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Using Research To Better Your Dating Odds

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There many ways to learn how to date: read a book, talk to an expert, chat with your friends, go online. But what about the social research being done that shows us what we're doing, and how to benefit from it?

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How Do I Envision My Perfect Partner?

Envision your perfect partner by working through these tutorial steps.

How Do I Ask My Girlfriend To Be More Adventurous in Bed?

How to you ask your girlfriend to try some new things in bed?

How Can I Attract a Girl That I'm Attracted To – Dating Question

Paul wants to know if he's being too picky about the kind of gal he wants to meet, and then in turn, hw to meet said ladies.

XPress.com Review

Touted as the "#1 casual dating site", does XPress really live up to the hype?

Is Online Dating Just For Losers?

Can I actually meet someone amazing online, or is it just full of the have-nots?

Ave Maria Singles Review

Trying to decide if you want to use AvaMaria Singles to find love? Check out this impartial review to help you decide.

How Can I Feel More Comfortable Dating?

What can you do to make dating a bit more easy and effortless? Take a peek at these suggestions.

Why is Online Dating So Hard for Men?

Frustrated with your lack of responses? Figure out what to do next with these suggestions.

Celebrities Who Have Used Online Dating Sites

Yes, celebrities use online dating sites too! Find one some of the more well-known folks here.

Should I Tell Him Why I Was Distant After We Broke Up?

A reader asks if she should clear the air with her ex about words left unsaid and lingering doubts through an anonymous blog post,

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