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Readers Respond: Top Tips To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Alive

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Are you in a long distance relationship, or contemplating one? Have you been in a long distance relationship, and want to share ideas, tips and suggestions with other readers to help them when their partners are far away? This is the place to share what has worked for you, what hasn't, and to ask other readers for their suggestions and advice about long distance relationships.

13 hour time distance!

at the moment im living in china, beijing and some one that feels like the love of my life lives in singapore ( which is only 4 hours) we met at a conference and our education is keeping us apart. Recently I found out I would be moving to Texas which makes that time difference 13 HOURS!
—Guest Pippa


Im a student from indonesia and he's going to college on july soon.. We met online and we love each other and we havent met yet so it means we're in a long distance relationship He's so far away , he's in algeria And my time is 6hours earlier than him Lately, he back home after school really late ( which is in my time ) in my time its like 11pm and i always waiting for him but sometimes he doesnt come then i fell asleep and in the morning , i saw him online about 2hours ago but HE DIDNT LEAVE ANY MSGS. I need suggest?? Im dissapointed of him but we do love each other but probably i love him even more than he does ..
—Guest Pinklicious17

I wish icould be nxt to him sometimes

Hi my name is asi ihave a good relationship with my boyfrnd i only see him when is end of the month and for only 3 dayz cz my work keep me busy and idrive 2 hours to be there it is hard to be away from him imic him every secondz bt we making phone call every night. Ican say trust is very important and be sure tht you keep love going
—Guest Asi

My Boyfriend is my best friend.

Tommy and I have known each other for 2 years. We used to play video games together on steam- that's how we met. One night I was up really late, and I wasn't really expecting it. It was about 4 AM, and he asked if I was up. I told him yes, and asked if he was okay. He told me he was fine, but had been depressed lately, and that I could go to bed if I wanted. I was instantly concerned and called him right then. When he picked up the phone, he told me that he loves me. I didn't know how to respond, because he was drunk at the time, so I didn't say it back right away- or even for a few days. When I finally built up the courage to say something, it felt right. I've always been afraid of loving someone, until him. He makes it so easy to be me, and why can't your boyfriend also be your best friend? He told me that he was worried that he had messed up that night, by telling me how he really felt. He is coming for a visit this summer, and I can't wait to see him!
—Guest Ashley

Love can move mountains

I have dated this guy for a year now,we use to in the same town seeing each other evryday bt suddenly his boss told him to be working out of town he tried to explain to the boss so that he keeps working here but the boss did not understand.The only thing that keeps us connected is communication and sometimes he comes on the weekends so jst maintain your lov nomatter the distance you can stil make it sparkle..)
—Guest shasha

I am worried about my LDR

he lives far away while i live in IL he lives in CA and i never get to see him. While we text and skype it isnt the same. how do i get to see him?
—Guest CrazyForHim

his birthday

I am in a long distance relationship and I don't know how to surprise him in his birthday. In his last year birthday I bought a cake and candles. we celebrate his birthday on Skype. However, he was surprised and he liked the idea. For this year I have no idea what to do, can someone give some ideas?
—Guest koka

kepng relationship in long distance firm

constant communication,pell mell and pure love,faithfulness,truth and clear self eestem; all these were absent in our relationship with Cecelia who lives in Captown SOUTH AFRICA, and I'm in musina [same country]. Eventually we broke, however it is my advice to anyone to take this into consideration,as it may assist to eliminate some mistakes in a relationship.
—Guest Charles Chamisa

Just a Short Distance and Still So Far

My boyfriend and I met at music camp in 2011 and we dated then as a not so serious fling. We kept in contact and a few months ago in August he came to visit me and we got back together and now everything is wonderful. But he lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Upstate NY. We Skype and text everyday pretty much and I know he loves me beyond belief and I him. But, sometimes it's so hard and I break down crying over video chat...Valentine's is coming soon-our first one together and it's doubtful that we can spend it together even though NY and PA are soooo close together.
—Guest Princess Soraya

i love it this way

i met my bf a 7 months now ive bin having a good relayionship thou Hez far away but it feels so good becz we hav gd communications and he understands me as much as i do..
—Guest Guest sharon

im scared

i started going out with a guy from england half a year ago...i have never felt love until i met him..he is sweet and amazing..we started to have strong feelings for eachother...now he is upset we cant see eachother because we are so far away...i live in californa..and i cant go to england yet...it will take time..but he is upset we can touch or do anything and hardly talks anymore...i dont want to lose him..i need advice...i need to know if there is anything i can do to make him feel better...
—Guest complicated person

long distance relationship

Hey i äm 34 years Old,my boyfriend is 42year.we have be dating for 3years and 4 months Now.we meet online charted for 1 year and 3 months before we meet in person.he Traveled from uk to my country kenya to meet me something he has never done as he didnt even now were he was going.all he knew was he wanted to meet me and spend time with me as i did to.One thing i Like to share is that trust each other,call each,sent message,video call when you can that will work very well it did for me. tell each other How much u love each other send gifts when u can.we are together growing strong each day.we understand each other alot to.we never let distance came between as we take it One day åt a time.with love anything is possible.
—Guest Jane

Never give up

Skype calls daily is important for communications. Me and my crush lives on different side of the world.
—Guest Smile

more than 10000miles..

Hii...i just wanna share my problem..problem??nooo..my beautiful story.. Ive long long distance relationship..maybe more than 10500miles..how beautiful it is..have a crazy time..when i wanna sleep, he go to work..we have 13hours different..owh,im in inndonesia and he in alabama (us)..yeah,we try to make a conversation everyyday..even just give some msg..im so happy...and everytime i feel more to him..feeling comfort even we never meet but i dont know how i can miss him everyday..maybe every second..hahaa we speak with english..but sometime we mixed with korean..japanese..spanish..indonesian..and vietnames.. but now..i dont know its just my feel or ahhh i dont know..i feel he was different..he not to much talk with me..but we still chatting everyday..i always see my phone waiting for him.i know its soooo bad..but i always miss him..its crazy..but i know, nothing is impossible right..so ill waitinng for him..maybe im too worrried about him..i just hope he feel same with me.. GBU :)
—Guest putri

ik da feeling too

Okay well im passing thru da same thing grl I met this cute handsome guy we started talking and all n it was weird bcuz we got along really fast lik we were really alike omg I fell so much in love with him n I still love him bt the onlything is dt he lives in iraq n I live in san antonio idk but we been arguing lately alot his really controlling n all his really so jealous type n idk y but he always asks if I talked to any other guy today or if thy had talked to me n all bt omg I feel like giant lieing n cheating on me idk if it because I been lied n cheated bfore but I feel he is n I feel like he dont trust in me idk im just so confused alot rite now I really live him tho idk if we gona last
—Guest sari
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