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Communicating with your date when you are upset, angry, in love or excited can be challenging, and it takes some skill to learn how to appropriately and with tact. Included here are methods with which to broach difficult topics, defining healthy communication in an intimate relationship, and troubleshooting communication issues.

Communication Skills Quiz for Couples
Measure the strength of the communication between you and your partner, and learn more about your style of couples communication.

Dating Questions: Communication
Wondering whether or not your date is "The One"? Ask them these 20 questions to get a better idea if the two of you are on the same page when it comes to communication.

How to Express Difficult Feelings
A marriage and family therapist explains how to talk to your partner or loved one when dealing with challenging topics or feelings.

Free Communication and Relationships Course
"Poor communication skills can damage all your relationships. This can affect your performance at work, your self-confidence and your physical health." Learn how to communicate effectively with everyone you interact with, here.

Email Communication and Relationships
An extremely thorough article on the psychology of cyberspace, focusing entirely on how we communicate throguh email, and what challenges arise from one of the most popular ways to stay in contact with others.

Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship Conflict
Dealing with conflict in a positive and forward-thinking matter is essential to relationship success.

Dating Questions - Dating Questions To Ask - Date Questions
What dating questions do you ask on a first date, to play 2 20 questions game, or to get to know someone? Share your ideas here.

Dating Questions About Money
Many couples debate over money matters. Get a list of dating questions to ask before you commit here and share your own ideas and suggestions.

Letting Go in Relationships
What do you do when your partner tells you you need to 'let go'?

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