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Readers Respond: New Years Resolutions for Singles

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Single and Loving It

I think a common theme between many of the resolutions is about finding the balance between being open-minded about dates but knowing what you want. It's a very fine line!
—Guest Fckupid

Dating Resolution #3

I totally like #3 New Years Resolution: Give Your Dates a Chance... Go out two, three times to try and decide... This particularly relates I think to more women then men... Women like to think they can tell if "he" works out within like a lot of women say within like 30 seconds or a few minutes. WHATEVER!!! Give us a break... It's no wonder so many women go from guy to guy ... So many women want this "something" and want to be able to tell right away. It simply doesn't work that way both men and women get nervous that's just human nature and both men and women are not going to be "perfect" on the first date and most likely the second date... In fact there is obviously no such thing as "perfect"... Women are way way too critical on the first date and it takes time to get comfortable and to be more at ease than one date. I think it comes from mostly women and yes to be fair there are also guys that do this but majority are women that aren't realistic or don't have concrete dating goals!!
—Guest Mo


I love no. 1 smiling more has improved my day to day life tremendously.
—Guest pete

Happy New Love!

Wow! Yummy info. from various vantage points. I took something from all opinions. Recently single, I decided to re-configure my thinking besides, you only live once! Thanks your write, -NegraBerry

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