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Kupple Couples Dating Site Review

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With couples of all orientations in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Kupple has the largest user base of all the couples dating sites. Add to the fact that the site is still free and has an interesting feature or two (like being able to post blog entries on any other couples` profile), Kupple makes it worth your while to try them out.

Overview from Kupple

No matter how much you enjoy the company of your partner, having other couple-friends whose company you both enjoy is a healthy part of any relationship. But at times it can be difficult to find a good match. Wherever you are in your relationship, Kupple.com can help you find the right couple-friends to help make your life with your partner more enjoyable and enriching.

What a Kupple Membership Includes

Currently Kupple membership is free, although the site states in its FAQ that they may charge in the future for enhanced services. Therefore, all of the Kupple features are available to anyone who signs up, which includes creating a couple profile and viewing other couples` profiles, email, blogging (both the ability to post on other couples blogs as well as on your own), and a straightforward social networking system that allows couples to state who their friends are.

Unique Features of Kupple

Not only does Kupple offer their own blog about meeting friends as a couple (although it hasn`t been updated since November 2007), Kupple also offers all of its members their own blog, which any member can post to - but can also be marked private-only, if need be. As well, Kupple is the only couples dating site that offers potential users a peek at how many other couples have already signed up in their area - a handy feature for those not willing to invest the time into a profile should there be no one else listed nearby.

Kupple.com Membership Costs

Currently Kupple is a free couples dating site, but this may change as the site grows according to Kupple`s FAQ.
User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
I met couple friends through Kupple.com!, Member jg0279

I moved to Los Angeles and wanted to make some new couple-friends. I found Kupple.com to be easy to navigate and locate friends in my area. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking for new friends!

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