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Readers Respond: Top Tips To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Alive

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2 years relatonship

me and my bf r in relationship for 2 years. i m very happy with Renny. he does all the things which he is able to do, for 1st year we were apart we had not met from same family so we used to talk on phone not everyday but twice in week on skype, yahoo video calls. i love my life! he came to meet me after 10 months we spend 3 months some days, then got engaged. now he is in Angola and I'm in Morvi we talk everyday video calls whenever we wish just don't hide anything share everything. everything will go alright. Love you Baby (Renny)
—Guest rupal


I'm thinking I'm falling to much in the relationship and careing too much about this person I love him but I don't think he do cause I just don't feel the connection with me and him any more.
—Guest shanay hamilton

true love

me and the guy i'm talking to are madly in love but there's a huge age difference..no one understands and i guess i don't expect them too we just can't wait to prove everyone wrong and we stay strong and love each other no matter how hard it gets but it feels long distance because we can't be because no one accepts it and won't for a very long time. sometimes i don't know how to handle it, it's so hard..i'm just afraid we'll fall apart because we can barely ever see each other
—Guest forbidden love

long distance relationship

i been experienced for long distance relationship. my boyfriend live in saudi arabia and I'm here in US. One thing we have to see him if i have to visit him at saudi arabia, or i have to travel to his home town in the philippines.. its a long process to the this, we been together for 9 mths now, we have a good communication for everyday texting skype and Ym .. we called each other, but mostly I've called him, he called me like once a month.. thanks...
—Guest laila

I sent him 8 Cards, good for 8 months.

He is a seafarer. When i got the chance to send him something because someone will go over their ship, i prepared 8 cards and should be opened every 25th of the month. thats the span of time before i got the chance to see him again. He was so excited to open the cards. I miss him so much. Love is patient. And we are both excited to give our vows soon.! :-)
—Guest Ling

Online notes

Im using websendsms.com for my notes and i can also send sms globally.
—Guest Robin

getting confused

it all started here in facebook.me and my long lost ex bf.since we broke up for almost 18 years ive never imagined that weve met again.the first time i saw and talked to him ive felt something unusual and got this feeling of excitement and happy but ive never lost my hope for him coz i have this feeling that he is meant for me but the problem is we both have our own relationship but i know for sure that we love each other and weve got this plan of seeing each other as soon as we get there and ive felt something surprises that will lead to proposal.hopefully and GODS will.
—Guest ronin

Don't text too much...

Me and my boyfriend have been together for two years all long distance. Trust me, too much of a good thing can be bad! Do not text 24/7 it will create a distant feeling after a while because you no longer have anything to talk about! Send a message or two a day saying im thinking of you, or whatever. Save conversations for a phone call or Skype. Its hard, I know because you desperatly want to feel connected to that person but it does more harm that good. Me and my boyfriend have been through a lot but I love him and I hope it works out. I think a long distance relationship definitively creates more stress and more doubt..but just stick through it
—Guest Heart Grows Fonder

How did that happen

I have a long distance relationship, we have met three times in one year. At the beginning we could talk about everything, but now I feel like he only wants to talk about sex and doesn't tell me anything about his day. I tell him all I do, I call him everyday, but he doesn't call me. He lives in USA, I'm in Guatemala, but at least I would like to receive one call from him once in a while. I feel that our relationship is almost over.
—Guest Aurora

keep in touch

always keep in touch with your bf/gf so as to keep constant conversation, if your blanking on things to talk about, do something me and my long distance girlfriend do and ask eachother questions, so you can get to know eachother better, and offer a laugh or a bit of story telling, and dont be afraid to talk about sexual matters, im 15 and talk to my girlfriend about sex all the time, but thats just us, what ever works for you is what works for you, all i know is that this has worked very well for me for quite a while, and i hope it can help someone else in they're relationship
—Guest guest

need help

me and my girl friend are in a long distance relationship, she lives in the U.S. and i live in mexico, i plan to go to her fiftenth birthday party in august for a suprise, i love her more then any other girl ive met, but im afraid our relationship wont stand the test of time, seeing as how we cant ever be together, i could never imagine life without her, and i plan to pop the question as soon as im of age, please advise..
—Guest helpy/helper


I have been in a long distance relationship with my best friend for a few months now and something that helps us is that we always text each other and then when it is possible call each other... we let each other know what is going on and fight over who loves who more. I know someday we will actually be able to be together and he does too and until then we are both happy to be in each other's lives
—Guest MikkiGurl

constant communication

Me and my boyfriend are in a long distance relationship for 2yrs.I think it is the daily exchange of texts and calls sometimes that made our reltionship stable even upto now.It may be the basic and simple thing but it's one of the most important aspect in an LDR.We use YM and skype too for videocalls.And of course it's the simple fact that we love each other very much why we stay in this relationship, hopefully until forever..
—Guest kikam101


never avoid ur partner by any means, if u call them for 30 mins daily once dont split it to 5 mins 5 times a day... it does feel good on ur side but the other person will feel that now u r not interested in talking too long with them, or u r avoiding them... once that avoided feeling comes into one's heart it's the stage where relationships comes to a ruining stage..
—Guest ldr lover

Care Package

Send him a care package with the stuff he's missing out from back home. My man specifically requested some home baked cookies and a picture of me baking it for him. =) If he wants to be naughty, send him a lingerie he complimented on you wearing one time with your scent on it. =)
—Guest cLoie

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