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Readers Respond: Readers Share Their Favorite Romantic Good Night Text Messages

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From the article: SMS Good Night Messages
You could use a romantic text message to say good night to your partner, but why not create something special as a shared evening ritual instead? If you've used a romantic good night message and want to share what it was, and either you or your partner's response, we'd love to hear it. Share Romantic Messages

Good Morning

This is not a goodnight text its actually a good morning text. My bf and I were texting and here it goes... him: i just wanted to say good morning and have a nice day. I will be counting down the hours until i see you tonight. Me: Good Morning Love:) its just another day i'll fall for you harder, its just another day i'll get those silly little butterflies when u smile at me the way u do, its just another day i get tospend my life with my love.


Goodnight, but even tho im not with you,know your with me, in my heart, and my dreams. I love you.
—Guest aww Cute

missin u

I miss you even when im with you because i know you have to leave
—Guest love n the a.m.

Sweet dreams

Every night we're apart I text my wife "Sweet dreams my sweetest dream."
—Guest Unreadhyperion


I went 2 slip lst nite wit a smile bcz i knew i'd be dreamin of u.....but i woke up with a laugther bcz u wernt a drim
—Guest Leonora

lovely goodnight text

Good work lovelyMe: Well, I'm gonna go to sleep now. Him: Kk. Sweet dreams(; Me: Aww u 2!(: Him: c u 2morrow Me: c u in a couple minutes(; Him: ? Me: In my dreams(: love you
—Guest david


Goodnight I love u txt u tomorrow sweety sweet dreams baby
—Guest Estefani

How I say goodnight to him

Bae: u know I love _u right Him: yeah I know I'm sleepy boo Bae: goodnight u know u my angel Him: Awww I know boo Sweet dream my angel
—Guest Aisha


Me: Well, I'm going to be early Him: okay sweet dreams
—Guest Text your love


this is what I say: goodnight baby I love you kisses! :)
—Guest Tiff101

Sweet Poetry Line/Quote

I usually reply with a piece of poetry I've written or something Eg. I love you have a goodnight, soon I'll be able to hold you tight. Ok I admit that wasn't very good, but hey it was on the spot.
—Guest Daydreamer


I'm currently in my first relationship, and a while back, I started a short of nightly ritual. He tells me good night, and I text back with "Bueno noche y dulce suenos, mi novio." It's good night and sweet dreams, my boyfriend in Spanish. Sometimes, I change mi noive to Teddy Bear cause that's his pet name :)
—Guest karebear


HMMMM! yOU SMELL GOOD LIKE PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest lOVER00009

My fave goodnight

Most nights I text my boyfriend or he texts me goodnight messages. It makes me sad that we're not together very often. My fave to send him is "I hold your heart within my heart x0x"
—Guest Missy

Missing u insanely

There's a limit to your care, so carelessly there, there's a limit to your luv, so carelessly there, but if i got with u it would feel the same
—Guest 4am in vegas

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Readers Share Their Favorite Romantic Good Night Text Messages

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