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Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Attracting someone means having the confidence and self-esteem to invite love and romance into your life.

Low Self Esteem and How It Affects Dating Relationships
For those wondering if they have low self esteem, and how it affects a dating relationship.

Building Self Confidence
Although this article is from the Homework Tips Guide at About.com, the information about self-confidence is still extremely helpful to singles and those looking to date.

Top Tips to Boost Men's Self Confidence
Self confidence requires a positive self image. We have the 'real' self and 'ideal' self. Learn how men can increase their self confidence by reading this article from the About.com Guide to Men's Health.

Are You Singing the Low Self-Esteem Blues?
Are you constantly worried or angry about not feeling "good enough"? You may have low self-esteem. Learn more about how to recognize low self-esteem on About's Bipolar Disorder site.

Quotations About Self Confidence
A list of quotes to help you find self confidence, from the Guide to Quotations for About.com.

20 Ways to Boost Confidence
Use your confidence to attract potential dates with suggestions from True.com, one of the top online dating sites.

Building Self Esteem
If healthy self-esteem is a crucial ingredient to any relationship, then learning what it is and how to increase is incredibly important before venturing out into the dating scene. This article explains it all, along with six strategies to implement immediately.

Discover Your Temperament
Knowing your temperament is an important aspect of knowing who you are, and how you relate to others. Take this free temperament personality assessment to see which of the four temperaments you belong to.

Personality Type Questionnaire
Are you an ISFP or an ENFJ? Find out with this 30 minute free personality test that will give you surprising insights into who you are, why you do what you do, and which other personality types you interact with best.

Do you know what negative reminders you are giving yourself on a daily basis that impede your confidence and self-esteem? By learning what you are doing to bring yourself down, you can therefore support yourself to find a more positive state. Learn how, here.

Am I Loveable?
If you're pushing away all potential dating relationships, or when you're depressed and think no one can ever love you, take a peek at this article for some heartwarming yet practical advice.

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