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Learn how to assess romantic compatibility, determine matchmaking potential, test your relationship, and figure out compatibility features are important to you.
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Love Calculator
Wondering if your relationship will survive? Find out with the love calculator.

Laser Tag Meets Online Dating
Want a fun new way to see if you're compatible with another person? Try out dating laser tag.

Test Your Chemistry
Wondering whether or not the two of you have chemistry? Take this quick quiz and find out.

Homosexual and Heterosexual Soul Mates in History
A fascinating read from the Guide to Ancient History at About.com, which describes Aristophanes view on why we choose heterosexual or homosexual romantic partners.

Date Disaster Stories
Ever had the a date that went so badly no one believed you when you told them? Share your date disaster stories here, and read how other singles survived their bad dates.

The Swami Love Guide
Determining compatibility using Yantri Yoga, where "Yogis can measure the base character and soul nature of an individual, plus his or her personality."

The Truth About Compatibility
How biology and behavior are interlinked when it comes to love and compatibility.

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