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Bonny Albo

30 Days of Romance - Love Letters

By January 17, 2014

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This is Day Three of the 30 Days of Romance. For an explanation and to start your journey, take a peek at Day One.

While talking to someone about this column earlier in the evening, they made a valid point: "Love letters and notes. It's sad to see electronics taking away the use of letters and notes".

When's the last time you wrote a love letter with paper and pen to your sweetie, or even to yourself? Have you ever written a letter of appreciation to a family member, dear friend, or even a stranger? Today's romantic gestures involve old-fashioned, hand-written notes bursting with affection, gratitude and adoration for singles and couples alike.

For Singles

I once attended a singles event where everyone wore a number, and they had a corresponding envelope hanging on the wall. Little pieces of paper and pencils were strewn about the space for people to write notes to one another. Once you finished writing your note, you gave it to a staffer to put in the proper envelope, and then picked up your own notes. I spent most of my night trying to write a note to everyone at that event - more than 400 people - with something random, appreciative and loving shared inside. I failed to get to everyone, however I did meet a lot of people that evening and received more than 300 messages myself. I kept them all, many of them really lovely, and took a picture to remind myself that the love I shared came back to me in spades. How can you do something similar in your own life today?

For Anyone:

  • Hand write a letter of appreciation to someone you love, and send it to them via snail mail, anonymously;
  • Send yourself a love letter;
  • Write love notes to yourself and/or your partner all over the house in unexpected places: on each individual egg in the carton, on a piece of parchment paper still on the roll, as a bookmark.. you get the idea. Get even more creative and use soap to write the love note on the bathroom mirror, or use Rolaids to write on a wall (both will appear unexpectedly!);
  • Buy yourself a book of love poetry, and make a commitment to read one poem every night before bed, or upon arising each morning;

For Couples

  • Handwrite a love note and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle. Hide the pieces all over the house, or mail each piece individually to your partner;
  • Buy small things that represent something sexy and/or sensual, write a note on or with them saying how hot you are for them, and either leave them around the house, or snail mail the gifts to your partner. Some ideas: hot sauce, instant hand warmers, cinnamon hearts, sexy lingerie, a candle, tea - bonus points on the last one if it's a spicy chai (Buy Direct);
  • Write a love letter and cut it up into bite-sized pieces. Then, hide a note in every room in the house;
  • Pick out some of your favorite romantic quotes and have them printed out on your own cards (Buy Direct) or hit the local greeting card store and buy out all of the cards you love. Put one on your love's bedside table for them to find every morning, or somewhere else they're sure to see them, every day, for the next 30 days.

When is the last time you wrote a letter to the person you're dating to share just how much you care? Have you ever written a letter of gratitude to yourself, a stranger, a loved one? How did it make you feel? Do you have any other suggestions for writing love letters, to celebrate the romance in your life?

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