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Will My Long Distance Relationship Last? Quiz

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Wondering if your long distance relationship is strong enough to continue forward? Take this love quiz to determine if the two of you are solid, or need a bit of extra assistance being nudged in the right direction.

An attractive single asks you for your phone number. How do you respond?
"Can I have yours for when I'm single again?"
"Hm, you're quite attractive! Don't tease me now..."
"Buy me a drink and we'll see what happens."
"Sorry, I have a boyfriend/girlfriend."

How do the conversations the two of you have now, compare to when the two of you lived close by one another?
There is still a lot of laughter and happiness in talking about our daily lives, but there's no depth to the conversations.
One or both of you talks about fun nights out on the town with friends, lending some jealousy or suspicion to the conversations.
The day to day details of your lives are shared, along with plans for your future together.
A lot of I miss you's or I love you's are shared back and forth, but you're both struggling to find anything else to say.

How much do you know about your partner's routine now that you are in a long distance relationship?
Only that s/he is at work early and gets home really late most nights.
You know all of the nitty gritty details.
You know some specifics so the two of you can connect, but otherwise not a lot.
Either one of you will fill in the other if something major happens.

Who calls, emails, and/or texts more often?
They contact you more often.
You contact them more often.
You only make contact through chat, IM or text
Its about the same on both ends.

You miss your partner:
So much that it hurts.
And think of the great times you've shared together.
Not as much as you thought you would, and you aren't feeling the relationship anymore because of it.
Because of the lack of sexual contact or physical intimacy.

What plans are there to visit each other?
There aren't any yet, its too expensive.
Plans were made even before they/you left.
One of you has just started making plans.
The person who moved wants to wait until they feel settled to have visitors.

How do you feel about long distance relationships in general?
We appreciate each other more now because our time together is precious.
Willing to see what happens.
Doubtful that a long distance relationship can be successful, but its better than no relationship at all.
I forget sometimes I'm in a relationship because s/he is so far away.

How did the two of you decide to stay together and attempt a long distance relationship?
We talked for quite a while about it and finally decided to try it and see what happens. Worst case? We break up.
One or both of you feels too possessive or jealous not to be together.
You're in love. What discussion was there to be had?
One of you was on the fence and the other was convinced to try.

On your partner's birthday, what do you do to celebrate, long distance relationship style?
I'll send them something naughty to let them know how fondly I think of them.
Send chocolates, flowers or a gift to their office.
Post a virtual message at a social networking site, or send an e-card.
Go all out and make a memory booklet or keepsake and send it along with some of their favorite things.

Do you believe the two of you will ever get married?
Without question.
I thought we would for sure, until s/he moved away.
Uh, marriage? We're not ready for that yet.

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