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Bonny Albo

Bonny Albo

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Bonny Albo is a writer and speaker with more than two decades of experience using the Internet as a means to meet people. She's published thousands of articles about dating and mating, is a recognized media expert on the topics of dating and relationships, and is a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists.


Bonny works with singles around the world to help them find love, and continues to write for numerous online and offline publications sharing her knowledge and passion for dating and relationships. Bonny is a former social worker, sought after speaker, dating site consultant and dating expert, has been quoted in numerous publications such as Macleans, CNN, the LA Times and MSNBC, and appeared as herself, a dating expert, in five episodes of The W Network's television show The Audience.


Bonny has a Certificate in Counseling Skills from the Counselor Training Institute, has taken numerous post-secondary courses and workshops about writing, nonfiction research, body language and neurobiology, and is currently working towards a designation of Certified Master Life Coach.

By Bonny Albo:

Dating is both a challenge and a joy, and I've navigated many of its turbulent yet fulfilling waters as a coach, writer and participant. Some dates have changed my life, while others have broken my heart or changed my views on the world. My passion for dating, experience, and almost obsessive focus on the newest research surrounding interpersonal relationships has enabled me support others in their own journeys of self-exploration, and I look forward to continuing along this path as About.com's Dating Expert.

For media inquiries or to contact me, please email me at bonny@bonnyalbo.com

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