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Best Adult Dating Site 2012

Readers' Choice Award 2012 Finalists


Three weeks of nominations for the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards led us to these five adult and casual dating site finalists listed in alphabetical order. Learn more about each adult dating site, review any that you've used and vote for your favorite. The nomination phase closed at midnight on February 16th, 2012, with the voting period ending March 21st, 2012.


Adult Friend Finder
Various, Inc.

The mecca of adult dating sites, if only for their sheer numbers, AdultFriendFinder seems to always get mentioned to me as being both one of the best and most frustrating adult dating sites out there. While it has a huge membership base, not a lot of folks subscribe to the service, making people who do and email other members, frustrated. At the same time, there are ways around the site's strict no-contact rules (such as hanging out in the chat rooms or forums), so I've heard lots of positive mentions from happy casual dating seekers as well. Really, as it is with any dating site, it's buyer beware here, and there's a large enough following for AFF to get the most nominations on any other site in this year's list. Fees range from $20-30/month, USD.


Fling.com Casual Dating Site

Fling.com is owned by AdultFriendFinder's partner site, but because the sites differ quite dramatically in look and feel, I've decided to add it to this best-of list as well. Members can save their favorites into a "black book", and decide if they want the mildly-rated view of the site of an explicit one that turns on all of the photos and videos. I've yet to hear from a woman using this site with any success, but I have heard from men from varying sexual orientations and couples who were happy with Fling.com's services. Fees range from $4.95 for a three day trial to $24.95 for a month-to-month membership.

Lavalife's Intimate Encounters Section

Lavalife Dating Site

I've got a bit of bias when it comes to some of the dating sites in this year's best-of lists, and Lavalife also falls into this category. I've used their site since it's inception - and prior, when it was merely a phone dating site - and have had nothing but positive experiences. That said, I haven't used the site in quite a few years since they changed their payment process from credits to memberships, but while I spent time at Lavalife, the Intimate Encounters section was where the cool, open minded singles hung out. You can have profiles on the two other "sides" to the site as well (one for dating only, another for marriage-minded folks), and each of your profiles can sport different pictures, handles, and information should you want to keep things private. Because Lavalife has been around so long, it also has a substantial number of members, and I found lots of single gals and men the last time I looked. Fees range from $9.99-19.99/a month, USD.

Online Booty Call

Online Booty Call Dating Site

Although OnlineBootyCall is one of the newest adult dating sites on this best-of list, it bills itself as the "oldest casual dating site in North America," having opened its doors in 2003. OBC prides itself on its discretion and ability to search profiles without a membership, but like most dating sites, you'll need to pay up to get full access to the sometimes raunchy, and definitely adult-oriented folks who sign up here. Fees range from approximately $5/month USD for a year-long membership (paid in one installment of $59.99) or a month-to-month membership fee of $19.99 USD.


DG International / XDating.com

I was surprised to see xDating get any nominations in this category, as I myself am not a fan, and was hesitant to even sign up for the site to review it (see my xDating review for details as to why). As well, I've yet to hear one positive response from a reader having used xDating, and currently the site has 1.5 stars out of 5 as reviewed by folks just like you. Still, it received a good number of nominations so I'm adding it here, but please use this site with caution, as I don't feel it's one that will fit most casual daters wants or needs. Fees range from $19.98/month USD for a three month membership, paid all at once, or $29.95 USD a month.

Vote For Your Favorite!

Vote for your favorite adult dating site, and share your thoughts about which site should win, and why. Or, take a peek at some other adult dating sites.

Readers Respond: Who Should Have Won The Readers' Choice Awards?

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