I fell close to him. Idk what to do. He is trying his best
—Guest purplekisses29

soule mates

i met my lover in a language learning website, we talked as freinds at the begining, then we fall in love, our love kept growing everyday, it's almost 3 month now we have never met but i feel like he's my whole world, we agreed to get married after 2 years,(although we still didn't meet) , everytime we make sure that we are the perfect match, we are soule mates ans we're created for each other, i love you hachoumy, my one and only love
—Guest some one in love

Fight for it

Communication is key as with a normal relationship...Let them know how your feeling and that your there in however you can be, try and call and web chat as much as you can as well as attempt to visit one another and if all else fails you can txt and write them,but save super important things to phone,face to face or webcat if possible as txt based is too easy to misinterpret..And keep in mind that if you really love them then the pain of the distance isn't going to go away with the relationship because feelings don't go with the title of boyfriend or girlfriend or fiance, etc. it's the title that comes with the feelings, so it's worth fighting for..Yes there are ups and down and yes there are days where you'll wish it would just end and the loneliness becomes overwhelming cus only their touch and their voice and their smile will do, but in the end what doesn't break you will make you stronger and you'll look back on the time apart and nothing compares. Its hard but worth it
—Guest tirihashi

Long distance

Well my name is amy and im currently dating my bf I live in riverside cali and he lives in Australia and let me tell you it is hard we fight every day we talk and it doesnt change the fact I love him very much we have been dating for 4 yrs I want long term with him but I still dont know if he wants long term ..... Ladies and felles out there long distance is not easy take it from me im sad each and every day I miss him a bunch ...... I wish we were alot closer hes my real true love
—Guest Amy

Long Distance

I started my relationship with my bf during the summer while i stayed in NY. Since summer was over i had to move back to PA. We have been together for 5 months now and for once in my life i actually love him and nobody else but i sometimes feel that he doesnt trust me like i trust him. i tell him all the time how much i miss him and such but idk. i go and visit him like 1/2 times a month but when ever i go visit him he sometimes gets all timid and shy. Altho sometimes i get jealous when he goes out and is on his phone alot cuz i feel like he talking to another girl.i feel that way because he cheated on me once before but the thing is he knew it was wrong but he felt lonely but the thing that surprised me the most was that he told me n didnt hide it from soo after a while of thinking i forgave him n he swore he would never do it again n i believe him but i told him if he does it again we are done so i hope it all goes well and once im done with school im moving back to ny to be with him
—Guest lafloe1029

Outlet the negativity

My experience has been having a 4 year long distance relationship. We had dated in close proximity for a year, then he moved to Cali. I moved as well to Chicago and we have had our ups and downs, dated other people and finally realized we are soul mates. The only thing you have to remember with true love is it does take time, and it wont ever be easy otherwise everyone would be with their soul mates. You must outlet all your negative thoughts and let go of the past for ANY relationship to work. BUT it is even more essential for a LDR to work. be patient, don't be mad, moody, and negative.. take it out on a run, or write. If you are having trust issues create ground rules that will make you be completely at ease. unhappiness and uncomfortableness will inevitably hinder your chances to grow and eventually be with your partner... good luck to you
—Guest Jenna Lee.

A future goal together

My princess and i have been friends and the started dating for 2 1/2 years ago and 4 months ago i proposed to her, she lives in quito ecuador and i live in texas. We are madly in love, we have only met 3 times our whole time knowing each other and at the beginning we set a goal to get married in a temple here in the US now we just have to wait for the immigration papers to go through, we email every single day, and have scheduled a time to pray and read the scriptures where later on we will discuss what it is that we felt and learned. That is always amazing and fun. The big thing is openness about feelings, trust that they are not cheating, hope that you will be together, lots of love, and make plans for the future together that is always fun. She is now learning to speak English, so she read me a kids book of like 100 pages and i help her on her pronunciation and such. Be creative, once we competed with picking up garbage around the block. Hope these ideas help, I Luv ya sylvia
—Guest Clillico

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