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Readers Respond: Top Tips To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Alive

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Are you in a long distance relationship, or contemplating one? Have you been in a long distance relationship, and want to share ideas, tips and suggestions with other readers to help them when their partners are far away? This is the place to share what has worked for you, what hasn't, and to ask other readers for their suggestions and advice about long distance relationships. Share Your Ideas and Tips

long distance relationship

i am in a long distance relationship and believe me it works sometimes it feels like if we are not distance apart from eac other his in england and am in grenada but what can i do he talks to me every second of the day i miss him he misses me to but communication has us growing strong prayers move mountains and a relationship without god is not a relationship at all.........believe me
—Guest love bud

I miss him

I met a guy named Sam at summer camp I'm 11 and he's 11 so he told me he liked me and did all these things like fancy basketball tricks jump off the diving board while screaming I love you Mia! And after I while I got rlly strong feeling for him too I love s he's rlly nice but after summer camp was over I can text him but he hasn't opened his phone in a while it says and I've been trying to reach him for days I hope he hasn't forgotten about me my love gets stronger each day and I want to talk to him more i hope he answers me soon thanks for listening
—Guest In love with a blonde

talk a lot

I live in toronto canada and he lives in liverpool, uk we are both in highschool and it is really difficult but we skype everyday and he makes me feel so happy try to keep in contact with him as much as you two can because that is what is going to keep the relationshipalive and ofcourse your love for eachother i am so sad that he cant be with me all the time but if you love someone that much you just do what you got to do.. Love can withstand anything if you love them that much
—Guest LoveHimForever

young love

So I've been dating my boyfriend for 11 months today. I met him when I was a junior and he was a senior. Well judging that we spent a whole school year together, we didn't really know much about distance until the summer came. I would plan dates to see eachother, but he could only make it to 4 of them (bummer I know). Well I moved 4 hours away and that got even harder. I got some hope though when he went off to college because that was only 2 hours away. Anyways I hope we have a late night phone call each night because the sound of his voice.only makes me feel like i'm home. Now that he's in college, the texts get pushed back and we don't have late night phone calls anymore because.of his roomates..all I can say to you boys in a long distance relationship, communicate as much as you can With your girlfriend. It really helps. Especially phone calls. That'll cause less breakdowns.
—Guest steph

Long distance

Hi so for the whole summer of 2013 my bf has lived in Italy and I just still can't Handle it!! At first I was madly in love but now I feel like I lost the connection... My relationship isn't that severely bad because he doesn't live in Italy.. But we Skype but he sometimes just doesn't have time.. I kinda stop liking him.. But then again other times.. I like him.. It's really confusing.. So what I do is think about all the good things he's done for me and whenever we do Skype we just be ourselves... So try skyping each other and talking on the phone a lot and don't give up because that's what I feel like doing now but I'm not going to because I know that he loves me and its just the annoyance of never physically seeing each other so try skyping or video chatting
—Guest Grace

The Perfect Two

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 months now in a long distance relationships. It's hard, but if you really love them, then you can get through anything together.
—Guest Valeriya

I'm in a long distance relationship

Well as you can see i'm obviously in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend lives back home in Texas while im here in Arizona for 10 more months. Since day one we have always had true love. We are almost 10 months together and my love for him has grown so much. We hardly fight but when we do we work to fix it. We only get stronger. I love my relationship, i wouldnt ask for anything else in this world. A few tips for all of you.. 1) COMMUNICATION is the key 2) Trust is a must 3) You have to act just as you did when you were together to keep that fire sparked. It's hard coping with the fact that your away from your love , take it from me i have a hard time sometimes i even cry. But it's okay..just NEVER EVER loose hope. Keep working at it until you both are reunited. If it's meant to be you both will get through it..(:
—Guest Babyvee


We met in college he was studying abroad from France for the year in NY at my school We lived in the same dorm hall 1st semester I occasionally saw him 2nd semester we spent everyday together with shared friends; chilling, adventuring, partying, eventually sleeping next to each other every night When school ended he stayed at my house for 3 weeks The most amazing time of my life because of the most wonderfully unique man to have actually cared for me as he does After 3 weeks he went back to France the saddest moment of my life was in the airport saying I’ll see him soon, I am going to visit in July for 2 weeks Everyday it’s an internal battle of strength versus weakness but together we count down the days and write messages to each other and I believe it brings us even closer together which I hadn’t thought anyone could be closer together than we were but there’s something about us I believe in us and everyday apart is one day closer to when we’ll be together again
—Guest Backflips


Me and this guy really like each other but we live like 4000 miles away. I really like him and he likes me but we dont want to start a long distance relationship because we know it is going to hurt both of us. We are just waiting till the summer cuz he is coming so we can see if it going to work
—Guest Lala

78 km drive

Me and my boyfriend live 78 kms away! It's about an hour drive... I like him a lot but I all ways do the driving but he will support me in gas money.. Could this just be that he's more comfortable at his end of the sticks then mine or ?? Because I feel I put the effort in more then he does.. He says he for like driving but to me if I was "special" enough the effort to come out would be made
—Guest Kristina

emptiness in my heart

hi, me and my girlfriend have been in relationship for now one and half year. i love her soo much and i cant stay without her. i got good marks in exam and i was selected to topper's school for science stream. i will be in northern india and she will be in southern india. i think of her every five miutes or so. i love her soo much and we both r 16 years old. i just cant live without her. she is more precious than my life. we both have to keep a long distance relation. i doubt that her love for me will fade away.
—Guest missing my dear


what counts is communication, but you gotto make sure you guys love each other. My boyfriend is not really a romantic guy but he does little gesture without knowing it and i LOVE IT !!! We have 1 year and 6 months it all has been LDR but weve been able to keep it up. When i do see him i make sure i spend every second with him, and i also show him that i care and love him.
—Guest Karla

Loving Him Seems so easy, but is it?

I met my amazing boyfriend on chat. We connected right away and became instant friends. It wasn't too long before we both agreed we wanted to go to the next level. We live about 1700 miles apart and have no means of seeing each other because we're both in college. We both come from abusive relationships (his was a family relationship) and we totally understand each other. We never argue or fight and everything seems so easy. He treats me so well and the things he says that he would do if we could meet are just beyond anything I ever hoped for in a guy. He wants to travel the world and I do too and we talk about stuff like that all the time. I talk to him every day and fall more in love with him every day. But, is it really that easy? Am I setting myself up for heartbreak ? You hear all of these stories about how hard long distance relationships are but our thinking is that we have all the time in the world and everything will fall into place in time.
—Guest cmr

i wanna share about my LDR

Hello.. My name is mita . I am from indonesian.. And I have boyfriend in austria. We still 2 month of relationship. From austria to indonesia is 6694.76 miles. I wanna ask? How to tell to my boyfriend if I wanna he come to indonesia? He is 17 years old . And student. How?? I loved really loved him
—Guest armita

Keep it interesting

So this is my story. I met my guy on a dating website and we have been dating for almost 6 months! He lives in Massacheuttes and I live in Maryland, 700 miles away :(! We always keep it sweet by reminding eachother of how much we love eachother and we skype everyday atleast once a day.
—Guest Sarah

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Top Tips To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Alive

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