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Readers Respond: What To Do When You're Single on Valentine's Day

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For some, being single on Valentine's Day is a terrible thing. Yet for others, it's revered and celebrated. What do you do when you're not dating or otherwise in a relationship on Valentine's Day? Share your thoughts, ideas, tips and suggestions here. Share Your Ideas

Have fun!

Why to lose hope? Go n enjoy your life.. Cuddle with a guy which you like the most
—Guest Grv

Being a widow

My husband of 22 years died last September, so I have been going through a lot of firsts this year. Valentine's Day is easier than the others so far, without playing any tricks to cheer myself up.
—Guest Inderjeet

Just Another Day

Don't buy into the commercialism of Valentine's Day. It unfairly makes single people feel bad about being single. Have a nice time alone or with friends and be happy about your independence. If it still bothers you, online dating has become much more common and the stigma has more or less been lifted. Some sites allow you to express yourself and meet others without having to share too much personal information right away. This makes it feel more real, and you are not being matched by a computer. So don't feel the Valentines Day blues, but if you do feel them, don't be afraid to try online dating! Mike
—Guest Mike

Single Valentine's

Why miss out on the gifts just because you're single? Get your galpals over for an anti- V Day night in and buy each other some nice gifts.

Get some presents!

Buy your friends gifts and have a girl's night in. Found some great anti-Valentine's gifts online.

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What To Do When You're Single on Valentine's Day

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