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Readers Respond: User Experiences With The Relationship Co.

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From the article: The Relationship Company
Have you ever used the services of The Relationship Company, a matchmaking company servicing US singles? If so, please let us know what you thought, including when you used the service, how much you paid, which location you were serviced out of, and the pros and cons of the service. Also, Singles Plus isn't the same company, so if you'd like to review their services, do so here Share Your Thoughts

Got lucky and only lost $250

I went to the slick sales pitch in the Salt Lake City area and was propositioned for the $2800 package. Fortunately I was actually broke. The sales guy came down in price to $1600 on a payment plan. We agreed to $150 down and $100 a month. A month went by, wasn't matched with anybody, and I got suspicious. And then one day I saw a generic stock photo on the internet that was exactly the same one used on the Relationship company's testimonial brochure. Aha...... The people used on the testimonials were too perfect!! They're all fake - there have no real testimonials. I called customer service and that number only went to voice mail. Therefore, I cancelled my credit card and stopped all future payments. Shortly after I received collection letters from some collection agency, but that stopped after a couple of months. After that I went back to their office seeking a refund, but they had already vacated. I want my $250 back!!!
—Guest Mr. Thomas

resolution of dispute

I have settled my issues with The Relationship Company to my satisfaction. bjamestone


I will be taking legal action because of Elissa's failure to perform as promised. Cumbersome system. Don't get duped!
—Guest Pat Lynn


Ellisa, please woman, unrealistic view of her own company. First match was spot on in terms of interests (but at date #2 he was already not listening to what I was saying at all...not TRC's fault). Other "matches" so out of line to be comical. For $5K it's provided a lot of comic relief for my coworkers by I'm more disheartened than ever. One matcher was LIVID w/me because I wouldn't consider a smoking, biker. Not begrudging his habits at all, just not inline with my own, clearly stated in my profile and I'm being berated. Left several (>3) messages wanting to clarify my profile no call backs. Then they were surprised calling with a "match" and I verbally unloaded on them. Matcher I was dealing with then was very understanding and tried her best. Guessing due to cost they really have a very limited pool of people. I now know better.
—Guest Ty

The relationship company

The relationship co really does offer a great service.we are all here because we want to find happiness with the right person.i feel as long as you are honest about what it is you want in a partner than they will make an honest effort.i think all of these negative postings are from people who are so bitter and want someone to blame for their unhappiness and frankly its not fair to make it sound like its all the co fault/we were not in relationships to begin with and because they would rather bitch and moan than put an honest effort into this than they will most likely never meet someone.personally i only received a couple of matches but that doesn't make me upset to me it shows that they are waiting for the right match that they aren't going to match me just to pull out the number of matches.isnt that why we signed up to be called with a compatible match ???i am fine with waiting for the right person than wasting my time on the wrong one.love doesn't happen overnite.
—Guest Martha


I found them to be augumentative, deceitful and rude. If I knew the owner I would sue !
—Guest nowIknowbetter

They are scamming again

Be careful, I feel this company scammed me several years ago and then laid low. Recently I have been getting several emails from people sharing their story of being mislead by promises of personal match making and in reality my experience was that they are just waiting for the check to clear before they run away with your money. Beware and DO NOT give them personal information like your social security number.
—Guest Haagen

Satisfied customer

My experience with Elissa and The Relationship Company in Trumbull has been nothing but positive. Elissa has helped me find compatible dates and given me a lot of great dating advice. My only complaint is that I should've joined sooner.

Attorney General

For everyone who has been taken by this company, please help your state's attorney general to compile a file on these people. One person can't do it alone but for those of us who had negative experiences, collectively we can stop them. Please write to your attorney general. I did!!!! but in order to establish a pattern they must have examples...

now what

please post what can be done or is being done about this??? They do not provide the services they advertise and refuse refunds! Anyone out there actually filing against them?
—Guest L. C.


I wanted to fill you in on my first date last night, it was more than I expected. She was beautiful, smart, and everything that I was looking for in a woman. Since moving to Trumbull, it's been difficult for me to find dates, but thanks to The Relationship Company, I feel confident I'll meet some great people.

Great Service

We wanted to take a moment and thank The Relationship Co. in Trumbull for bringing us together. For the past 6 months we have been inseperable and enjoy spending all of our time together. We're so happy and it's all thanks to you!

Thank you

I want to say thank you for all the feedback everyone is willing to make time to write. I had my interview w the relationship company today and was stopped by the price and some other things that seemed strange. I told Elissa I would think it over and let her know the next day if I wanted o pay to join, and my intention was to do research. I have decided to decline pursuing this service; for those who feel scammed, I recognized similar red flags today. I'm sorry you were taken advantage of, but I appreciate you sharing your experience so that I can avoid it. Thank you.
—Guest GuestCT

Ripped off by Singles Plus

I was lonely and vulnerable and fell prey in Jacksonville FL. These people need to be stopped. I paid them 2500.00 over 2 years ago and I have not gotten one thing from them, not even one date!!

I payed them and it was a big mistake

They didnt at all have the pool of people they told me they did. Their pitch tells you everything you want to hear, then they set you up with someone totally outside your criteria who lives 2 hrs away. Then they refuse to entertain a refund. AWFUL!
—Guest Regretful "client"

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User Experiences With The Relationship Co.

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